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Is it worth buying a custom blade in table tennis?

Let’s discuss the custom blade in table tennis. You may choose to attempt a custom blade maker’s copycat of a popular Butterfly model to save money, or simply try one of the custom blade maker’s off-the-shelf models.

Is custom blade legal?

Some players asked me that can he use the custom blade in the official competition.

The answer is yes. Since there is no rule about the size and the shape of the table tennis blade, you can use your own-made blade in table tennis.

custom blade with customized thickness and layer composition (3)
custom blade with customized thickness and layer composition (3)

Custom blade to clone Stiga Cybershape

I’ve seen that some players just make their own table tennis blade. For example, they replicate the famous Stiga Cybershape carbon.

Does the custom blade have higher quality?

In my experience, I can confirm with you that the answer is yes.

Also, some premade are pricey for what you receive. Due to the fact that all-wood blades are made of wood, you may find amazing all-wood blades for under $30-$40 from Donic, Stiga, Yasaka, and Yinhe. DHS makes a cheaper version of their “flagship” Hurricane Long 5 ($120-$200) called the DHS Power-G 5 ($35) that contains the same types of wood layers Plus carbon.

high-quality custom blade
high-quality custom blade

With the same amount of money, you can try to buy a top-notch quality custom blade.

Some advantages of using a custom blade in table tennis?

Using a custom blade provides you with more options for rubbers and blade styles to match your personal preferences.

To help you find the right blade for your playstyle, each blade is categorized and described.

Most of the time, the blades are of higher quality.

Rubbers can be changed as you progress in your game (or when your style changes).

Remember: As I said earlier, the blade decides 80% of your playing style. You should upgrade the rubber first, before upgrading your blade.

The custom blade will fit more your playing style
The custom blade will fit more your playing style

How to make a custom blade?

You can make a custom blade in table tennis. The blade is made of wood and several ALC, carbon, or ZLC layers.

How I made a custom Ping Pong Paddle/Table Tennis Blade

Watch this video.

Select the thin layer of material (wood, ALC, ZLC carbon)

Shape the size of the blade

Combine it with the handle

Finish with the outer-layer of the blade

What is the best custom blade in table tennis?

Here is the list of the most trusted custom blade maker in table tennis.

DAB Studios

Homepage: https://www.dattblades.com/

Handmade custom table tennis blades by DAb studio. Make your personal blade according to your style of play and the rubbers you use.

custom blade DAB Studios
custom blade DAB Studios

There are manufacturers/makers like OSP Blades and Ross Leidy, however, they are either excessively expensive or have a long waiting list. Others, like Soul Spin, offer a less flexible configurator, and price.

Dimitris, the owner, is based in Greece. Unlike the others, Dimitris responded quickly with detailed responses and examples from previous clients. The initial order arrives in a few days (depending on the level of detail). I love how he shows the blade taking shape step by step. Here is how a custom blade in table tennis is made:

Ross Leidy

Homepage: http://rossleidy.com/

If you want a custom-made all-wood blade, there are many good providers. If you want a custom composite blade, I recommend OSP, and I doubt Ross Leidy even makes them.

Ross Leidy's Handcrafted Table Tennis Blades
Ross Leidy’s Handcrafted Table Tennis Blades

Both Ross Leidy and Soulspin have enticing designs, but utilizing Soulspin’s configurator requires at least a rudimentary command of the German language. I like the way OSP looks, and if I had the means to purchase one, I’d opt for the OSP Virtuoso.


Homepage: http://www.bladesbycharlie.com/

Blades by Charlie creates nice composite blades. I tried a few he made and they were fantastic. They were composite blades that made me thrilled to play with them. But not generally about composite blades.

BBC Custom Table Tennis Blades
BBC Custom Table Tennis Blades

But I’m not convinced any top custom blade producers make good ALC blades. Charlie’s possibly. That said, the three I tried felt better than commercial composite blades. They were great.


Homepage: http://ospblades.com/

I emailed Laszlo Peli. The blade maker from OSP.

OSP Handmade table tennis rackets
OSP Handmade table tennis rackets

There are several off-the-shelf blade makers like Charlie Smith who sell off-the-shelf blades but custom implies you have specific needs such as weight, wood, size, handle length, and whether the blade is pure wood or contains some other material such as carbon or ZLC.

custom handle size of OSP blade
custom handle size of OSP blade

Because a truly custom blade is manufactured to your exact specifications, you must choose the best rubbers to optimize it.


Homepage: http://www.soulspin.tt/en/soulspin.html

There is a player who wanted a straight-handle Viscaria. Since these were only made on special request (at a high cost). Soulspin has made a custom ALC blade similar to Viscaria composition.

Soulspin custom blade website
Soulspin custom blade website

The blade arrives in a lovely cardboard box with a novelty-cut bat-shaped trinket, which was a great surprise. It also arrived with a certificate listing the materials used in its creation, useful if you want to commission another blade.

SoulSpin Custom Blade
SoulSpin Custom Blade

The blade is nicely finished, and the neck is chamfered to accommodate your fingers, so there are no harsh edges. The only flaw was that some of the ALC fiber was not trimmed precisely flush, which didn’t bother. It was only on one portion of the neck, so it was probably just a by-product of sanding and finishing the blade.

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