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How to practice Chinese method Power From The Ground

How to practice and learn the “power from the ground” concept?

Power From The Ground

The “Power from the ground” concept is very important in table tennis. It’s the key to generating the power for your forehand topspin.

Power From The Ground Chinese Table Tennis
Power From The Ground Chinese Table Tennis

I have explained this concept in the previous video. You can watch this video to understand the principle of this concept.

Chinese table tennis coaches have some methods to practice this concept. How to practice this concept? How to generate power in table tennis?

Chinese coaching methods

Here is the method that helps young players or new players to memorize the “power from the ground” concept. Good forehand training, it is really important to meet a good coach.

Watch this video:

How to generate the power
Watch this video: How to generate the power from the ground concept


She is a very good coach. Indeed, generally speaking, only those who want to play professionally will find one-on-one coaching, and the details are very fine.

how to learn power ground - Chinese coaching concept
how to learn power ground – Chinese coaching concept

Famous teachers produce great apprentices, left-handed teenagers have comprehension and a bright future. Some players can only hit the ball, no friction, not as good as a child.

The excessive method

Some players may say that this is not necessary. The ball is a little too high.
I agree with you. But this method is very good.

In the beginning, we need excessive gestures to learn a new technique. With this coaching, we can learn and improve faster. It is not too much!

Generate power from the ground
Generate power from the ground

For this training, you need to build an arc and hit the drop point. When you advance, you can hit forward. In an actual match, a suitable high lift is actually more threatening than rushing forward.

You need to look for the feeling of friction.

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