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Kasumi Ishikawa’s deceptive pendulum serve

Kasumi Ishikawa practices her pendulum serve.

She has a very dangerous and deceptive serve. The pro player has a very good feeling. They can change the type of serve at the last moment.

Forehand pendulum serve

Pendulum serve is the most effective serve in table tennis. The best set up serve is the pendulum serve of Ma Long.

Kasumi Ishikawa has a great forehand serve
Kasumi Ishikawa has a great forehand serve

Fast and no spin serve

This is the fast serve and no spin serve to the wide angle.

Kasumi Ishikawa (石川佳純) with a dangerous pendulum serve

Watch this video.

Long serve

This is the long and classic pendulum serve. The bounce is stopped at the second bounce. So it is not easy to flick her serve. The ball jumps near the center of the table.

fast serve
fast serve

Short pendulum serve

This is the short pendulum serve to the forehand side of the opponent.
This serve is very tricky, because it has a lot of sidespin.

short serve
short serve

This is the semi-long serve

The ball is bounced near the end-line of the table. Semi-long serve is effective to prevent the opponent attack strongly your serve.

semi long serve
semi long serve

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