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Fang Bo – the best forehand in the world

Fang Bo – the best forehand in the world.

Many players just know about the most famous Chinese player, like Ma Long, Fan Zhendong, Xu Xin, Zhang Jike, etc. But do you know that, their teammate is very strong too.

You should know Fang Bo. He is very famous for his consistent and powerful forehand attack.

About Fang Bo

Fang Bo was born in Tongcheng, China, on January 9, 1992. His Chinese name is 方博. He won a gold medal in the teams event at the 2016 World Championship. Fang Bo lost to Ma Long in the final of the 2015 World Championships in Suzhou. Fang Bo has won one professional title in both singles and doubles events. He has won four Chinese Super League titles.

  • Born: 09/01/1992
  • Height: 175 cm
  • Nationality: Chinese
  • Style: Right-handed, Shakehand
  • Best World Record: 8 (March 2016)
  • Best match: Versus Ma Long

Fang Bo achievement


Silver – 2015 Suzhou (Singles)
Gold – 2016 Kuala Lumpur (Team)
Bronze – 2017 Düsseldorf (Mixed Doubles)


Gold – 2015 Dubai (Team)


Gold – 2015 Pattaya (Team)
Silver – 2017 Wuxi (Singles)

Fang Bo – the best player in the training hall

In the Chinese national team, there is a saying that, if you win against your teammates, you will win the world championship.

It’s not wrong. Because if you win the Chinese national championship, you will have a high chance to win the World Cup Table Tennis.

Fang Bo was like this back then. He became a world champion in the training hall!

Watch this video of Fang Bo’s forehand technique:

Fang Bo - one of the best forehand in the world

Watch this video.


Fang Bo retires from the international competition

If Fang Bo won in 2015, Ma Long would have nothing to do with him. After all, he entered the final after participating in the World Table Tennis Championships for the first time. I said that the qualifications are played within the team. 

I remember the first time I heard or saw Fang Bo. It was around 2010-2011 at Chinese National SuperLeage where he beat Timo Boll (3-0) at the age of 18-19. Back then I didn’t feel like a new star was born, I thought that Timo was too “old”(at the age of 30 LOL).

There is the blade of DHS with the name of Fang Bo. DHS BO B2X (FANG BO CARBON UPGRADED), with battle 2 blue sponge as forehand, and neo hurricane 3 commercial for backhand. This is a good setup if you like Fang Bo’s playing style.

Zhou Qihao and Lingkun cannot replace Ma Long

The example of Zhou Qihao and Liang Jingkun has been told to you many times. Playing in the team does not mean there is a chance. The Chinese team has always been able to withstand the competition. The 2007 World Table Tennis Championships started, the 2008 World Cup, the 2009 World Table Tennis Championships, the 11th World Table Tennis Championships, and the 13th World Table Tennis Championships. 

There are so many competitions where singles have even kneeled. You still have a chance to go to the table in 15 years. 

The previous Fang Bo really had better qualifications than Ma Long, but unfortunately he couldn’t match Ma Long, who always had a quota and high-quality training resources. 

Fang Bo won the medal in the mixed double event with German female player.

Fang Bo’s forehand versus Ma Long’s forehand

Fang Bo has the Z form of the forehand.

Z form of Fang Bo
Z form of Fang Bo


Here is some of the best points of Fang Bo’s forehand.

2011 China Super League: BOLL Timo - FANG Bo [Full Match|Short Form]

Watch this video.

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