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Full Research: Worst table tennis injury & How to prevent

This is the research of table tennis injury, shoulder pain, wrist pain, back pain, etc., including 4 parts.

Full research about table tennis injury

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Research of coach EmRatThich

part 1 - table tennis injury
part 1 – table tennis injury
part 2 - injury
part 2 – injury
part 3 - injury
part 3 – injury
part 4 - injury
part 4 – injury

This is the end of my research about table tennis injury. It takes me a lot of time to do the research.
So I hope you share this article for the table tennis players who need this.

See you in the next video. My name is EmRatThich, a table tennis coach in France. If you like my videos, please support me.


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6 thoughts on “Full Research: Worst table tennis injury & How to prevent”

  1. Hi, after 6 years of competitive table tennis at 5-10 hours a week (so still not too intensive) I have been suffering from tennis elbow for 1,5 years now and have stopped playing since. I would like to return to the game, but every time I do so, I sense the tennis elbow coming back.
    I mostly feel the pain when playing the backhand drive. When I play only forehand, or try playing backhand topspin, it is better. However, backhand block is an important stroke and it’s virtually impossible to leave it out. I haven’t found any technical advice on how to avoid or heal tennis elbow other than “rest”.

  2. I try to “hit the ball with my legs” and i get a lot of power in the ball. However, when i do forehand loop and i transfer the weight from my right leg to the left leg, i get discomfort in my left knee. I think it might be wrong technique, what are you supposed to do with the leg or foot to “absorb” the power?

    • Probably wrong technique. I could imagine your body’s center of gravity shifts linearly to the left side improperly loading your legs. Remember we always want to maintain balance therefore requiring cog equal by distance from left and right leg for even distribution(satisfying the moment/torque 2nd law of static equilibrum). But if you find yourself in a situational shot where you estimate an uneven load distribution imo I just try to fully rebound and spring back from a full grasshopper flip or try to lean towards the leg that isn’t loaded as much just before the end of the shot.

    • I know my dear coach, i’ve done it but i was seek and stayed on a bed for three years so my body is like a grandfather for the moment. I work every days to restore my power, stamina and acuracy. It will be long and i need to make my mind like water. Thank you for your advice. Bye. Wilfrid.

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