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Liam Pitchford equipments and playing style

Liam Pitchford told his motherI want to do this full-time; I don’t want to go to school anymore”. He practiced 4 nights/week and now he is one of the best European table tennis players. He is a thin guy, with average physical strength. But what makes Liam be the top player? He is 2016 World Championships – Men’s Team Bronze Medalist, and 2016 Olympics hope for England. And what is his equipment?

Liam Pitchford’s magic touching and wrist

Liam Pitchford quickly climbs up to the top 20 table tennis player in the World Ranking.

World Ranking Evolution of Liam Pitchford
World Ranking Evolution of Liam Pitchford

His winning percentage is rather good, about 62% of winning percent!

62 Winning percent - Liam stats
62 Winning percent – Liam stats

So what is his specialty?

Liu Guoliang once said that,

Learn table tennis from the new level to the master level. The new level starts from the body, the arm, the elbow. And the master level is playing with your fingers.

Liam has played with his fingers very soon. He has a wonderful feeling and a very good acceleration with his wrist.

That’s why he has one of the best backhands in the world. China Team has to change the tactic when Fan Zhendong played versus Liam Pitchford. They want to avoid backhand to backhand exchange with Liam. They change the playing direction to Forehand-to-Forehand looping game.

Liam Pitchford tests Fan Zhendong

Watch this video.


Liam Pitchford said:

 I took the Olympic champion quite close and had him worried at one point.

China Team Needs to Watch Liam Pitchford

Watch this video.


Liam Pitchford equipment

Liam Pitchford played very smartly. He attacks close to the table, with a lot of spins. His main weapon is the backhand attack every place on the table. It’s not easy to predict the placement from his backhand. So if you are in the same playing style, you can learn from him (as your main model). Let’s see this video, and feel his touching and tactics:

SUN Chia Hung - Liam PITCHFORD 2018

Watch this video.

Actually, Liam Pitchford is sponsored by Butterfly. His equipment is Mizutani Jun ZLC (blade), and Tenergy 05 Red (forehand rubber) and another Tenergy 05 Black as a backhand rubber.

Liam Pitchford Blade and Rubber
Liam Pitchford Blade and Rubber

Liam Pitchford’s equipment:

  • Mizutani Jun ZLC ([easyazon_link keywords=”Mizutani Jun ZLC” locale=”US” tag=”ert06-20″]check price[/easyazon_link]/ read review)
  • Tenergy 05 Red ([easyazon_link keywords=”Tenergy 05″ locale=”US” tag=”ert06-20″]check price[/easyazon_link]/ read review)
  • Tenergy 05 Black ([easyazon_link keywords=”Tenergy 05″ locale=”US” tag=”ert06-20″]check price[/easyazon_link]/ read review)

If you want to know more about his career, and experiences as a pro player, you can read Liam Pitchford’s interview here. Actually, he is playing for GVHTT Hennebont (pro A – Messieurs in France).

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7 thoughts on “Liam Pitchford equipments and playing style”

  1. Currently in Qatar open Liam used Muzutani blade ( ZLC?) as appeared from the video uploaded by ITTF.

    • I think he played with Victas in Olympic Qualification, where he lost, then he switched back to his mojo, which is Mizu zlc, to get back to winning ways.

  2. Hello coach. I love your website! Liam Pitchford now plays for VICTAS he uses ZX GEAR “IN” Blade and VICTAS EXTRA >15 Rubbers forehand and backhand. May you please do review on VICTAS EQUIPMENT? ZX Gear IN/OUT blade and 15 Extra rubber?
    Thank you!


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