Good gift idea for a table tennis player 2021

Christmas is coming! And if your lovers (husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend), or your family member (your kids, your parents, etc) are table tennis players, then you are at the right place! Here are the best gift ideas that you can offer for this Noel and X-mas 2021-2022.

12 Best Table Tennis Gift Ideas

Here is the list of best table tennis gifts that you can offer:

  1. Good table tennis book
  2. Online course
  3. Mugs
  4. Jewelry
  5. Shoes
  6. Towels
  7. iPhone cases table tennis
  8. Custom T-Shirt for him
  9. Table Tennis T-shirt for her
  10. Water bottles
  11. Pillows
  12. Table Tennis Movies

1. A good book is a safe choice

You know, every player wants to improve their skills. They want to be a star like Ma Long, Fan Zhendong, or Harimoto Tomokazu.

So the best way to help him improve is by buying a good book for table tennis. It gives him a lot of chances to improve. And when he improves, he will thank you so much for such a great gift.

There are many good table tennis books out there. You can choose a book about tactics, techniques, skills, etc. But you should choose a good book to improve his tactics and strategy. Because it’s better to learn techniques by watching coaching videos. But tactics and strategy, you need to think! you need to read!

So here is the safest choice: One of the best books about table tennis tactics: “Table Tennis Tactics for Thinkers” (Check price 1/ Check price 2).

Table Tennis Tactics for Thinker - one of the best book in English for tactics
Table Tennis Tactics for Thinker – one of the best books in English for tactics (more info)

2. Good coaching online course

The best gift is “not a fish, but teach him how to get another fish”. Nowadays, the best way to learn is “e-learning”. You can learn everything online.

Before deciding to choose a good online course, you can check the Sales and Offers. Maybe there are some reductions that you can profit from.

Here is one of the most complete online courses “Table Tennis Coaching for Adults – Learn ping pong at home”. This course is also the highest-rated table tennis lesson on Udemy. So feel free to offer him this course. You can go to and search “table tennis” for this course.

Highest rate course of table tennis for adults
Highest rate course of table tennis for adults

3. Mugs

A lovely mug is a great gift for your husband. He can use it at home or at work.

It’s an honor for the table tennis players. Here is the list that can choose very nice mugs! Many styles that you can choose!

A mug is a good table tennis gift
A mug is a good table tennis gift

4. Jewelry for him or her

A piece of nice jewelry is the best idea! For the Noel dinner night! You can offer him or her a pair of cuff-links, charms, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, etc.

Go and check table tennis jewelry or check here.

Some examples:

  • Ping Pong Silver Chain Necklace for him
  • Multicolor Ping-pong Paddle Charm Stretch Bracelet for her

5. Shoes

Offer your player a pair of shoes is easier than a specific rubber. You just need to know his size. Here is a list of good and cheap shoes for table tennis. For the large feet, you should use “size +0.5” in the size chart. One of the best shoes that you can offer is Butterfly Lezoline Mach (check price 1/ check price 2/ read review). It’s the professional shoes for table tennis athletes – The dream of many players!

Advantage: Highly supported insole for table tennis, supports sliding motion during footwork.

Several models from Normal shoes to Competition Shoes
Several models from Normal shoes to Competition Shoes of Butterfly

6. Towels

A nice towel is also a good choice. Great for a small gift for your table tennis teammate. Check some models here or here.

Here are some well-designed towels in the Pingsunday shop.

Nice towel for table tennis player as a small gift
Nice towel for a table tennis player as a small gift

7. iPhone cases for young players

If your friend, your son, or your daughter has an iPhone. So the iPhone case (collection on Pingsunday shop/ collection on Amazon) with table tennis theme is the best gift.

8. Custom T-Shirts for men

You can choose the style, color, and design for the male table tennis player. Collection here.

9. Custom T-Shirts for women

Many T-Shirt, Tanks, Pullover for female players is available here.

10. Water Bottles

A water bottle is a nice gift because it’s very useful for a ping-pong player.

11. Pillows for ping pong lovers

Some design for table tennis pillows:

12. Movie for Christmas

Nothing is more entertained than watching a funny, ‘comedy’ movie that related to table tennis in the X-mas nights. So choose the good one and enjoy it with your family. It’s the best gift for the table tennis family. 🙂



Check some table tennis movies, like Ball of Fury:

The Christmas movie this year is “Mixed Double” – Japanese movie aka ミックス。/ Mixed Doubles / Mikkusu. (Order here)

Mixed-Doubles - The latest film this year 2018 2019
Mixed-Doubles – The latest film this year

Bad Gift Ideas for Table Tennis Players

Table tennis equipment is crucial for him. So it’s not easy to choose the right racket. It’s better that you let him choose his own choice.

Don’t offer table tennis equipment.

Because if you offer him the average gift, he won’t appreciate it much. If you really want to offer him table tennis equipment (like a racket, a rubber, training balls), you should ask him first. That if these gifts will fit his playing style. But you don’t want to do that right? You want it should be a surprise!

As the same reason, here is the list that you should not buy as an X-mas gift:

  • Don’t buy him his favorite rubber. Maybe he is on the plan to change his rubber.
  • Don’t offer him a box of table tennis training ball
  • Never offer him a premade racket (so so bad for a serious table tennis player)
  • Don’t buy him a robot. Buying a table tennis robot is important. Only buy if you know his preference.
  • Don’t buy a table tennis blade. Ask him first! Here is the list of top 10 blades that professional players use.
Offering a good ping pong movie as an Christmas gift
Offering a good ping pong movie as a Christmas gift


If you still didn’t find a good gift after reading the list above. You can find more ideas here:

Amazon Gift Ideas for table tennis players - Updated daily
Amazon Gift Ideas for table tennis players – Updated daily

Before deciding to buy a gift, just make sure that it should fit will his playing style. Better ask him or her first.

Have fun! and have a nice X-mas holiday 🙂

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