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How to coach in table tennis

Every table tennis players know that having a professional coach is a must. Their role is very important. If you want to become a good table tennis coach, here are my tips.

How to coach in table tennis

There are some things that make a great professional coach. A good coach is optimistic, enthusiastic, supportive, trusting, focused, and goal-oriented, among other things.

It seems to have 10 key qualities to coach in table tennis.

1. Knows about the sport

When a coach wants to be able to teach effectively, they need to know a lot about the subject.

There are many different levels of sport, from simple skills to complex tactics and strategy.

Coaches may have played before, but not all former athletes are good coaches. Coaches need to plan for the season, know-how training adapts over time, know the rules, and set up a simple, structured environment for athletes to succeed.

Know how to analysis the performance
Know how to analyze the performance

Coaches should plan, prepare, rehearse, perform, and compete. These are the steps that make good coaching. A good coach should have a certification from the organization that runs their sport. Every good coach won’t have the best qualification, but every coach should have some kind of qualification.

understand your player is very important
understand your player is very important

2. Be Deep Thinker

While a good coach knows a lot about a sport, he or she must keep learning and coming up with new training ideas. Coaches who stay up to date on new research, training, and everything else that helps with the coaching process, go to coaching clinics and camps, and ask for advice from other coaches and athletes are all signs of a great coach.

Japanese national coach
Japanese national coach

It can also be good to watch videos, read books, and look at periodicals. There are a lot of great classes for coaches who want to learn more about sports psychology, nutrition, and how exercise works. These classes are available to anyone who wants to grow and improve as a coach.

Watch this video:

Watch this video
Watch this video: How to be a good coach


3. Love educating people

Having the courage to share and ask for other people’s opinions, even if they don’t play your sport, is important. Being willing to try new things and new ideas in the search for better performance.

know how to encourage the players
know how to encourage the players

The best coaches know that they are there to teach the athletes. It’s important for athletes to know what they’re doing and why, because that will help them train better. Most athletes spend most of their time training alone.

4. Be a good source of inspiration

The best coach has a positive attitude and is excited about the sport and the athletes. The ability to motivate and inspire is part of what it takes to be a winner.

Know how to give motivation and desire to the players
Know how to give motivation and desire to the players

This is a lot easier for some coaches than for other coaches. The coach who is able to motivate their athletes can make them want to want to do better. Keep the practice fun, fresh, and challenging to keep it interesting. When a good coach is trying to get a player excited, he or she emphasizes trying to reach performance goals, not outcome goals.

Take a broad view
Take a broad view

There are a lot of things you can do to improve yourself and your training, but you can’t control what your opponent does or how well you do in every match. Fun and pleasure are the foundations of good coaching.

5. Respects the relationship they have

Being aware of how athletes are different is an important part of being a good coach. Yelling, screaming, and other emotional displays may work for some athletes, but they could have a very bad effect on other people who do them.

Know how to motivate the players
Know how to motivate the players

Coaches need to tailor their communication and motivation to each athlete in order to be successful. The job of a good coach is to pay attention to the athlete’s emotions, strengths, and weaknesses.

In a team game, it’s important to know that each player is unique and has a different way of getting coaching information.

6. Who pays attention well

Listening is part of being able to communicate well. A coach should have a kind heart and should listen to the athletes’ thoughts, questions, and suggestions.

Know how to talk to parents
Know how to talk to parents

In order to be an effective coach, you need to look for information from athletes and work in a place where athletes feel free to share their ideas and thoughts with you.

Finally, a good coach will be able to change the training plan based on player feedback.

7. Good Teacher

The best coach is one who communicates well and has a lot of credibility, competence, respect, and authority. A good coach should be able to explain things in a clear way.

Know how to talk to players
Know how to talk to players

Clear communication means setting clear goals, giving clear feedback, and reinforcing the main points. Good communication is also important if you want to be heard. Language is a big part of coaching, and a good coach makes sure everything is simple and easy to understand.

8. Disciplined, good morals

They need to follow reasonable rules both on and off the field, and if they don’t, the coach is in charge of disciplining them. It’s very important for both the athlete and the coach to have trust in each other at all times and for coaching to be successful.

Mima Ito's personal coach
Mima Ito’s personal coach

This trust comes from the quality of both the coach and player’s actions. The coach who is good is very clear about what to do and sticks to it. When people break the rules, they should be punished.

Evidence shows that in order for discipline to work, it must be mild, quick, and consistent. Individual honesty, values, and personal growth are important to me.

9. Commitment and a Clear Passion for table tennis

In order to be the best coach, you have to love what you do. The best coaches are also very passionate about sports and success. They show that they care about individual athletes.

play smarter but not harder
play smarter but not harder

A lot of people think coaching is a job that is done all the time, all the time. Top coaches live and sleep coaching, so they know how to do it very well. When the pressure is the highest, able to think of every possible scenario and let the athlete and coach do their best when they are under the most stress.

10. Very positive attitude about hard work

A good coach also leads by example. A good coach follows the same rules as the people he or she wants to help. To show respect, a coach who wants people to like them should also show respect.

share the happy moment with your coach
share the happy moment with your coach

A coach who wants athletes to stay positive needs to have a positive attitude. A coach who wants his or her athletes to listen should also listen to his or her athletes.

How to become a table tennis coach

If you want to become a coach, you need to contact your national table tennis committees.

They will organize some formation that helps you to become o coach.

All coaches who want to be certified by the ITTF and/or your state or territory association must pass the appropriate coaching course and all the paperwork that comes with it.

Show the real desire
Show the real desire

You need to:

1. Take the Table Tennis Course

At the end of the class, you will be tested on your knowledge of basic techniques and multiball.

2. Coaching Session – Practical:

Assessment in the middle of a course.

Practical Coaching: Skill Techniques and Multiball, as well as the Post Course Assessment.

I will show you some of the coaching training programs of the FFTT (French Federation).

table tennis coach is my passion
table tennis coach is my passion

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