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Ma Long Injury Is Serious

Ma Long’s knee is injured since 3 years ago. But until now, his injury is not recovered. Will he be able to come back to the highest level of table tennis competition?

Ma Long Injury Is Serious. He could be possibly withdrawn from high-level competitions.


Ma Long serious knee problem
Ma Long serious knee problem

For more than 5 months, Ma Long didn’t participate in any international ITTF competitions. Due to his knee injury, Ma Long withdrew from the Sweden Open 2018, Australian Open, Bulgarian Open, and Grand Final.

Ma Long lost again (due to injury) Chinese National Games 2017

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It’s not sure that Ma Long can participate in the World Championship  2019 at the end of April 2019.

Ma Long’s knee injury

Due to his knee’s injury, Ma Long has announced to withdraw from the Marvellous 12 (2019) last week. His coach is so worried. He said:

Ma Long’s injury is serious. I doubt that if he could manage to participate in the Olympics Tokyo 2020.

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His coach also confirmed:

Actually, Ma Long is injuried at his knee, but also his wrist and his back. I’m so worry. If he can recover, but then, can he catches up to the tough training and competition like before?

Ma Long already has some injury due to the intense competitions. Especially, due to the new politics about the World Ranking of ITTF, which forces the player to participate a lot of tournament to maintain the ranking.

Elite table tennis players have no time to relax but keep participate in Pro Tours, and then Super League.

Liu Guoliang wants to protect Ma Long from the serious injury
Liu Guoliang wants to protect Ma Long from the serious injury

Ma Long’s back injury

Ma Long Official also confirmed about his back problem. (source – Ma Long Back Injury).

Ma Long injury 2019 on his official fan page
Ma Long injury 2014 on his official fan page

Head coach Liu Guoliang confirmed that:

Ma Long is personally very eager to play again as soon as possible. Every day he is in training, doing physical exercise and working on skills.

At the match versus Lin Gaoyuan, Ma Long also injured his wrist.

[News & Interview][20181102] CCTV | MA Long MA Long withdrew from Swedish Open due to injury

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  1. Could you give more information about the type of injuries Mr. Long has? There is not enough attention given to injuries in table tennis. I find that hip, shoulder, elbow and knee injuries are very common, and not enough time is spent discussing why they occur.


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