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Giveaway in table tennis by coach EmRatThich

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My YouTube channel just has 100k subscribers.

Thank you very much

Thank you. Merci. cảm ơn. 谢谢. ありがとう. 감사 해요. Спасибо. Gracias.

Thank you very much. For me, happiness is not the moment on the top of the mountain, but it is the way we enjoy climbing the mountain. Today is a special day. We have 100 000 subscribers on my YouTube channel. So it’s the moment that I want to say “thank you” to my audience, to you.

The Youtube channel “PingSunday” is not only my channel, but it is also your channel. Because without you, it’s nothing.

Let’s go back to history. Let’s watch this video:


50 USD giveaway this Saturday

100 000 is not big. We are not big, but we are a very strong community. For me, 100k, or 500k is not important. It is just a number, the most important is the moment I spent in my life having fun with you. As we all love table tennis.

Thank you again!

Give-away 50 USD.

– I will try to make a give-away weekly, or monthly

– Saturday 14 August 2021, around 14 pm (GMT+2 Paris time).

– We will make a Live Stream, to get the winner – Giveaway prize: 50 USD/ weekly or monthly.

giveaway by coach EmRatThich
giveaway by coach EmRatThich

We will be streaming in the next 10 minutes.
And I will make a giveaway of 50 USD. So let’s join the live stream and have fun with me.

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1 month ago

Congrats ERT. Thank you for the fantastic input you give to this community.

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