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Kay Stumper – The next Timo Boll for Germany?

Unrivaled among European athletes, Kay Stumper is emerging as one of the brightest young stars in Europe today.

Kay Stumper – player profile

Born on October 15, 2002, Kay began training at the age of 3 by her own parents, who are also two German Premier League athletes.

Stumper Kay is a German table tennis player who was born on October 15, 2002, in Singen. He was a bronze medalist in the European Youth Championships for juniors twice (2018, 2019) and twice won the Europe Youth Top-10 for juniors as part of the German youth squad (2018, 2019).

Rudolf Stumper, like his mother, international Chinese athlete Bao Di, was a successful player who played in the Bundesliga in the 1980s and later began coaching his son personally. Laura Robertson (previously Stumper), his half-sister, was a part of the German national team and won multiple youth medals before moving to Switzerland.

Personal information

Full nameStumper Kay
Born15 October 2002 (age 18)
Singen, Germany
Playing styleRight-handed, shakehand grip
Highest ranking459 (November 2017)
Current ranking668 (2021 August)
ClubTTC Neu-Ulm
Height176 cm
Weight62 kg

Early age table tennis

He began playing table tennis when he was three years old. His first victory came in April 2011, when he won the South Baden boys’ U11 rating event. He won the national mini-cadet competition a month later and was featured on the front page of Tischtennis magazine. Then came the championships of South Baden and Baden, culminating in the first climax at the age of eleven, a victory in the German Championship among cadets (boys under 15). Among other accomplishments, he successfully defended this championship in 2016 and 2017. Stumper Kay was a member of the TTC Beuren youth squad in 2011, as well as the TTC Singen youth and adult teams (2011-2016).

When he was 7, coach Torbon Wosik – World Team runner-up say about him: “It’s crazy! This kid is terrible good!”

Kay Stumper (1)
Kay Stumper (1)

Not only storming at the youth and youth tournaments in Europe, when going to training at the Beijing training center, but Kay Stumper also won all the Chinese athletes of the same age here. This center is where Ma Long and Zhang Jike used to train.

Since September 2016, the 15-year-old has been a member of the SV Salamander Kornwestheim main team in the Regional League. He signed a contract with TTC Neu-Ulm in 2019, and the squad immediately began competing in the German Bundesliga.
At the 2015 Polish Junior and Cadet Open, he made his ITTF Junior Circuit debut at the age of 13 and advanced to the quarterfinals of the men’s doubles among the cadets with Eise. At the 2015 Slovak Cadet Open, she received her first award, a bronze medal in the men’s singles among cadets. He won the team category at the 2016 Spanish Junior and Cadet Open as a member of the German squad.


Kay Stumper (2)
Kay Stumper (2)

At the age of 18, Kay has had two years of playing professionally in the German Premier League and has won every youth medal in Europe. Stumper also made the experts gasp when he defeated both the Olympic bronze medalist Ovtcharov Dimitrij and the 2019 World runner-up Mathias Falck.

For the first time, he competed in the 2016 European Youth Championships, finishing 6th in the team category and 1/16 finals in singles.
In 2017, he earned a bronze medal in the men’s doubles at the 2017 Italian Junior and Cadet Open alongside Hippler Tobias, and he was a finalist in the singles at the 2017 Slovak Junior Open. He reached the 1/16 finals in singles, men’s, and mixed doubles at the 2017 European Youth Championships for Cadets. He competed in the European Youth Olympic Games selection process but was eliminated in the 1/8 finals. In the same year, he competed in his first World Youth Championship, reaching the 1/16 finals in men’s doubles and the 1/32 finals in men’s singles.

The next “Timo Boll” for Germany?

In 2018, he earned bronze medals in three categories at the Hong Kong Junior and Cadet Open: singles, men’s doubles, and team. Participated in the 2018 European Youth Championships and won bronze in the team category. In the men’s singles and doubles, he qualified for the 2018 World Youth Championships and advanced to the 1/16 finals.

In 2019, he won bronze in the team category of the 2019 European Youth Championships in Germany, and he also advanced to the quarterfinals of the men’s and mixed doubles events. He reached the finals of the 2019 ITTF Junior Circuit, Swedish Junior and Cadet Open in the men’s singles. In Noordwijk (Netherlands), he won the Europe Youth Top 10 in singles for juniors.

He competes in the Düsseldorf Masters event series in 2020 and 2021. In 2021, he won his first event as a member of the youth squad, winning the tournament. He advanced to the semifinals of the fourth competition, defeating Dmitry Ovtcharov.
They finished fifth in the German Bundesliga for the 2020/2021 season, with TTC Neu-Ulm, and did not qualify for the playoffs.

Kay Stumper (3)
Kay Stumper (3)

Kay Stumper said about his dream:

“I want to be a world champion,” Kay made clear her purpose.

So far, Timo Boll has not achieved this title.

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