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Ding Ning announced her retirement officially

In the previous post, we know that Ding Ning has planned to retire. Today, she announced her retirement officially.

Ding Ning “the student”

The legendary “queen of heart” is now officially retired. She will end her table tennis career. In her own words “I’m no longer “Ding Ning the athlete” but “Ding Ning, the student”.


Ding Ning announces retirement today the 06 September 2021. A sad day for table tennis as Grand Slam winner and one of the best female players of the decade has announced her retirement on her personal Weibo page. The next calling for her – studies at Peking University. The Queen of Hearts has decided that it was time to put her racket down.

coach Liu Guoliang and Ding Ning (2)
coach Liu Guoliang and Ding Ning (2)

Coach Liu Guoliang said:

“When Ding Ning first told me about her plan to retire. She was very sad and even teared up. I could really empathize because as a former athlete myself, I’ve gone through a similar phase too.” 

The former World No. 1 has a string of legendary accolades including titles at the World Table Tennis Championships, Olympic Games, and Women’s World Cup. 

Ding Ning is now a master student (2021 scholar year)
Ding Ning is now a master student (2021 scholar year)

She said:

Today marks my first day as a grad student at Peking University! From now on, I’m no longer “Ding Ning the athlete” but “Ding Ning the student”. As the Chinese saying goes: diligence is the only vessel to navigate the boundless seas of knowledge., I’ll continue to embrace the spirit of hard work and persistence, and strive to do my part for the sports industry – in a different way.

Table tennis is everything for Ding Ning

For Ding Ning, table tennis is everything. She explained:

For Ding Ning, table tennis is everything
For Ding Ning, table tennis is everything

Table tennis has taught me the importance of courage, to always stay dauntless whether I’m on the highest peak or the deepest pit. The path towards one’s dreams is never easy. No one will remain unbeatable or indestructible. In the face of defeat and adversity, choose to be courageous; when hard-pressed and on the verge of giving up, choose to persevere. Take heart that you’ll get there one day, that sports are way more than winning or losing.

26 years of table tennis and every moment is a moment to cherish: at five, I picked up the racquet for the first time; at ten, I came to Beijing to realize my dreams; shortly after, I started representing my beloved country at the international stage; in 2016, I achieved a grand slam of titles after winning gold at the Rio Olympics, and was a proud flag bearer at the closing ceremony.

We wish her all the best in her retirement and will miss her famous tomahawk serve.

Ding Ning’s new chapter

Ding Ning will take the Master’s degree in Sports Management at Peking University. She explained her choice:

Life is a kaleidoscope. It is also full of endless possibilities. My chapter as an athlete has come to an end, but from today onwards, I’ll embark on a new journey, take on new challenges and work towards a new dream.

Biggest thanks to the great community of the Chinese Table Tennis Team – the coaches who guided me along the way and my teammates who fought the battle with me. 

I love all of you! My heartfelt gratitude to my dearest family and my loveliest fans too. Thank you for your support all these years, for walking this journey with me and making me the best person that I could be ♥️

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