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How to glue your table tennis rubbers the right way

How to glue correctly in table tennis?

How to glue and cut the table tennis rubbers and racket perfectly. Hello, welcome back to PingSunday. Today let’s talk about table tennis equipment. How to glue and cut the table tennis rubbers. How to make a beautiful table tennis racket.

I have explained you previously, how to glue in table tennis. This is the pro version. And also the best glue in table tennis, that you should know.

Xu Xin focused a lot on his equipment

Table tennis equipment is very important because it gives you the feeling and the rotation on the ball.

Xu Xin re-glue his rubber every 4 days. Regluing is important for professional players because it increases the spin and speed of the rubbers. We don’t need to do that. We only need to make a perfect and correct gluing job.

Xu Xin focuses on glueing process
Xu Xin focuses on gluing process

How often do you re-glue your rubber, and how often do you change your rubber

Xu Xin said,

And I change my rubbers every 7 to 10 days depending whether I’m just training or playing the tournaments

When I assemble my rubbers, it’s important to aligned straight against the handle

then I brush the rubber with a roller, to avoid the bubble and to make sure it sticks.

I re-glue my rubbers every 3 and 4 days

Xu Xin is sponsored by a table tennis brand. So he can change his rubbers every 7 to 10 days. As a regular table tennis player, you should change rubber every 6 months to 1 year of playing.

Xu Xin is using the roller
Xu Xin is using the roller

When Xu Xin puts the rubbers on the blade, he always presses the rubber from the bottom to the top to avoid the bubble.

Xu Xin put the glue on the racket
Xu Xin put the glue on the racket

The glue that top Chinese players use

Top Chinese players prefer using a thick and strong glue. They always use the Nittaku Finezip glue (check price 1/ check price 2). Because this glue is rather strong, and they provide a thick glue layer.

Nittaku finezip glue on rubber
Nittaku finezip glue on rubber

Look at the glue layer. The glue is very important, because if you use a weak glue, then you will lose the spin during your shot.

If you don’t glue correctly, then your shot is not consistent. You don’t trust your equipment. So gluing is very important. If you glue it wrong, then you should remove, and glue it again, and again until it is perfect.

Nittaku finezip with thich layer of glue
Nittaku finezip with thich layer of glue
thick layer of glue
thick layer of glue

He Zhuojia teaches you how to glue the rubbers

Today, let’s learn from He Zhuojia (何卓佳), Chinese national table tennis player. She will teach you the right way to cut and glue the rubber. This will help you have a nice and perfect setup in table tennis.

I will try to translate her tutorial.

Please watch this video:

How to glue your table tennis rubbers the right way

Watch this video.

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