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Daily routine of professional table tennis player

Here is the table tennis workout plan of Chen Meng (a professional table tennis player from China). She is also the Olympics champion.

What really matters when it comes to getting in those practice sessions is forming positive habits and establishing a routine.

The daily routine of Chen Meng

The quarantine diary of Chen Meng.

  • Get up at 7:30 in the morning
  • Drink some hot water.
  • Chen Meng wakes up. She opens the window for ventilation. She really likes the free time during the quarantine.
  • She will review the game by watching the replay. She wants to know where she can improve further in table tennis.
  • 14:00, physical training at home

Watch the daily routine of Chen Meng here (translated by coach EmRatThich)



You need to organize your training schedule in advance so that you know exactly when, where, and with whom you’ll be working out on a given day, week, or month.

learn table tennis tactics by watching replay
learn table tennis tactics by watching the replay

Do not rely on luck or try to solve problems on the spot. You need to focus on four categories: stamina, power, strength, and coordination in your daily training routine.

How frequently do you go to the gym?

Every day of the year, professional players put in around a five-hour training session at the table. Every other day, you can extend your workout with my trainer at the gym by an additional hour and a half to two hours.

Here is an example of A Day in the Life of a Pro Player – Michael Maze

A Day in the Life of a Pro Player | Michael Maze

Watch video above ☝.


To get back in shape, the first thing I did was to start working out to develop muscle and shed weight.

How do you like to work out?

Chen Meng’s trainer has asked her to perform a mix of cardio and weight training, with an emphasis on the latter. Her trainer doesn’t believe in utilizing machines, so she also lifts free weights.

physical training at home
physical training at home

With the medicine ball and weighted lunges, they have been focusing a lot on stability and balance. There is never a dull moment in my training sessions, and Chen Meng is always pushed to her physical limits.

Your legs and arms are equally vital

Table tennis necessitates that you be in a good posture to get the most out of a shot, so Chen Meng pays extra attention to her legs.

As a result, good footwork is critical. We also focus a lot on leg and core stability, so we do a lot of deadlifts and plyometrics. Also, there are planks.

stretching the forearm
stretching the forearm

When you squat like that while playing table tennis, your muscles start to hurt. This is because you move from side to side a lot. As a result, you should spend a lot of time working out on machines that target the upper legs.

Coach Yangyang with the whole body workout: Practice at Home Without Table

Table Tennis Whole Body Workout: Practice Home Without Table

Watch video above ☝.


Have a plan in place for your biceps

Table tennis necessitates a lot of shoulder work due to the requirement to have your arms ready at all times. As a result, medicine balls are frequently used in our workouts.

As an example, the trainer is shooting medicine balls at me from all sides while I’m bouncing and exploding them back at him, Chen Meng said.

This is a very good way to improve the arm’s power in table tennis.

skip jump
skip jump

Advice from coach EmRatThich

I feel that having a set schedule helps me stay on task and makes sure that I get the most out of each day. As a way to assist me to stay on track during the day, I make a to-do list every night before going to bed.

relax by face beauty process
relax by face beauty process

So If you want to improve your physical strength, you should have a clear focus on your training routine.

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