Doubles serving rules in table tennis

Some players asked me about the serving order in double games of table tennis. The table tennis double rules are very simple.

Mixed double final in Tokyo Olympics 2020 (2)
Mixed double final in Tokyo Olympics 2020 (2)

table tennis doubles serving order

  • The service must go diagonally from the right-hand side of the server to the right-hand side of the receiver. This prevents you from messing up the other pair before they’ve even hit a ball.
  • A doubles team must alternate hitting the ball. This makes doubles difficult. There’s no such thing as a frontcourt or a rear court in tennis.
  • When a service is switched, the prior receiver becomes the new server, and the previous server’s partner becomes the receiver. This ensures that everyone completes their tasks. You’ll be back at the beginning of the cycle after eight points.

Imagine, 2 double pairs are playing: A, B play versus X, Y. 2 points for player A, 2 points for player X, 2 points for player B, 2 points for player Y. That’s why there is the 8 points circle in table tennis double.

Synchronization in table tennis double

Table tennis is a wonderful sport. When you repeat the same gesture, thousand and thousand times, then you can have the perfect synchronization rate with your teammate.

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