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Lin Yun-Ju equipment & playing style

Known as “The Silent Assassin” because of his calm attitude, Lin Yun-Ju is one of the best Chinese Taipei table tennis players. As a teenager, he won the 2019 T2 Diamond tournament in Malaysia as well as the Czech World Tour Open. He also defeated both Ma Long, Fan Zhendong at the T2 Tournament. He is currently, the only player to defeat both Ma Long and Fan Zhendong in the international tournament.

Lin Yun-Ju biography

  • Chinese name: 林昀儒
  • Nickname: The Silent Assassin
  • Nationality: Taiwan
  • Born: August 17, 2001, Yuanshan, Yilan County, Taiwan
  • Playing-style: Left-handed shakehand grip
  • Highest Ranking: #5
  • Height: 1.74 m
Lin Yun-Ju (1)
Lin Yun-Ju (1)

Lin Yun-Ju is Butterfly sponsored player

Lin Yun-Ju is sponsored by Butterfly. His equipment is provided by Butterfly, one of the best table tennis brands, trusted by professional players.

Lin Yun-Ju equipment and playing style
Lin Yun-Ju equipment and playing style

Lin Yun-Ju equipment

If you’ve ever wondered what rubber and blade combination Lin Yun-Ju prefers, now is your chance to find out.

LIN Yun-Ju (TPE) - Butterfly Sponsored Table Tennis Player
LIN Yun-Ju (TPE) – Butterfly Sponsored Table Tennis Player

Blade: He is using LIN YUN-JU SUPER ZLC

Forehand rubber: DIGNICS 09C (Black) (check price 1/ price 2)

Backhand rubber: DIGNICS 09C (Red)


You can find his equipment, blade, and rubber on Butterfly.

Lin Yun-Ju personal equipment by Butterfly (2)
Lin Yun-Ju personal equipment by Butterfly (2)

How to play like Lin Yun-Ju

Happy birthday Lin Yun-Ju. Now he is 21 years old.

Lin Yun-Ju
Lin Yun-Ju

We all aspire to play like Lin Yun Ju, who has amazing potential. His specialty is his backhand flick. He used the backhand flick to return the serve, even at the forehand side.

Although he plays with strong topspin strokes, he doesn’t play with the same amount of power as the top Chinese players. Instead, his style is much more about making effective use of angles and timing controlled topspin attacks and counterattacks. By giving his opponents no time to prepare and putting them in awkward positions, he eliminates their big shots and their strength.

Watch this video here:



Every top table tennis players confirm that, it’s very stressful to play with Lin Yun-Ju. They want to give up the serve, because Lin Yun-Ju will attack the serve no matter what type of spin you put on it.

Dimitrij Ovtcharov has serve a super short, amateur no spin serve to avoid the backhand flick of Lin Yun-Ju.

The aspect of his game that I admire the most is how calm and composed he is when playing. He never appears strained or as though he’s trying particularly hard to strike the ball, and I believe that this is the secret to his success. He does this brilliantly, therefore if you want to play like him, you must have a strong backhand block and a swift response. I hope that helps you understand his game and provides you some inspiration.

Do you like his personality, his calmness? Please support him. His nick name is the “Silent assassin” in table tennis. As he defeated Ma Long, and he didn’t even say “cho-lei”.

Lin Yun-Ju happy birthday
Lin Yun-Ju happy birthday

Lin Yun-Ju Super ZLC Review

This is a blade with Super ZLC; high-density carbon, and ZL-Fiber, which makes it stronger.

Lin Yun-Ju personal equipment by Butterfly (1)
Lin Yun-Ju personal equipment by Butterfly (1)

Due to its wide area of high reaction, the blade has a good bounce, which shows its power and stability because it has a lot of space.

  • Speed 12.3
  • Vibration (feeling): 11.1
  • Blade size 157×150 mm
  • Blade thickness 5.6 mm
  • Blade structure 5-ply wood + 2 Super ZL-Carbon

Lin Yun-Ju, a rising star from Chinese Taipei, is very good with this blade. The combination of a blade with a lot of power and a unique ball touch helps him make quick banana flicks and counterattacks.

Why did Lin Yun-Ju change his blade?

Lin Yun-Ju was playing the Butterfly Zhang Jike Super ZLC. But he just recently changed his blade. Now he is playing the blade of his name.

Lin Yun-Ju has confidence in the Zhang Jike Super ZLC, which is made of Carbon fiber and has a huge sweet spot. This makes the Zhang Jike Super ZLC powerful and consistent. For his forehand, he likes Tenergy 05 Hard because it has a hard sponge and makes a lot of spins.

For his backhand, he plays Dignics 05, which is recommended for players who want to attack at a high level while also giving off powerful topspin.

Lin Yun-Ju (8)
Lin Yun-Ju (8)

Lin Yun-Ju playing style

Lin Yun-Ju’s playing style is very aggressive. He stays close to the table.

He will try to return every ball with his backhand flick. His main weapon is the speed on both sides. His advantage is that he is a left-hand player. It helps him a lot to read the spin of the opponent’s serve.

Lin Yun-Ju backhand banana flick
Lin Yun-Ju backhand banana flick

A lot of people say that he doesn’t play with a lot of power like some of the best Chinese players. Of course, he has strong topspin shots, but his game is more about controlling his topspin and making quick counterattacks. They don’t have a chance to make big shots because he doesn’t give them a chance and forces them to go wide and into difficult situations.

What I like the most about his game is how relaxed he is when he plays. He never looks tense or like he’s really trying to hit the ball hard. Even when he’s going for power, he stays smooth and relaxed. I think that’s what makes his game so good. It’s very important to have a good backhand block and quick counter if you want to play like him. He does this very well. If that helps, that’s great!

Lin Yun-Ju forehand
Lin Yun-Ju forehand

Love for the game shines through Lin’s well-honed skills. Even though Lin is quiet, he is known as the “Silent Assassin.” He moves so easily, like a river, you could say. This is how it should be. Also, he looks like a good person and a great friend.

Why Lin Yun-Ju is so calm?

He is so calm as his nature. His ability to focus is amazing.

Lin Yun-Ju (4)

An attacker with a left-handed shakehand. Skilled service, impressive banana flicks, and counters with relaxed strokes are some of the things he does well. He doesn’t yell even if he wins a hard fight. He only makes a small gesture once in a while. Many table tennis fans are drawn to this unique way of looking at the match.

Can Lin Yun-Ju defeat the top Chinese players?

Yes, Lin Yun-Ju has defeated Ma Long, Fan Zhendong, and many more top players.

The best Chinese players hit the ball with a lot of force, and they move so quickly that it looks like they’re going to fight each other. It is the result of years of hard work and intense exercise. A look at the results says it all. Players like Ma Long and Fan Zhendong show off moves and precision that push the boundaries of what humans can do. They can swat balls from impossible places and destroy some of the best in the world (even the B team players are capable of such feats).

Ma Long vs Lin Yun-Ju | T2 Diamond Malaysia (QF)

Ma Long vs Lin Yun-Ju | T2 Diamond Malaysia (QF)

Watch this video.


They play in a way that is sublime, fierce, and fiery. People who live in China are like fire. Lin Yun-Ju is like water.

I don’t think it would be very far-fetched to say that when he plays, he looks like he’s dancing. Lin isn’t as strong as some of the Chinese players, but he uses his body well to make a lot of spin and power. Because he lets his joints move freely, his arms and wrists can crack into the ball.

Lin Yun-Ju (9)
Lin Yun-Ju (9)

His backhand flick shows this. Using his elbow, he makes a short, quick move, with the wrist just following. Also, his style looks like it comes from someone who enjoys playing the game and has done so since they were young.

Lin Yun-Ju career

From late 2020 to early 2021, Lin trained in China with members of the Chinese national team and other foreigners who had been chosen by the Chinese government.

As a WTT Contender at World Table Tennis’s first event in Qatar, he made it to the finals after beating Quadri Aruna in the quarter-finals and Simon Gauzy in the semi-finals. Dimitrij Ovtcharov beat him in the finals. A quarter-final matchup between Ruwen Filus and Lin didn’t go well for him. However, Lin came out of Doha with the fourth seed for the men’s singles event at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games in his hands.

Lin Yun-Ju (3)

So Lin dropped back down to fifth place, below Hugo Calderano. This change was made by the ITTF in April.

When Lin lost to Dimitrij Ovtcharov in the bronze medal match at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, he came in 4th. He won the Bronze medal at the mixed double event of the Tokyo Olympics 2020.

Lin Yun-Ju versus Dimitrij Ovtcharov at the Tokyo Olympics 2020 (1)
Lin Yun-Ju versus Dimitrij Ovtcharov at the Tokyo Olympics 2020 (1)

Lin beat Ovtcharov in the team event later, but Taiwan lost 3–2 to Germany in the last eight.

Lin Yun-Ju achievement

  • 2021 World Table Tennis Championships Mixed Doubles Bronze Medal
  • 2020 Olympics – Mixed Doubles Bronze Medalist
  • 2019 – ITTF Challenge Plus, Oman Open, Muscat (OMA) – Seniors – Winner
  • 2018 – Youth Olympic Games, Buenos Aires (ARG) – U18 – 4th Place
  • 2018 – World Tour, Bulgarian Open, Panagyurishte (BUL) – U21 – Winner
  • 2018 – World Tour, Hungarian Open, Budapest (HUN) – U21 – Winner
  • 2018 – World Tour, Hong Kong Open, Hong Kong (HKG) – U21 – Winner
  • 2017 – Hongkong Junior and Cadet Open, Hong Kong (HKG) – U18 – SF
  • 2016 – Chinese Taipei Junior and Cadet Open, Taipei (TPE) – U18 – SF
  • 2016 – Hong Kong Junior and Cadet Open, Hong Kong (HKG) – U18 – SF

Lin Yun-Ju (2)

Lin Yun-Ju junior career

Lin Yun-Ju’s parents are both engaged in education. His father is a professor of the Department of Leisure Industry and Health Promotion at National Yilan University, and his mother is the principal of Zhuangwei Middle School. In the third grade of primary school, he joined the Yilan national small table tennis team. In the fifth grade (from 2011 to 2012), under the guidance of coach Lai Ruixiong, he won five consecutive national singles championships (Joola Cup, Butterfly Cup, Mandarin Daily Cup, Freedom Cup, Youth Elite Tournament).

At 11 years old, he is already at the top level.

In 2012, he was selected as the third place in the junior national team. In August, he participated in the 21st East Asian Junior Billiards Tournament held in Osaka, Japan [21] . In addition to helping the team win the runner-up in the men’s team, he also won the men’s singles championship in one fell swoop, taking the lead in this event. The Taiwanese player who won the championship.

Lin Yun-Ju at 11 years old
Lin Yun-Ju at 11 years old
lin yun-ju at a young age
lin yun-ju at a young age

In 2013, he was selected as the first junior national player and was selected in the third place in the subsequent 15-year-old youth national player trials, becoming the first primary school male player to be selected as the national player.

Since that year, after being included in the “Program for Cultivating Excellent or Potential Athletes” by the Sports Department of the Ministry of Education, the government subsidy includes coaching fees, off-site training, and competition equipment.

In April 2014, he participated in the National Secondary School Games. Guo Yi was the main force of the school team. He won six games in the team competition and helped the team win the team championship after 10 years. In the Thailand Youth Open, one person won three championships in the men’s team, men’s singles, and men’s doubles.

In June, he was selected as the first 15-year-old youth national team; in September, he participated in the 20th Asian Youth Pool Tournament and won the 15-year-old group Men’s singles third. In 2014, Qi Ge, the former coach of the Chinese national table tennis team, was recommended as the coach of Lin Yun-Ju when he was recuperating from illness in Yilan.

Butterfly Lin Yun-Ju Super ZLC vs ZHANG JIKE SUPER ZLC

Which one is faster? Is Lin Yun-Ju Super ZLC faster than Zhang Jike Super ZLC?

Based on the Reaction (Speed) indicator of Butterly, they have the same speed.

Here is the previous equipment of Lin Yun-Ju. Now, he used a similar blade (but with his name on the handle).

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