Ding Ning activities after retirement

Ding Ning has retired. She has chosen to follow the Master’s degree at Peking University. She has stopped playing table tennis professionally. But Ding Ning always loves table tennis. She enjoys table tennis so much.

Ding Ning’s activities after her retirement

Yesterday, 5 June 2021, Ding Ning came to the village primary school.

Ding Ning has visited local school at 6 June
Ding Ning has visited the local school on 6 June

She gave the scholarships to the kids.

Ding Ning gave scholarships to children (1)
Ding Ning gave scholarships to children (1)

Ding Ning has fun with fans after her retirement

Ding Ning has participated in several activities, including interacting with fans in China to promote table tennis.

Here is the full video:

Ding Ning went to Tianyi Village Primary school in Xuyong:

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