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Free Table Tennis Shoes Giveaway

What are the best table tennis shoes? Many of us (table tennis players) have focused a lot on equipment (rubbers and blades). But you should also take care of your feet by purchasing good table tennis shoes.

Welcome to “PingSunday.com“, the official blog of coach EmRatThich. I explain to you the best table tennis shoes to buy. Furthermore, you can enter the giveaway and win free table tennis shoes (any model of Joola).


table tennis shoes giveaway


Giveaway: Free Table Tennis Shoes

  • ELIGIBILITY: Everybody can enter this contest. This contest is being conducted by EmRatThich Table Tennis Coach and is sponsored by Joola Table Tennis.
  • PROMOTION PERIOD: The Giveaway begins on Sunday 17 September 2017 and ends on Saturday 23 September 2017.
  • HOW TO ENTER: To enter this contest, provide the following: email address in the form below. If you want to increase the chance of winning, you should also share the article/video with the tag #emratthich. (I will use this tag to find the additional entries).

[The form is closed]

  • DRAWING: A random draw will be conducted on Sunday 24 September 2017. There will be 1 winner. The odds of winning the prize depend on the number of eligible entries received.
  • PRIZE: There is one prize for the winner. You can choose a pair of table tennis shoes (any model from Joola). Prize must be accepted as awarded. The prize is not transferable. The prize is not redeemable for cash.
  • RESULTS: The winner will be notified directly by email (That’s why you should subscribe to the form above). I also update the result on my Facebook fan page.

Thank you,

Coach EmRatThich.

Update to the Giveaway

  • Announcement videos on the YouTube channel of coach EmRatThich.
  • The winner announcement is next Sunday.
  • Contact the Sponsor Joola, Provide your Shoe Model, and Shoe Size.


P.S: If you don’t want to miss any further giveaways in the future, subscribe to my blog (look to the right). I will send the notification email and also the personal coaching tips to my subscribers.



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  1. I really want one? I play table tennis since I was on grade school until now I competed a lot of competions and tournaments but my parents never bought me Table tennis shoes. I hope I get one? Someone please sponsor me? we dont have enough money to buy what i need. And i always focus on my paddle and rubbers thats why i never had money to buy table tennis shoes

  2. Highly impressed sir, this is a very intiative way of teaching and creating interest among kids.
    Welldone Sir. Keep up the wonderful work.


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