DHS Hurricane 3 Rubber: Boosted or Not?

DHS Hurricane 3 Rubber: Boosted or Not?

Many players asked me many questions about the Chinese Double Happiness Hurricane 3 rubber. That the top Chinese players like Ma Long, Fan Zhendong, Xu Xin are using. Some of the most common topics are:

  • Why the pro players boost their forehand Hurricane 3 heavily?
  • The difference between the DHS Hurricane 3 commercial, provincial, national version?
  • Comparison between the DHS H3 and the H3 Neo version?
  • Or should I buy the DHS Hurricane 3 Blue Sponge or Orange sponge?

I’ve explained some of these questions somewhere on this site. You can find all of these answers in How to Choose the Best Equipment.

For example, if you want to know about the difference between the Blue Sponge, and Orange Sponge, just search “Blue Sponge PingSunday” on Google. And boom! You found it!

If you hesitate to choose which version (commercial, national, or provincial) Hurricane 3 to buy, I recommend you read the article about the personal Ma Long’s Hurricane 3 rubber.

Many fake Provincial and National H3, H2 or TG3 on the market
Many fake Provincial and National H3, H2 or TG3 on the market

Today, I will explain why top Chinese players tune their forehand rubber (Hurricane 3 Blue Sponge)? And where to buy the real DHS Hurricane 3 rubbers.

Blue sponge or Orange sponge

You will find that almost the top Chinese players use Hurricane 3 Blue Sponge. Why? It’s just because the blue sponge is harder than the Orange version (to +1 to 1.5 hardness degree DHS scale).

  • All male Chinese players use Blue Sponge. Because male can hit very hard on the forehand side.
  • While most of the female players use Orange Sponge. (Orange Sponge is a little bit softer). Except for Liu Shiwen, Zhu Yulin and Wang Manyu, they are using Hurricane 3 Blue Sponge on their Forehand.
Wang Manyu Forehand Rubber DHS H3 blue sponge
Wang Manyu Forehand Rubber DHS H3 blue sponge

Note: When you buy an Orange Hurricane 3 or Hurricane 3 Neo version (Old version). You need to use the faster blade!

Li Xiaoxia Personal Equipment (Stiga blade DHS Hurricane 3)

Choose a blue sponge or orange?

It depends on your style. If you play a lot of control, slow loop, you can play with Orange sponge or the old version of Hurricane 3.

But nowadays, with the new poly ball, I recommend you choose the “Blue Sponge”. Which is harder, faster! The new ball is bigger, and heavier now. That’s why many top players changed from the old H3 to the new blue sponge version.

And if you found it too hard, you can always “tune” it, or “boost” the rubber (like many top Chinese players do).

Read more about Booster and Tuners for Chinese table tennis rubbers here.

I have explained the different version of DHS Hurricane 3 rubbers here.

Why do we need to tune Hurricane 3 rubber?

Why top Chinese players, or all of the provincial and national Chinese players heavily tuned their rubbers? It’s the truth! No doubt!

Here, for example, I will show you some evident proofs.

Here is the equipment of the Chinese players at the recent Asian Games 2018 Table Tennis in Jakarta (shared by Hung Nguyen).

Hurricane 3 on Forehand. Blade is Viscaria.
Hurricane 3 on Forehand. Blade is Viscaria.
Again, Viscaria and Hurricane 3 (Blue Sponge), a classic combo for Chinese player.
Again, Viscaria and Hurricane 3 (Blue Sponge), a classic combo for Chinese player.
Hurricane 3 Blue Sponge
Hurricane 3 Blue Sponge
backhand side: Tenergy 05 or the softer version of Hurricane 3 (red)
backhand side: Tenergy 05 or the softer version of Hurricane 3 (red)
Even on the red rubber, Tenergy 05, it has been boosted heavily
Even on the red rubber, Tenergy 05, it has been boosted heavily
Same phenomena: You can see the pimples are stretched out maximum
Same phenomena: You can see the pimples are stretched out maximum

Can you see something on these photos?

Here are 2 things:

  • On the Forehand side: All the Chinese rubbers use the Hurricane 3 Blue Sponge version. Hardness about 39-42 (DHS hardness scale). And they boosted the rubbers heavily. How to know that. The boosted rubber has the pimples stretched.
  • The booster makes the rubber expand. So you can clearly see the “pimples” grow up!
  • You can easily “see”, and “count” these pimples (because of the tuner). While the normal version, you can not see the pimples!
  • Even on the backhand side, with the Butterfly Tenergy 05, they also boost it!
  • Some players can switch to the softer version of Hurricane 3, and use it on the backhand side instead of the Tenergy 05.

Unboosted vs boosted rubbers

The unboosted, the normal version rubber:

Let’s compared with the normal version (without booster).

This is the normal version of Tenergy 05, used by Harimoto Tomokazu (Order it on Amazon).

Read it here: What is Harimoto Tomokazu equipment?

Haritmoto backhand rubber in the Czech Open 2018
Harimoto backhand rubber in the Czech Open 2018

And this is the “tuned” version of the Tenergy 05, used by the Chinese player.

backhand side: Tenergy 05 or the softer version of Hurricane 3 (red)
backhand side: Tenergy 05 or the softer version of Hurricane 3 (red)

Can you spot the difference?

  • The upper photo, you can not see well the pimple!
  • The below photo, you can see that the pimples “expanding”!

Why are National Hurricane 3 rubbers boosted?

Pro players need to boost the Chinese Hurricane 3 rubber. Why don’t they just buy a softer version?

Because boosting is a way to add the “tension” in the rubber. Japanese engineers have spent many years to build the high tension (Tenergy series) rubbers. But using tuners is the fastest way to “inject” the tension in every rubber (by the chemical way).

Tension will make the Chinese rubber +10% faster, and +15% spinnier!

A soft version of Chinese rubbers doesn’t have the “tension”. That’s the reason why top players prefer using harder version, and then tune to the desired hardness.

Zhang Jike's equipment (blade and rubber)

For example, Ma Long will choose a very hard National DHS Hurricane 3, with 42 degree, and then tune it to the 40.5 to 41 DHS hardness scale.

Where to buy DHS Hurricane 3?

You have 3 options to buy Chinese table tennis rubbers:

  1. Buy on the local retailer (mostly shop in China, Hong Kong), or international retailer (online shop Worldwide). However, buying in these online shops, the quality of rubbers vary from batch to batch. And sometimes, you can get the fake rubbers. Because some retailer buys the cheap DHS rubbers from Taobao. Some local shops in Mainland China do not have the “online shop”. So some DHS versions are only available for Chinese, or for someone who can travel to China.
  2. Buy on the Official shop of Double Happiness. But unfortunately, the Online is shop is under construction, and the Shipping information is not clear. (Read below).
  3. Go to the international marketplace (like Amazon, eBay, or Aliexpress). And choose the DHS shop page. I think this is the safest way to buy DHS rubber. As there is only one DHS shop which is verified on these platforms. Buying on these platforms will reduce the risk of buying fake products. Some platform also offers free shipping to the US, the European countries (France, England, Spain, Germany, etc). The main advantages of buying on these platforms is: You can read the feedback (with photos) from many buyers around the world.
shop by brand DHS on ebay
shop by brand DHS on eBay

Here are the links of the DHS Shop on these platforms. So you can go to your familiar marketplace:

Official DHS Online shop

Of course, if you want to buy a real, a legit product, you should go to the Official Double Happiness shop. However, there is so many version of DHS Online shop. Which one is real? And does they ship worldwide? I have contacted DHS Sale online about this, but until now, I got no answer.

When you search for “DHS table tennis shop”, you can get this:

DHS Sport Shop Online on Facebook
DHS Sports Shop Online on Facebook

Buy Hurricane 3 on Aliexpress

So it depends on you to choose the shop. Many customers in China have shopped in the local shop, or they go to Aliexpress. In general, the price on Aliexpress is cheaper than on Western retailers shops. Western retailers have imported the products from China, and by adding the tax, so the price is higher.

The advantages of Aliexpress is, they can ship Worldwide. And sometimes I get the free shipping.

Free shipping from Aliexpress
Free shipping from Aliexpress

Free Shipping: Free Shipping to the United States via AliExpress Standard Shipping

DHS Hurricane 3 National BLUE SPONGE

Many players asked me where to buy the real, the original DHS National 3 (Blue Sponge version). This version is rare. Normally, they are reserved only for National Chinese players.

You can read more about the Ma Long forehand rubber (National Blue sponge version) here.

Here you can view and buy the National DHS Hurricane 3 on Aliexpress. Aliexpress is more known in the Asian market, while the European players prefer buying on Amazon, or eBay.

DHS Hurricane 3 (National Version) Only Black color
DHS Hurricane 3 (National Version) Only Black color

Why Chinese players only use “Black color” on their forehand side? Read the explication here: Difference Between Red and Black Table Tennis Rubbers?

The "National version" printed on the package
The “National version” printed on the package
Blue sponge, thickness 2.15mm
Blue sponge, thickness 2.15 – 2.20 mm
National version of DHS Hurricane 3 (Blue Sponge) 2.20mm
The national version of DHS Hurricane 3 (Blue Sponge) 2.20mm


Provincial DHS Hurricane 3

This is the DHS Original BLUE SPONGE Provincial Hurricane 3 (Size:158*152mm). The Provincial Hurricane 3 is reserved for the top Provincial players in China (professional only).

You can view the Provincial DHS Hurricane 3 (Old version) (Blue Sponge) here.

And here is the Provincial DHS Hurricane 3 (Neo version) (Blue Sponge).

  • Topsheet: Only black color, tacky topsheet
  • The sponge is NO .22 sponge (Blue). Blue sponge is in general harder than the Orange Sponge.
  • Hardness: There 3 hardness version: 39/40/41. Only the national players can have the customized hardness scale like 40.5, 41.5 and 42. They can tune it to soften the sponge a bit.
  • Color: Only Black
  • Thickness: 2.15/2.2 mm
  • NEO VERSION 2.1mm/2.15mm/2.2mm
Provincial DHS Blue Sponge (Old version)
Provincial DHS Blue Sponge (Old version)
Hurricane 3 NEO (Provincial version)
Hurricane 3 NEO (Provincial version)

How to identify the original, the real version of Provincial rubbers:

Look carefully on the front packing, there is “Three Chinese Characters in Blue” in the “Round White Sticker” (at the right-down corner in the front packing), which is the difference from the normal provincial H3 orange sponge (from the packing).

DHS Notice - The logo on the sponge is changed in 2018
DHS Notice – The logo on the sponge is changed in 2018

There are several sellers of the Provincial DHS Hurricane 3, you can select it from the list here.

Commercial Hurricane 3 versus Provincial Hurricane 3

The main difference between the Provincial versus the Commercial version is the topsheet, not the sponge. Because the sponge (both Orange, and Blue version) are much cheaper than the topsheet. That’s the topsheet that make the characteristics of the Chinese rubbers.

The pro’s version has a tackier topsheet. And the topsheet tackiness lasts longer. The hardness of the topsheet also will decide the first bounce speed to the ball.  The pro version gives the faster ball.

Some dealer said that: “The Provincial Hurricane 3 is cut in the middle of the big sheet. While the commercial one is cut at the side of the big sheet”. However, it’s not true!

If you watch the video “How are table tennis rubber is produced”, you will understand it. There are no so-called big-sheet Chinese rubbers.

If you are new to Chinese rubbers, I recommend you buy and test the Commercial version first (much cheaper, around 15$/rubber).

You can order the DHS NEO Hurricane 3 (Commercial) 2.15mm 2.2mm on Aliexpress here (Rubber is also genuine as there is an authenticity code to check. Recommended).

Commercial DHS Neo Hurricane 3 Orange sponge
Commercial DHS Neo Hurricane 3 Orange sponge. Thickness 2.20mm, 39 hardness.
DHS Hurricane 3 NEO (recent package)
DHS Hurricane 3 NEO (recent package)
Orange sponge Hurricane 3
Orange sponge Hurricane 3

Please share your own experiences of using Chinese table tennis rubbers below.

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  1. Hey coach,

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  3. Hi coach! Thank you for the lot of useful informations. I have one question: can i use booster if the rubber is “NEO”? I read in a page that NEO means “factury tuned” and it’s a “pre-glued” form. I don’t know exactly what does it mean.

  4. NEO means “NEW” 🙂
    The Neo version is the New – factory tuned Hurricane 3. However, the factory booster effect is weak!

    So you should also boost the NEO version. But if you want to boost, you should buy the “non NEO” the old version Hurricane 3. This version will absorb the booster slower, longer boosting effect than the NEO version.

  5. Hi,
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