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Top 10 Best Backhand Rubbers of All Time

What is the best table tennis rubber for modern table tennis? Choosing the backhand rubber is not the same as forehand rubber? There are common questions that many new players asked me. So today I will try to explain how to buy a perfect table tennis rubber for your backhand.

This buying guide is updated in 2022.

Why you should trust pingsunday

New and advanced players don’t use the same backhand rubber. Choosing the right backhand rubber is difficult because you need spinny and fast equipment.

This is the review of the top 10 table tennis rubbers written by coach EmRatThich. Using his several years of own personal coaching and the best-selling rubbers of Stiga, and Butterfly, coach EmRatThich shows you the most used rubbers in table tennis.

I have personally tested these rubbers, so I can assume that the quality of these rubbers is the best in the thousand of rubbers on the market.

Part 1 of 3: Hurricane 3 vs Hurricane 3 Neo - Physical Properties and Appearance Compared

Watch this video.

Don’t trust some generic website, that just copies from my list.

Understanding best rubbers for backhand

First of all, you need to know that choosing the backhand rubber is not like the forehand rubber.

The backhand rubber is the second most important table tennis equipment, just after the forehand rubber.

Backhand rubber is different than the forehand rubber.

Because you hit the ball with a harder, and longer stroke on your forehand. While you hit the ball on your backhand side with a much shorter and quicker stroke.

Coach EmRatThich have tested several table tennis rubbers
Coach EmRatThich have tested several table tennis rubbers

For the new trends in table tennis, you can choose the rubber, which is marked as the “P-version”. P version means that the rubber is built and tested with the new “Poly-ball”.

Joola Max P version
Joola Max P version

Or you can choose the harder version of your rubber. The harder version will fit better the new trend (like choosing Tenergy 05 Hard, instead of the normal version of Tenergy 05).

Forehand rubber

While players prefer choosing the hard, or even very hard rubber on the forehand side. Good players also prefer tacky Chinese rubber as forehand rubber. Because on your forehand side, you can hit very hard. Using the forehand you can hit while rotating your whole body. It’s the mechanism of this stroke.

DHS Hurricane 3 Blue Sponge is one of the best table tennis rubbers for the forehand side
DHS Hurricane 3 Blue Sponge is one of the best table tennis rubbers for the forehand side

Backhand rubber

Unlike forehand rubber, you need to choose the backhand rubber differently. Because the mechanism of the backhand stroke is different than the forehand technique.

You normally can only do the backhand strokes in front of your body. So backhand stroke is much shorter, and weaker than the forehand stroke.

That’s the reason why you should play with the softer rubber on the backhand side. So here is my guide to choosing the best rubbers for your backhand side.

In general, the rubber used on the backhand side is in red color
In general, the rubber used on the backhand side is in red color

How to choose backhand rubber

I have explained how to choose the table tennis rubber in general. Here, I will talk more about the backhand rubber.

Choosing a backhand rubber is not the same as choosing your forehand rubber. Here are my tips:

Watch this video, I have explained to you how to choose the right rubbers for your backhand side:

how to choose best table tennis rubber backhand
Watch this video: how to choose best table tennis rubber backhand

Choose bouncy rubber

  • Always aim for “offensive and fast rubbers” for your backhand side. Prefer using the Tensor, High Tension, ESN, Japanese rubber on the backhand side.
  • Use Chinese rubber on the backhand side, only if you can hit very hard with your backhand.
  • Choose a rubber not too soft, nor too hard (around 41 – 50 ESN hardness scale). Too soft rubber will bottom out the ball. Too hard rubber is difficult to spin the ball.

Choose medium-hard rubber

  • Don’t use very hard (harder than ESN 53 degree) on your backhand
  • Choose a rubber with a thickness of around 2.0mm to 2.15mm or 2.20mm. Don’t choose too thick rubber (thicker than 2.3 mm sponge thickness).
  • Don’t use max thickness if you are a beginner.
  • The best backhand rubbers are “bouncy rubbers”. Because “bouncy rubbers” give you an additional speed for backhand. (Backhand strokes are short).

Don’t choose the too-soft rubber

  • Don’t choose too soft backhand rubber (softer than 35 ESN hardness scale). It’s very bad! Easy to spin, but the ball’s quality (speed and spin) is average.
  • Contradictory to many Western coaches, who insist new players play with soft, to very soft rubber on the backhand side. In China, new players begin with medium-hard rubber, and they improve faster! Trust me!
  • When you improve your level, prepare to upgrade your backhand rubber. The upgrade means choosing the harder, and faster rubbers.
  • Think about color. Red and black rubbers are not the same. Top players often choose red rubbers on the backhand side.

What is a good rubber for the backhand?

A good backhand rubber needs to provide:

  • Spinny ball at the low impact shots (serve, receive, topspin, flick)
  • Additional speed (to aggressively return the ball, to initiate the first attack, to counterattack)
  • ability to flick, hit on the table (to fit the new trends of table tennis) (one of the reasons for the success of Harimoto Tomokazu – big phenomena in the modern table tennis era)

What is the optimal hardness for a backhand rubber?

How hard or how soft rubbers depend on your hitting power. Pro players will play with very hard, and fast rubbers. While beginners will play with softer rubbers. The optimal combination between the forehand rubber and the backhand rubber is:

  • Forehand rubber’s hardness = x (hardness)
  • Backhand rubber’s hardness = x-2 (hardness)

This formula works best! Tested on many of my players.

Ma Long backhand rubber - Choose 2 degrees softer than your forehand rubber
Ma Long backhand rubber – Choose 2 degrees softer than your forehand rubber

So for example, on your forehand side, the sweet hardness for you is about 49 ESN scale. So for your backhand side, you should choose the 47 ESN hardness scale.

Optimal range: backhand hardness = forehand hardness -2

Top 10 backhand rubbers 2022

Here is my recommendation for your backhand rubbers. There are the rubbers that I see my players, and other good players use a lot. The feedback is very high. Because their rubbers give a lot of spins, additional speed, and the ability to flick on the table.

Here are the updated top table tennis rubbers in 2021-2022, explained by myself (coach EmRatThich):


Here is the list of the best backhand rubbers in 2021-2022, based on the feedback of many players in my club. It’s all a matter of personal preference, and how hard you hit the ball and other factors play a role. This list is the year’s most popular and commonly utilized rubbers, in my opinion. They are not only popular but also user-friendly!

The list includes:

  1. Butterfly Tenergy 05
  2. Butterfly Dignics 05
  3. Butterfly Tenergy 64
  4. Tibhar Evolution MX-P
  5. Nittaku Fastarc G-1
  6. DHS Hurricane3 H38
  7. Joola Rhyzm-P
  8. Yasaka Rakza Z
  9. XIOM Vega Europe
  10. Donic Bluefire M-2

They are mostly European (ESN rubber), or Japanese rubber because these types of rubbers suit the backhand playing style.

Don’t listen to some generic site! They just literally copied and rewritten my article.

1. Butterfly Tenergy 05

Tenergy 05 (Read reviews / Check price 1 / check price 2) is no doubt the most used backhand rubbers for both pro players and amateur players. Many top Chinese players including Ma Long, Fan Zhendong, Zhang Jike, Xu Xin, Lin Gaoyuan, Wang Chuqin, etc use Tenergy rubber as the backhand rubber.

Butterfly Tenergy 05 - the best table tennis rubber
Butterfly Tenergy 05 – the best table tennis rubber
  • Advantages: The most popular backhand rubber. Higher spin and easy to create spin.
  • Disadvantage: Expensive, short durability. Not recommended for amateur players who can’t get the sponsor from Butterfly. If you get a free Tenergy rubber, go for it. Higher spin but slower than the Tenergy 64.

Here is the review by Dan from Tabletennisdaily:


2. Butterfly Dignics 05

Butterfly Dignics 05 is no doubt the best rubber in the modern game. It is quite different than Tenergy. Because of the new top sheet, it has an incredible ability to shift gears (more spin and more bouncy). Inexperienced players are advised to use thinner versions because they are merciless and the ball just flies away.

Butterfly Dignics 05 Rubber Review - topsheet
Butterfly Dignics 05 Rubber Review – topsheet

This rubber fits very well on the Harimoto ALC blade. You can still pack a lot of spin into your serves with excellent technique. As far as I’m concerned, the short game isn’t a problem. Compared to Tenergy 05, the backhand speed is even superior. For the forehand, if you have the ability to use it, Dignics 05 is an excellent choice.


3. Butterfly Tenergy 64

Tenergy 64 (Read reviews / Check price / Buy online) is a very popular backhand rubber, just after Ten 05. The main difference between Ten 05 and Ten 64 is: Ten 64 has a lower throw, and is faster. Zhang Jike used mainly Ten 64 as his weapon for the backhand. If you play more counter-attacks on your backhand side, just buy Tenergy 64.

Tenergy 64 review by coach EmRatThich
Tenergy 64 review by coach EmRatThich

For the new poly ball, and the new trends in table tennis, I recommend you check the new version of Tenergy rubber. It’s the harder Tenergy version! Which is even better!

Butterfly Tenergy 64 has a lower throw angle
Butterfly Tenergy 64 has a lower throw angle

Here is the review of this rubber, that shows you the difference among the Butterfly Dignics Rubbers: Dignics 80/Dignics 64/ Dignics 05.


4. Tibhar MX-P

MX-P (check price /Read review/ Buy from a shop) is becoming popular in early 2017-2018. It has been used by many top European professional players. It’s fast and spinny. The main advantage of this rubber is lower throw than Tenergy 05 (similar to Ten 64), easy to create spin. However, I don’t like this rubber. The sponge can be easily broken just after 2 weeks. It’s not durable at all!

Tibhbar MX-P
Tibhar MX-P

If you like something fast for your backhand, this rubber is for you. The only thing that I don’t like about this rubber is, it’s not durable. After 2 months, then I need to change to new rubber.

Here is the personal review:


5. Nittaku Fastarc G-1

I really like the Nittaku Fastarc G-1 (Read reviews / Check price 1 / Price 2). The topsheet is so grippy, and the sponge is something in between the Ten05 and the Rakza 7. More durable than Ten 05. A good candidate for the alternative of Ten 05.

Fastarc 2
Fastarc 2

Fastarc G-1 is made for the new poly ball. But the topsheet is less grippy and less consistent for the short ball. Many good Chinese players are using this rubber on their backhand side.

If you want to find durable, and all-round rubbers, you can find Nittaku Fastarc G-1.

6. DHS Hurricane 3

Hurricane 3 rubber is normally a good forehand rubber. But if you choose a DHS Hurricane 3 with only 38 Chinese hardness degrees, it can be used as a backhand rubber.

With the new ball, some top Chinese players (like Ma Long) have changed from Tenergy rubbers to Chinese rubbers on the backhand side. The problem of Tenergy rubber with the new ball is lacking power. The ball is heavier, so you need to play with a harder sponge.

Hurricane 3 rubber of Lin Gaoyuan
Hurricane 3 rubber of Lin Gaoyuan
National version of H3
The national version of H3

You can see, here is the tacky DHS Hurricane 8 rubber.


The NEO version is the factory pre-tuned version. If you want to use the booster, I recommend you buy the old version (non-NEO). Using 2.15mm instead of 2.20 mm will increase the consistency and the feeling (booster will absorb evenly) (Read reviews / Check price / Best price).

For the backhand side, you should choose the DHS Hurricane 3 about 37-38 DHS hardness scale.

DHS National Hurricane 3 Limited Edition (Official by DHS)
DHS National Hurricane 3 Limited Edition (Official by DHS) (Read reviews / Check price / Best price)

Be careful before buying the real DHS Hurricane 3 (National version)! And here is the review of the National version of DHS H3.

7. JOOLA Rhyzm-P

This rubber has a medium throw angle and is spinny. Some national players that I know in France use this rubber on the backhand side. Joola Rhyzm-P is perfect for plastic balls. The main advantage is it gives a great amount of spin in loops and serves. Blocking is very easy too. The “P version” (Read reviews / Check price / Best price) means that this rubber is built for the new poly ball. So you are safe! It suits the new trend in table tennis.

rhyzm p - Best rubber of Joola
Rhyzm p – Best rubber of Joola
Joola - Rhyzm P very grippy
Joola – Rhyzm P very grippy

It’s easier to impact spin than with other rubbers like Tenergy 80, Yasaka Mark V, or DHS hurricane 3. The speed is good but average.

8. Yasaka Rakza Z

I tried this after searching for a Dignics 09c alternative. This was a near-perfect backhand rubber the moment I put it on. To get the most out of the rubber, you must hit the ball at its highest point. However, if you prefer to spin, flick, or drive with powerful topspin from the backhand your backhand then this is ideal.

Rakza Z hard version
Rakza Z hard version
Rakza Z best rubber for plastic ball
Rakza Z best rubber for plastic ball
Rakza Z
Rakza Z

If you don’t regularly clean this rubber, it will quickly become a dirt magnet at the impact point. In contrast, the blocking and control are top-notch, comparable to those of Butterfly Dignics 09c.

Longevity and value are both excellent so far.

9. XIOM Vega Europe

One of the best alternatives for Tenergy rubbers. The best choice for intermediate control loopers who can’t afford the high price Tenergy rubbers. Spong spin, and great control. XIOM Vega Europe (Read reviews / Check price/ Best price) has a medium-soft sponge so it gives a good feeling.

The package of XIOM VEGA
The package of XIOM VEGA
Xiome Vega
Xiom Vega
XIOM vega with Tensor sponge
XIOM vega with a Tensor sponge

Recommend to use it on OFF- to OFF blade. This rubber is dynamic and easy to counter-attack.

10. DONIC Bluefire M2

The Bluefire series (Read reviews / Check price / Price 2) is the tensor rubber that gives a wide range of gears. The topsheet is also grippy. Clear feeling for the short game. Service spin is good.

Bluefire M2
Bluefire M2
Donic Bluefire with blue sponge
Donic Bluefire with blue sponge

This rubber is for the new player who wants to improve their backhand techniques. Because it gives you “dwell time”. Not as fast as the previous rubber above.

Best backhand rubbers for control

The best rubber for controls is normal soft to medium soft sponges. Some amateur player also prefers playing with the thinner sponge to get control. For higher-level players, control does not mean “soft” and “easy to spin”. Control for top players is “consistency” and the “ability to get max spin”. They are a little bit different.

Here is the list of control backhand rubber (on the side of soft and thin topsheet rubber):

  • Andro Rasanter R37
  • Donic Baracuda
  • Andro Backside 2.0
  • Palio Aeolus
  • JOOLA Rhyzm-P
  • DHS Gold Arc 5
  • Gewo Hype XT Pro
  • Andro Rasant Powersponge
  • Victas VS > 402 Double Extra
  • Gewo Hype XT Pro
  • Palio CJ8000 Light and Fast
  • Donic Bluefire JP 03

Based on the feedback (read comments below), Gewo and Donic have some good backhand rubbers, preferred by many junior players. If you want something durable, you can play with Palio or Victas. These 2 brands are famous for the durability of their rubbers.

Donic Baracuda (Check price 1 / price 2), one of the best all-around rubber, cheap, spinny, stable rubber and lasts long times. Recommend for good players who want to learn backhand strokes.

Barracuda is used by developing players (Junior players)
Barracuda is used by developing players (Junior players)

Spinniest backhand rubbers

Based on the highest spin rating of several players, here is the list of the spinniest rubber:

  • Andro Rasant Grip
  • Butterfly Tenergy 05
  • DHS Hurricane 3 National (Blue Sponge)
  • Tibhar Grip-S
  • Andro Rasanter R47
  • JOOLA Rhyzm-P
  • Yasaka Rakza 7
  • Xiom Omega V Asia

If you don’t want to buy Tenergy 05, you can try  Yasaka Rakza 7, a very spinny rubber (Read reviews / Check price 1 / Price 2)

Very good rubber for backhand. It shares the similar properties of the recent ESN New generation rubbers: medium-hard sponge, grippy topsheet, easy to spin, and great speed. Rakza 7 (Read reviews / Check price 1 / Price 2) gives you a direct feeling, with a medium throw angle. Lower throw angle than the Tenergy 05.

Rakza 7 soft - package unboxing
Rakza 7 soft and package unboxing
very spinny rubber - Rakza 7
very spinny rubber – Rakza 7

Blocking is very easy. I recommend it to any intermediate to advanced players.

Fastest backhand rubbers

The fastest rubbers are general hard rubbers with a very low throw. But it lacks spin. So to use very fast rubber on the backhand, you should use a flexible blade that can generate spin for your backhand shots. Here are the rubbers with the highest speed ratings:

  • Andro Rasant Turbo
  • Yasaka Rakza 9
  • Butterfly Bryce High Speed
  • Tibhar Evolution MX-P
  • Stiga Calibra LT Plus
  • Gewo Flexxon
  • Andro Roxon 500 Pro
  • DHS Gold Arc 8
  • Donic Coppa X1 Turbo Platin
  • Stiga Mantra H
  • Xiom Sigma 1 Pro
  • Stiga Calibra Tour H
  • JOOLA Maxxx 500
  • Tibhar Aurus Prime
  • Andro Rasanter R47
  • Gewo Hype XT Pro
  • Donic Bluefire M1 Turbo

If you want a fast rubber with a good spin, I recommend you Stiga Mantra H. If you want a fast rubber, no less spin, and the ball has the tendance to float (due to harder and thick pimples) it’s is Stiga Calibra LT Plus.

Evolution MX-P (check price /Read review/ Best price) is a fast rubber that goes well with an OFF to OFF+ blade. MX-P is easy to spin, but the durability is very bad. After 2-4 weeks, the sponge has some broken parts. Rasanter R47 is also a good backhand rubber.

Tibhar MX-P
Tibhar MX-P

Tibhar Evolution MX-P, one of the fastest backhand rubber, best-selling rubber in 2017.

Best rubbers for backhand flick and topspin

The backhand flick is a quick gesture but can generate a lot of spins. Best rubbers for backhand flick generally must have a grippy topsheet, and a medium-low throw angle. Choosing the too high throw angle, you can’t apply the force, the speed of your flick. Choosing the too-hard rubber, you can’t generate enough spin for such a short stroke.

Tenergy rubbers have a medium to high throw angle, but they have a built-in tension, that’s why you can generate a very fast and spinny flick. You can choose Tenergy rubbers, or Cornilleau rubbers, Tibhar, or Stiga (new version of ESN) rubbers. They are all good for the backhand flick (tested and approved by many top European pro players).

You can go wrong with Ten 05 (Read reviews / Check price 1 / Cheak price 2), one of the best backhand rubber to flick, and aggressive attack on the table. The main weakness of Tenergy 05 is: expensive, eat spin easily, so you need to be pro-active in your shot (best for the advanced player).

Liu Shiwen was using the Tenergy 05 rubber as her main rubber
Liu Shiwen was using the Tenergy 05 rubber as her main rubber

So here is the list of best backhand rubber for the flick, and close the table attack (adapted to the new trends).

  • Butterfly Tenergy 05
  • Gewo Hype XT Pro
  • Cornilleau Target Pro GT-H47
  • Butterfly Tenergy 64
  • Stiga Mantra M
  • Donic Bluefire M3
  • Palio CJ8000 Biotech 42-44°
  • Donic Baracuda
  • Butterfly Sriver G3
  • Andro Rasanter R50
  • Tibhar Grip-S Europe
  • Gewo Hype EL Pro
  • Friendship/729 729-3 Transcend
  • Gewo Hype XT Pro
  • Tibhar Aurus Select

Thank you, and see you in the next post for the best table tennis rubbers for forehand.

Discontinued rubbers

These are the rubbers which are great. However, they are discontinued. I will place them here as a reference.

Stiga Mantra

Stiga Mantra (Read reviews/ check price/ Buy online) is the new generation of rubbers from Stiga. Truls Moregards is using Stiga Mantra rubbers on both sides. I really love these rubbers. Much more durable than Tenergy 05.

Professional table tennis rubber Stiga Mantra H
Professional table tennis rubber Stiga Mantra H

So powerful backhand rubber. The balance of spin and speed is just wonderful. I recommend these rubbers for advanced players or those who want to improve quickly with serious training.

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  1. Bonjour Coach ERT,

    je cherche conseil pour mes revêtements. il y’a 12 ans je jouais au tennis de table en tant que Junior (8-12ans) où j’avais bon niveau. Puis j’ai arrêté jusqu’à cette année où je reprends pour le plaisir. Je cherche un revêtement qui pourrait me convenir, j’ai un point fort revers sur les topspin /”topspin frappé”. Moins régulier sur mon coup droit.
    A l’époque je jouais avec du Butterfly Sriver FX sur les deux côtés..
    Quels revêtement pourriez-vous me conseiller en BH et FH ?

    Je me demandais si le Donic Baracuda pourrait aller ? sur mes deux côtés avec une épaisseur de 2.3 sur mon revers et de 2mm sur mon coup droit.. ?

    Je vous remercie infiniment par avance.


  2. Hey coach, what rubber bands are a good combination with xiom stradivarius.

    Pd: Hey coach, i change the yinhe rubbers for xiom vega asia (fh) and vega europe (bh), in tibhar stratus power wood, because i feel the yinhe too hard. My game has been better.

  3. Dear Coach,

    I would appreciate your response.

    I am currently using soft rubbers: Donic Bluefire M3 on FH and Donic Acuda S3 on BH. I would like to try something harder now, as you say that it is better to play with hard rubbers (especially on FH) as it allows me to better develop correct technique. I’m thinking of putting Nittaku Fastarc G-1 on the FH, as it has great reviews and is also said to be very durable. I’m wondering what to put on the BH. You state that the optimal hardness on the BH is the hardness of FH minus 2. From this it follows that if the G-1 has a hardness of 47.5 it would be good to use rubber 45 on the BH. I see that such hardness has Nittaku Factive or Andro Hexer Grip. But also in your recommendations you give soft rubbers, such as Bluefire M3 (only 40). Is the problem such a difference in rubber hardness, as if I had Fastarc G-1 on FH and Bluefire M3 on BH? That is as much as 7.5 difference. I’m a little worried if I give a harder Factive or Hexer Grip on the BH will I handle it well, because my favorite play on the BH is the flick and you wrote that this stroke is easier to do with a soft rubber so I’m worried if with my technique I will be able to give the right spin with a harder rubber on such a short stroke.

    • Hi, Bluefire is a very good backhand rubber. The difference is OK, because it depends on your backhand style.
      Yes, it’s easier to flick with softer backhand rubber. You can keep your current backhand rubber, not the problem.

  4. Hello coach, I am a beginner in table tennis, I have been training for about 4 months. Currently I use yinhe venus 3 on the backhand and yinhe jupiter 2 on the forehand. I want better tires because in the summer I will be training more often. What rubbers do you recommend?

  5. Hi coach Emratthích
    I am a 5 month beginner. I was not sure if I am going to stick to ping pong so I bough a cheap “Ready to use” paddle. It’s really hard to learn forehand and backhand. Now I just bought a good arch & spin paddle with short pips for forehand. I am switching to a penhold style and want to replace a backhand long pips with an inverted rubber. Can you give me an advice for backhand rubber in black color? Thanks Em

  6. Xin chào, em rất cảm ơn những kiến thức trong blog cũng như kênh youtube của HLV đã giúp cho em học hỏi được nhiều về bóng bàn cả lý thuyết cũng như kỹ năng. Hiện tại em đang sử dụng vợt Yasaka Malin Extra Offensive là vợt thuần gỗ vớt Rakza 7 cho FH và Tenergy 05 cho BH nhưng em muốn chuyển sang 1 cây vợt nhanh hơn là Stiga Dynasty Carbon. Mong HLV có thể đề xuất giúp em nên chọn loại mặt vợt nào với ạ!

    1 chút cảm nhận khi đang sử dụng vợt cũ là em thấy khi đánh trái em kê hoặc giật thì hay bị bổng ra ngoài bàn nhưng flick thì rất tốt ạ, bóng đi nhanh, ngang lưới và thường khiến đối thủ khó đỡ.

    • Stiga Dynasty Carbon kha la cung, cam giac it rung. Tai sao ban lai muon 1 cay vot nhanh hon?

      Khi dung vot cu, thi no se mem hon, ma goc bung ra se lon hon, do ve khi block se cao hon.
      Tuy nhien ko sao, day chinh la luc ban can nang cao cam giac bong.

      Bong di ngang luoi rat de do, chu ko phai kho do. Bong xoay, va cam ve phia xa ban moi kho do.
      Than ai,

  7. Hi coach, i’m planning to build Stiga offensive classic with neo hurricane 3 on forehand and yasaka rakza v for backhand, any suggestion rubber for backhand? i love to block with my backhand. Thanks in advance:D

    • Tengo una nittaku acústic . Que gomas me aconseja para esta madera y un nivel principiante-medio ? Y que espesores y dureza en cada lado? Un saludo

  8. Hello Coach! What will you say about Donic Bluefire M3 and Donic Bluegrip S2? Are they also good to develop backhand technique like Donic Bluefire M2?

  9. The Rakza Z is a great alternative to the Dignics 09C which is used a lot by pro players on forehand and sometimes backhand.
    It would therefore be more logical to advise Rakza Z in forehand. Many players cannot adapt to the DHS H3 but appreciate the stickiness.
    On backhand, the Rakza 7 or 7 Soft is more often used effectively. 🙂

  10. A very good bh rubber is Tibhar Evolution EL-S. It’s mid-hard (45deg), very spinny and has a good catapult. I would recommend it more than the MX-P, which is, I think, too fast for most players on the backhand.

  11. Hey coach, could you write something about possible Chinese bh rubbers? There are quite a lot of interesting tensor-like Chinese rubbers on the market nowadays. They are attractive because of the prices.


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