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Is Ding Ning retired ?

Is Ding Ning (丁宁) retired? Table tennis is a very hard sport. To be a professional player is even harder. We have known that the 4th Grand Slam in table tennis (Zhang Jike) has retired. Ding Ning is the 5th Grand Slam female player.

Ding Ning’s retirement

2 days ago, I posted “Good-Bye Ding Ning”.

Goodbye Ding Ning
Goodbye Ding Ning

A player asked, “What is the reason for her leave?”

Why she has retired ?
Why she has retired?

I have explained it to you 5 days ago. Ding Ning has retired. She stopped playing table tennis professionally. She has chosen the academic approach.
She went to Peking University for a master’s degree in physical education.

Ding Ning has chosen the education path in her career
Ding Ning has chosen the education path in her career

Since the master’s degree from Peking University is full-time, it also shows that Ding Ning will end her career this year.

Ding Ning is also a grand slam in table tennis. She won the Gold medal in the Olympics. A professional career is very difficult. I want to say, Good luck to Ding Ning for her choice.

You can watch this video:



Ding Ning is now a full-time master student in Peking University
Ding Ning is now a full-time master student at Peking University

About Ding Ning’s career

Ding Ning has the Chinese name 丁宁.

In 1990, Ding Ning was born in Daqing, Heilongjiang Province. Ding Ning has been playing table tennis with the kids since she was young because her mother works in a gymnasium.

Later on, Ding Ning grew in influence among the children and shown her talent for table tennis. As a result, when Ding Ning was six years old, her mother went to Liaoning Province on her own dime to assist in the training of table tennis ball seedlings.

Ding Ning’s year in Beijing in 1999 was a watershed moment for her, as she was picked by coach Zhou Shusen to join the Beijing squad. Ding Ning was the younger sister (teammate) of Zhang Yining and Guo Yan.

In 2003, Ding Ning was named to the national youth team, then in 2005, she was named to the national first team. However, at the time, the national squad was still dominated by Zhang Yining and Wang Nan, with Guo Yue and Li Xiaoxia among the young athletes.

Here is some of the best moments of Ding Ning:

Ding Ning ankle injury
Ding Ning ankle injury


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