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How to keep Chinese table tennis rubbers sticky for longer

How to keep your Chinese table tennis rubbers sticky for longer?

Hello. Welcome back to PingSunday. I’m EmRatThich. Chinese table tennis rubber is very sticky. Because without the stickiness, it’s very hard to produce enough spin using the Chinese table tennis rubbers. Why?

Tackiness is crucial for Chinese table tennis rubbers

Because Chinese rubbers like Double Happiness (DHS), Sanwei, 729, etc, have a very hard sponge. The harder the sponge, the harder the ball to be absorbed into the sponge. Hence harder to impact spin.

What happens after 2 weeks?

A player asked me, “hi coach EmRatThich. Why does my forehand rubber (Hurricane 3 – Neo version) wear so easily? Only used the rubber for 2 weeks and the rubber looked so worn. What to do?”

Chinese tacky rubber with dust
Chinese tacky rubber with dust

Yes, I have played with Hurricane 3 for 5 years. I know this problem very well. Tackiness hates the dirty and the dust. You have to clean it after each time you play. Normally, I will clean the dust with the breath (the vapor from my mouth).

Butterfly Spin Refresh
Butterfly Spin Refresh

You can also use the Butterfly spin refresh (check price 1) to clean it and then you should cover it with a plastic sheet. You should not use a dirty sponge or not clean. There is still a lot of dust on the dirty sponge.

Use the rubber protector

You should use a rubber protector. The rubber is itself sticky, so the protector sheet sticks to it just fine. In a very rare case, you wouldn’t want the glue from the rubber protector to stick to the rubber.

rubber protective film
rubber protective film

You should always clean your rubber after playing, especially if you’re using Chinese rubbers.

Avoid static rubber protector

Make sure that your rubber protector doesn’t give off any static. Because if you use a static protector, the dust will stick on the surface of the protector. You should also include non sticky protective sheets for each side of the rubbers – the forehand side rubber, and the backhand side rubber.

rubber protector
rubber protector

Use the revolution 3 cleaner to keep the DHS Hurricane 3 in good shape forever. After each use, clean it and get a non-sticky rubber film (check price 1/ check price 2) to protect it. Dust will stick to the surface of the rubber because it is sticky, so you need to remove it frequently.

How to use the Revolution cleaner

What is the Revolution cleaner?

Revolution cleaner is the liquid product to restore grip and extend the table tennis rubber’s life.

REvolution No. 3 is a trademark of all revolutionary accessories in table tennis. For cleaning and rejuvenating Revolution No. 3 cleaner is considered the best. It is the most economic and with spectacular results on old rubbers.

Revolution cleaner 3 - Restore grip and extend rubber's life
Revolution cleaner 3 – Restore grip and extend rubber’s life

TT Revolution homepage: https://ttrevolution.com/

The revolution cleaner and rejuvenation should be used only when the rubber starts to wear out and only once in a while, because when used on new rubbers it decreases the lifespan. The Butterfly cleaner and other cleaner should be used after you played, but not before because it has some slight chemicals that creates tension in the sponge (not as much as the Revo. 3 cleaner).

REvolution No. 3 Cleaner

Watch this video.

Hand washing soap is pretty safe to remove the residues from your sweat, just add a little to water and clean our rubber with a soft sponge. This is the best method while the rubber is new. After it’s worn, you can use the cleaners. if you feel your sponge is dead you can try to reglue it, because the glue can get less flexible after a few month.

Rinse with water

You should rinse your rubber surface with a little bit of water every time you use it, so that dirt doesn’t just build up in it. You should also use the damp, rinsed-out sponge to wipe off any soap or cleaner that is still on the rubber. Then, use something like a rubber protection before putting your racket into the case. So, your rubber will stay as clean and new-looking as possible.

tsp protection film
tsp protection film

Is it legal to play with the sticky Chinese rubbers?

Yes, it is ITTF-approved. So you can play with the Chinese tacky rubbers like DHS Hurricane 3, Friendship, Reactor, Yinhe, Sanwei, LKT, Globe, Galaxy 999T, 729 Battle 2, etc.

How to take care of your Chinese rubbers

Some table tennis players don’t know how to take care of their rubbers. Chinese rubber is definitely sticky, but a week of playing with it is almost over.

You need to clean it regularly, preferably with something simple like water and a soft sponge (Butterfly sponge – check price 1/ check price 2). After using it for 1 year, though, it needs to be reglued to have the great bounce.

Butterfly coton sponge
Butterfly coton sponge


Chinese rubber is very sticky
Chinese rubber is very sticky

What to avoid for the Chinese rubbers

You should use non sticky protective sheets. Clean with plain water. Don’t use microfiber cloth, no fabric, don’t rub it on your towel, nothing but wet hands or a soft sponge.

See you in the next video. If you have any questions, you can email me.

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