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Learn the forehand drive technique in table tennis

The forehand drive is the basic and the first technique on the table, that every player must learn. New players should learn this technique carefully because it’s crucial to learn the correct weight transfer. It also helps you to feel the ball and learn how to impact the spin to the ball. In general, before training your forehand topspin, you should practice the forehand drive technique first. Coach EmRatThich will explain the 3 most important tips to have a consistent drive in table tennis.

Forehand Drive Stroke Mechanism

Forehand drive and Forehand Topspin attack share the same mechanism.

  • Lower your standing and bend your abdomen.
  • Legs are wide as the shoulder (or a little wider)
  • The right foot is a little behind the left foot.

By doing the weight transfer, you can easily rotate your waist. That’s the waist that will generate most of the power to this stroke.

Advice to improve the consistency of this table tennis technique

  • It’s very important to keep your elbow close to the body. If you hit with the elbow far from the body, your shot is less consistent.
  • New players should learn to control the ball first, that’s why this step is very important.
  • Please remember: The rotation axis is the waist, but not the elbow. Keep it close to your body.


Forehand Drive Technique in Table Tennis

Watch video above ☝.

3 tips to take away:

  • Focus on control and feel the ball.
  • Do weight transfer, and rotate the waist to generate the power.
  • Keep the elbow close to the body, hit the ball at its highest bounce or sooner.

Hope this tutorial improves quickly your skills. See you, EmRatThich. You should watch my videos about “Top 5 Tips to improve quickly in table tennis”. This lesson is one of the 10 lessons performed by Zhao Yiyi of chuantt. If you want to watch full of this series, go to my YouTube channel “EmRatThich Table Tennis Coach”.

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8 thoughts on “Learn the forehand drive technique in table tennis”

  1. Hello Coach EmRatThich,

    thank you for your videos and explanations. It’s very good to learn some Chinese Technique in Europe =)

    With the Forehand Drive, how do I hit the ball best? Do I more “brushing” like in the topspin/loop or do I hit it more straight like in smash?

    Thank you!

  2. forehand technique , I have train by following your instruction, amazing now i can keep ball not falldown in 5 minutes, i can enjoy hit the ball…..thankyou verymuch..

  3. Hiiii coach can u make videos on controlling mind during matches. I am becoming too nervous nowadays and I loose control and I’ll forget the important and main ‘power from the ground’, keeping elbow closer’. Please help me my coach. U are the only hope for me.

  4. Thankyou for your webpage and training videos. Last week I could not feel the ball at all and was starting to not enjoy playing. I looked to your tutorial for assistance. This week I can feel the ball. My stance, weight transfer, accuracy and speed have all improved after just the first lesson on forehand stroke. Thankyou so much 🙂 I’m having much more fun when I play now.


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