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Great app to play table tennis on the street [StreetTT]

Hello. Today, I want to present you a very interesting application for table tennis players around the world.

I have presented to you the “Street table tennis tournament” organized by Stiga China.

What is the StreetTT app?

It is a wonderful idea to play table tennis in the park, or on the street.
Today, the dream comes true. You have a wonderful application. StreetTT.

Oscar Alvarado, one of the founders of the application has contacted me.

StreetTT is a free online platform to help outdoor table tennis players decide which of them is the greatest in the world.

You can go to the website, and download the app.

How to use StreetTT?

StreetTT is an app, that helps you to find an opponent to play table tennis.

Here is the full video that I explained how to use StreetTT:


Here are the simple steps to use this application:


You can play table tennis in a public in these cities.


After finding an opponent, you will play the match.

And you will update the score by scanning the QR code.


Now you can have fun, and join your city community:

Is the app free?

Basically, the idea is to create an international community of street TT players and provide them with the necessary resources to find someone to play within every part of the world, promoting main values such as respect, empathy, and sportsmanship.

1) The app is free forever, no argument on this topic. The main idea is to provide free organizational resources to the players to keep the community growing and expand to every potential segment of people who are not yet interested in street table tennis.

Do we have the city ladder?

2) The table is a public table always, we use the public resources as much as we can, which is the philosophy of this project.
The QR code could be placed on the table through StreetTT stickers, allowing people to check the app and download it on the table and start playing at the same moment.

3) We do have a global ladder, city ranking, clubs classification… You can filter through the app and find the active players in your city, contact them and start playing with new people for free, everywhere, every time.
The score is updated by one of the players through the “Submit Result” section.

5) The app is mostly growing in Spain and UK, in Barcelona and London.
Our main goal is to expand the project to the world, not just Europe. To do that, we just need a city moderator able to organize and create a community in any part of the world.

This year 2021 we are contacting people in Portugal, France, Argentina, and Italy to take ownership of a club and organize League matches, Tournaments and, at the end of the day, creating a community around public table tennis.

So if you want to play a table tennis tournament in the street, then you have the solution.

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