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How to curve a ping pong ball?

How to curve a ping pong ball?

This is a common question. It’s similar to, how to spin a table tennis ball? Many new players asked this question.

Welcome back to PingSunday. Here is the way that the Chinese coach explained, how to generate the spin and the power into the ball?

Step 1 – Generate the force from the legs

You should let your legs generate the entire force. First, the legs go down first.
And rotate the body, and hit forward.

Power from the legs
Power from the legs

The legs will generate the upward force, then increase the spin on the ball.

Step 2 – Acceleration when you hit the ball

It’s very important. You should “accelerate” the moment the racket hit the ball.
To do that, you should “squeeze” the racket harder.

Acceleration when you hit the ball
Acceleration when you hit the ball

Here is the full guide from the beautiful Chinese table tennis coach.
Practice makes perfect. See you in the next lesson.

Full coaching tutorial

The Chinese coach said that:

First of all, the legs are the entire force that is transmitted from the feet all the way up. Stirred the body to power up to pass the hand.

It’s a transmission power. In the hand must have this this next friction force. But the legs and body waist and abdomen must occur force.

The legs must be strong. Legs and waist and abdomen. Make sure you put some effort into it.

What the full video here:

how to curve the table tennis ball?

Watch this video.




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