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Coach Aleksey Yefremov with innovative training methods

International high performance coach, coach Aleksey Yefremov.

Hello. Welcome back to PingSunday. Every player wishes to have the best coach. Yes, having a coach is crucial if you really want to improve in table tennis. Every pro player has a personal coach.

coach Aleksey Yefremov

Today, I want to present to you a very high quality, certified international high performance coach, coach Aleksey Yefremov.

He was coach of some national teams, including India, Egypt, Peru, Colombia, Guatemala, Iceland and Norway. Also he spent 7 years working with the club in Croatia 1997-2004.

Innovative training methods

So if you really want to learn some innovative training methods and tips, from one of the best table tennis coaches, please visit his Instagram account. There are a lot of good videos there.

You can find real and best coaching advice from different areas: technical advice, improvement of footwork, body, hand/ legs, multiballs, exercises with Spin wheel (produced by coach Aleksey ), physical exercises, some tips to improve service or some technical elements working at home or alone.

Coach Aleksey with his training exercices
Coach Aleksey with his training exercises


The Instagram account of coach Aleksey:

Aleksey Yefremov
Aleksey Yefremov

Spin wheel

I really love watching coach Aleksey. I have found his motivation, and his desire. His players are all the national level, and very good and high quality.

coach Alexis with the Spin Wheel training
coach Alexis with the Spin Wheel training

So, enjoy the best coaching tips from coach Aleksey.

Watch an example of the high-quality certified table tennis coach

Here are some examples of the training methods of coach Aleksey:

International high performance coach, coach Aleksey Yefremov

Watch this video.

Student’s results

Here are the results of coach Aleksey’s students achieved in the international arena.

  • South American Senior Championships 2014 Diego Rodriguez (PER) winner
  • South American Youth Games 2014 Francesca Vargas (PER) winner
  • Latin American Junior championships 2014 Juan Liyao / Marcio Chu (PER) winners
  • Latin American U-21 Championships 2013 Francesca Vargas (PER) winner
  • South American Junior Championships 2013 Francesca Vargas (PER) winner
  • Colombian National Games 2012 Alexander Echavarria (COL) absolute champion
  • World Tour Morocco Open U-21, 2010 Mohammed Tarek (EGY) winner
  • GJC Iraq open 2010 Dina Meshref (EGY) winner
  • World Tour Egypt open 2010 Sayed Lashin (EGY) bronze medal
  • Arab Clubs Championships 2009, 2010 El Ahly men’s, women’s teams winners
  • Latin American Championships 2005 Jose Miguel Ramirez (GUA) bronze medal
  • Central American Games 2006 Jose Miguel Ramirez (GUA) absolute champion
  • Latin American championships 2005 men’s team (GUA) bronze medal
  • Croatian National Championships 2004: single, doubles, teams: M. Divkovic – I. Grce – A. Maric gold medals

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