How to watch Tokyo Olympics for Free

How to watch Tokyo Olympics for Free. If your country’s national TV doesn’t cover Tokyo2020, then you can easily watch this Olympics online.

Many players asked me “Where did you watch Tokyo Olympics?”.
“On which site did you watch Olympics”.

2 steps to watch Tokyo Olympics online for FREE

Today, I will show you a simple way to watch the Tokyo Olympics for free. There are only 2 steps.

Watch this video:


Step 1. Install HOLA VPN on your browser.

Search on Google “Hola VPN”.

Install the add-on Hola VPN on your browsers, like Google Chrome or Firefox.

Add the extension.

Install Hola add-on.

Step 2. Watch Olympics FREE on NHK

Search on Google “table tennis Olympics NHK”.

NHK is Japan’s public broadcaster. So they will broadcast every table tennis match on their website. But the website only allows people from Japan to watch it LIVE. That’s why you need to install the Hola VPN.

Change the country to Japan.

Select the match and enjoy.

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