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How to improve the speed of your backhand topspin

Hello, welcome back to PingSunday. I’m EmRatThich. Today, let’s learn an important concept that helps you improve the ball quality.

How to improve the spin

I have explained to you how to improve the spin in table tennis. To improve the spin, you need to drop the head of the racket down, relax your wrist, and hit at the side of the ball.

hit at the right side of the ball
hit at the right side of the ball

Today, let’s learn how to improve the speed of your backhand topspin attack. This will help you increase your level fast, from the intermediate level to the advanced level.

How to improve the speed on the backhand topspin?

To improve the speed in table tennis, you need to use your wrist, hitting at the right moment (the position 3), and acceleration.

How to improve speed in backhand topspin technique

Watch this video.

Tip number one – Make use of your wrist

You should use your wrist to provide extra speed and spin to the ball. The backhand stroke is a short stroke, that’s why you need to use the wrist.

Use the wrist
Use the wrist

The pro player, like Lin Yunju uses a lot of wrist for his backhand attack. This is a bit more difficult and requires a lot of practice to get the timing correct. But it’s also worth practicing since you can really acquire that extra speed and spin to beat your opponent.

Lin Yun-Ju backhand banana flick
Lin Yun-Ju backhand banana flick

Tip number two: Hit at the right moment

For the backhand topspin, you should hit the ball at the highest position. It’s position 3 on its trajectory. Search “timing pingsunday” to know this position.

timing position in table tennis
timing position in table tennis

Tip number three: Acceleration

To play quick attacks, you must have a lot of acceleration in your waist and arm. Obviously, if you attack with a slow waist twist and arm movement, your shot will be slow. However, if you accelerate the entire process, the ball will travel faster.

acceleration before hitting
acceleration before hitting

Keep your technique consistentsteady footwork, twist at the waist, accelerate forward – just make the entire motion faster.

If you’re a slow attacker, I’d consider boosting your speed gradually. Don’t go from slow to as fast as you possibly can since you’ll make too many blunders. Simply go a little faster than usual and see if you can hit the shot regularly. Go a little faster this time, and so on.

This is the lesson for this Sunday, see you in the next video, coach EmRatThich.

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