Final Warm-up Houston WTTC 2021 – Ma Long vs Fan Zhendong

November 14, the 2021 Houston World Table Tennis Championships warm-up match, the men’s singles final, Ma Long once again ushered in the peak duel against Fan Zhendong.

Ma Long will be absent

As a result, Fan Zhendong defeated Ma Long again after the men’s team competition at the National Games, winning the championship 4-0.

Final Warm-up for Houston WTTC

The 2021 World table tennis championship Houston WTTC will start very soon. Chinese National Team prepared for such an important tournament by the warm-up event.

The Olympic champions Ma Long and Xu Xin will be absent from the WTTC. This is the final game of the warm-up event, Ma Long and Fan Zhendong.

Fan Zhendong has dominated Ma Long 4-0. Good luck to Fan Zhendong, the next leader of the China Team.

Ma Long lost to Fan Zhendong by 0-4 (9:11, 12:14, 3:11, 8:11) in the final of warm-up trial for 2021 WTTC which Ma Long will not attend.

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