Fang Bo is banned for 2 games

Fang Bo Controversy – Learn to Control Your Temper

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In table tennis, you should learn to control your temper. No matter what, who is right, who is wrong. Keep the right “etiquette” or you will be punished.

Fang Bo controversy

During the Chinese Super League, there was a dispute between Fang Bo and Zhao Zhaoyan. Fang Bo can’t control his temper, and he has violently kicked a towel rack. After that, Fang Bo apologized for his “bad image” on Social media.

Fang was banned for the next two games and his club, Tianjin Quanjian, was fined 50,000 yuan. His coach Liu Zhiqiang was also fined 10,000 yuan. You can watch the incident here, at 31:09.


Who is wrong?

Have you watched the incident? What is your opinion?

First of all, Zhao Zhaoyan is not honest! (not Fairplay also). He has made a false claim about the “let serve”. (During a serve, if the ball hits the net but still bounces on the opponent’s side of the table, the point is a let (which means it needs to be replayed).

I find all parties at fault, the umpires, Zhao Zhaoyan, and Fang Bo.

  • 1- It was not sportsmanlike to call a let after Zhao Zhaoyan has missed a clearly legal serve.
  • 2- Umpire is not professional, and not concentrated in the game. After giving the point to Fang Bo the umpires should not have changed their decision and forced Fang Bo to accept.
  • 3- Fang Bo should have controlled his temper better and should not have kicked the towel rack. It’s hard to accept this, but you can win the game by giving away one point.

Learn to control your temper in table tennis

It’s not the first time, the top Chinese players are punished.

Xu Xin, Ma Long, Fan Zhendong withdrew of China Open after the head coach Liu Guoliang was fired. This trio was fined US$20,000 for damaging the reputation of the ITTF and for letting down the global fans.

The similar incident has happened with Zhang Jike. He was fined a massive amount of €45,000 for kicking 2 barriers after winning Ma Long in World Cup 2014 Table Tennis. But Zhang Jike lost all of the awards due to this action.

Zhang Jike is fined 45k Euros
Zhang Jike is fined 45k Euros

So learn to control your temper.

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Marcus Allison
Marcus Allison
2 years ago

You are right. Fang Bo lost his temper. But if he did not lose his temper, we would not have discovered how dishonest Zhao Zhaoyan is, and how lazy and unethical those two judges are.

2 years ago

You are always allowed to ask for the lead umpire in such cases, right? Why not just state you are unhappy with the decision and want him watching the rest of the game.

I think in most cases unfair situations are best treated by simply going on with your plan no matter what -win the next Point.
discussions rarely lead to something good .
Sure neither judges nor opponent were right but life is a bitch …get over it,there is a game that needs to find a winner.

2 years ago

So… how do we control our temper? …

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