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How many table tennis players in the world

How many people play table tennis in the world? Table tennis is a very popular sport, based on the number of players, it is second only to football. Table tennis provides many health advantages, that’s why it’s very popular.

Number of table tennis players

Number of table tennis players in the world
Number of table tennis players in the world

Here are the stats:

  • Just after football in terms of the national association, ITTF has 226 country associations [1].
  • In England, the number of people aged 16 and over who are playing table tennis for at least 30 minutes every week stands at 102,600, up from 93,500 six months ago and from 101,000 [2] a year ago.
  • 300 million people worldwide play table tennis before 2003.
  • There is no official number, but it’s estimated about 350 million fans and players, estimated by the number of people watching the Tokyo Olympics 2020 (provided by WTT) [3]

Conclusions: There are 350 million table tennis players in the world. (estimated during the Tokyo Olympics 2020)

Footnotes – References

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Official statistics provided by WTT

Table tennis is China’s most-watched Olympic sport at Tokyo 2020. According to CSM Media Research, nearly to 350 million unique viewers watched CCTV-5’s table tennis broadcast from the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium.

Table tennis is a very important sport at Tokyo Olympics
Table tennis is a very important sport at Tokyo Olympics


Nearly 75 and 74 million Chinese watched the Women’s Single and Men’s Single finals live, and CCTV-5 gave table tennis 190 hours of airtime. They focuses on Ma Long, Xu Xin and Liu Shiwen.

Ma Long vs Fan Zhendong who is better
Ma Long vs Fan Zhendong who is better


Men’s Team Final audience rating at Tokyo 2020: 4.45%. 19 million hashtag reads, 47.57 million post impressions. Both the Men’s and Women’s Team finals ranked among CCTV-5’s top three sports. Men’s and Women’s Singles finals ratings were 3.73 percent and 3.65 percent, respectively, making CCTV’s top 10 sports broadcast schedule.

The influence of WTT

WTT is the official organisation of table tennis. It’s influence to the sport is huge.

WTT’s Chinese social media attracted 270,000 followers. Weibo got 100 million impressions and 300,000 engagements, and Douyin had 200 million video views and 3 million engagements.

WTT logo
WTT logo

Most popular were the Mixed Doubles final and Ma Long, the most decorated table tennis Olympian with five gold medals. Viewership ratings for the sport in Japan have surged, suggesting Japanese consumers’ growing interest in table tennis.

The most important match of the year

The most important match, which is the most followed and talked about is the match between China and Japan (Mixed Double Gold medal).

Xu Xin and Liu Shiwen lost to Jun Mizutani and Mima Ito. I have explained the match here.

Female players will stay closer to the table
Female players will stay closer to the table

According to a poll by the Japanese newspaper Asahi Shimbun, the most memorable Olympic event for the Japanese was the table tennis mixed doubles final.

Jun Mizutani and Ito beat China’s Xu Xin and Liu Shiwen to earn gold. That victory gave the host nation its first table tennis gold medal since the 1988 Seoul Olympics. Table tennis is popular among 17% of Japanese respondents. 16 percent chose judo, followed by baseball, softball, and track. In the same study, 22% of women and 12% of men said table tennis was the most amazing event.

The best table tennis players

Based on the winning percentage, Fan Zhendong is currently considered the best player right now, after 2022. Before 2022, Ma Long is the only male players get the Double Grand Slam title. Ma Long is the best table tennis players of all time.

will Fan Zhendong surpass Ma Long?
will Fan Zhendong surpass Ma Long?

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