How to Get More Spin in Table Tennis

get more spin in table tennis

Today, I talk about “How to get more spin in your table tennis shots: serve, loop, push, forehand topspin, backhand flip, topspin serve, etc. Spin is the “heart” of this sport. When you master the “spin” in table tennis, your tablet tennis level increases dramatically. Without spin, table tennis is no longer table tennis. Professional table tennis players can make the ball spin up to 9000 rpm (rounds per minute).

Why is Spin so important in table tennis?

The Chinese philosophy says that there are 3 aspects of a table tennis shot: spin, speed, and powerSpin is the most important of these 3 terms. 

  • The spiny but slow ball is not powerful.
  • The fastball without spin is not powerful.
  • The powerful ball is the ball loaded of spin and speed.

What is Spin, Speed, and Power?

  • Spin is how fast in ball rotates around itself (measured by rpm)
  • Speed is the velocity of the ball travel (measure by m/s)
  • Power is the aspect combined with both Speed, and Spin. The fast with heavy spinny ball comes from a powerful shot.

In this tutorial, I explain “How to spin in table tennis like a pro”. I’ve explained the best way to make a table tennis ball spin.


How to increase the spin on the ball?

The only and the one key point to spin the ball is ACCELERATION.

  • Table tennis is not a tennis sport. The ball weight is only 2.7g. It’s not how hard you hit the ball, but it’s how fast you hit the ball in a short amount of time will decide the amount of spin.
  • The contact occurs only in a fraction of a second. To spin the ball, apply force during this moment. All of these processes occur very fast.
  • Hit the ball with the “accelerated action”, in a short amount of time. That’s the key to raise the spin in your table tennis shots.

So please remember, “spin” is the key in table tennis. To make the ball spin, think about  “acceleration”. In your training sessions, try to accelerate at the moment of contact in your shots: topspin, backspin push, flip, backhand topspin, counter loop, aggressive block, chop.

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