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Top 10 Best Backhand Rubber for Modern Table Tennis

What is the best backhand rubber for the modern table tennis? Is choosing the backhand rubber is the same as forehand rubber? There are common questions that many new players asked me. So today I will try to explain how to buy a perfect table tennis rubber for your backhand.

Understanding best rubbers for backhand

First of all, you need to know that choosing the backhand rubber is not like the forehand rubber.

Backhand rubber is different than the forehand rubber.

Because you hit the ball with a harder, and longer stroke on your forehand. While you hit the ball on your backhand side with a much shorter and quicker stroke.

For the new trends in table tennis, you can choose the rubber, which is marked as the “P-version”. P version means that the rubber is built and tested with the new “Poly-ball”. Or you can choose the harder version of your rubber. The harder version will fit better the new trend (like choosing Tenergy 05 Hard, instead of the normal version of Tenergy 05).

Forehand rubber

While players prefer choosing the hard, or even very hard rubber on the forehand side. Good players also prefer tacky Chinese rubber as the forehand rubber. Because on your forehand side, you can hit very hard. Using the forehand you can hit while rotating your whole body. It’s the mechanism of this stroke.

Fan Zhendong forehand rubber: National Hurricane 3 Blue sponge
Fan Zhendong forehand rubber: National Hurricane 3 Blue sponge

Backhand rubber

Unlike forehand rubber, you need to choose the backhand rubber differently. Because the mechanism of the backhand stroke is different than the forehand technique.

You normally can only do the backhand strokes in front of your body. So backhand stroke is much shorter, and weaker than the forehand stroke. That’s the reason why you should play with the softer rubber on the backhand side. So here is my guide to choosing the best rubbers for your backhand side.

Fan Zhendong butterfly backhand rubber: Tenergy 05
Fan Zhendong butterfly backhand rubber: Tenergy 05

How to choose backhand rubber

Choosing a backhand rubber is not the same as choosing your forehand rubber. Here are my tips:

Choose bouncy rubber

  • Always aim for “offensive and fast rubbers” for your backhand side. Prefer using the Tensor, High Tension, ESN, Japanese rubber on the backhand side.
  • Use Chinese rubber on the backhand side, only if you can hit very hard with your backhand.
  • Choose a rubber not too soft, neither too hard (around 41 – 50 ESN hardness scale). Too soft rubber will bottom out the ball. Too hard rubber is difficult to spin the ball.

Choose medium-hard rubber

  • Don’t use very hard (harder than ESN 53 degree) on your backhand
  • Choose a rubber with thickness around 2.0mm to 2.15mm or 2.20mm. Don’t choose too thick rubber (thicker than 2.3 mm sponge thickness).
  • Don’t use max thickness if you are the beginner.
  • Best backhand rubbers are “bouncy rubbers”. Because “bouncy rubbers” give you an additional speed for backhand. (Backhand strokes is short).

Don’t choose the too-soft rubber

  • Don’t choose too soft backhand rubber (softer than 35 ESN hardness scale). It’s very bad! Easy to spin, but the ball’s quality (speed and spin) is average.
  • Contradictory to many Western coaches, who insists new players to play with soft, to very soft rubber on the backhand side. In China, new players begin with medium-hard rubber, and they improve faster! Trust me!
  • When you improve your level, prepare to upgrade your backhand rubber. The upgrade means choosing the harder, and faster rubbers.
  • Think about color. Red and black rubbers are not the same. Top players often choose red rubbers on the backhand side.

What is a good rubber for backhand?

A good backhand rubber needs to provide:

  • Spinny ball at the low impact shots (serve, receive, topspin, flick)
  • Additional speed (to aggressively return the ball, to initiate the first attack, to counterattack)
  • ability to flick, hit on the table (to fit the new trends of table tennis) (one of the reason for the success of Harimoto Tomokazu – big phenomena in modern table tennis era)

What is the optimal hardness for a backhand rubber?

How hard or how soft rubbers depends on your hitting power. Pro players will play with very hard, and fast rubbers. While beginners will play with softer rubbers. The optimal combination between the forehand rubber and the backhand rubber is:

  • Forehand rubber’s hardness = x (hardness)
  • Backhand rubber’s hardness = x-2 (hardness)

This formula works best! Tested on many of my players.

Ma Long backhand rubber - Choose 2 degree softer than your forehand rubber
Ma Long backhand rubber – Choose 2 degree softer than your forehand rubber

So for example, on your forehand side, the sweet hardness for you is about 49 ESN scale. So for your backhand side, you should choose the 47 ESN hardness scale.

Optimal range: backhand hardness = forehand hardness -2

Top 10 backhand rubbers 2018

Here is my recommendation for your backhand rubbers. There are the rubbers that I see my players, and other good players use a lot. The feedback is very high. Because their rubbers give a lot of spins, additional speed, and ability to flick on the table. They are mostly European (ESN rubber), or Japanese rubber because this type of rubbers suit the backhand playing style.

1. Butterfly Tenergy 05

Tenergy 05 (Read reviews / Check price / Cheap price) is no doubt the most used backhand rubbers for both pro players and amateur players. Many top Chinese players including Ma Long, Fan Zhendong, Zhang Jike, Xu Xin, Lin Gaoyuan, Wang Chuqin, etc use Tenergy rubber as the backhand rubber.

Butterfly Tenergy 05
Butterfly Tenergy 05 (Read reviews / Check price / Buy online)
  • Advantages: The most popular backhand rubber. Higher spin and easy to create spin.
  • Disadvantage: Expensive, short durability. Not recommended for amateur players who can’t get the sponsor from Butterfly. If you get a free Tenergy rubber, go for it. Higher spin but slower than the Tenergy 64.
Zhang Jike has used Tenergy 05 fx as the backhand rubber
Zhang Jike has used Tenergy 05 fx as the backhand rubber

2. Stiga Mantra M/H

Stiga Mantra (Read reviews/ check price/ Buy online) is the new generation rubbers from Stiga. Truls Moregards is using Stiga Mantra rubbers on both sides. I really love these rubbers. Much more durable than Tenergy 05. So powerful backhand rubber. The balance of spin and speed is just wonderful. I recommend these rubbers for advanced players or to whom who want to improve quickly with serious training.

Professional table tennis rubber Stiga Mantra H
Professional table tennis rubber Stiga Mantra H (Read reviews/ check price/ Buy online)

3. Butterfly Tenergy 64

Tenergy 64 (Read reviews / Check price / Buy online) is a very popular backhand rubber, just after Ten 05. The main difference between Ten 05 and Ten 64 is: Ten 64 has a lower throw, and faster. Zhang Jike used mainly Ten 64 as his weapon for the backhand. If you play more counter-attacks on your backhand side, just buy Tenergy 64.

Zhang Jike's backhand rubber - Tenergy 64 in 2011
Zhang Jike’s backhand rubber – Tenergy 64 in 2011 (Read reviews / Check price / Buy online)

For the new poly ball, and the new trends in table tennis, I recommend you check the new version of Tenergy rubber. It’s the harder Tenergy version! Which is even better!

Tenergy 05 has higher throw angle than Ten 64 - better spin but slower
Tenergy 05 has higher throw angle than Ten 64 – better spin but slower (by Butterfly)

4. Tibhar MX-P

MX-P (check price /Read review/ Buy from a shop) is becoming popular in early 2017-2018. It has been used by many top European professional players. It’s fast and spinny. The main advantage of this rubber is lower throw than Tenergy 05 (similar to Ten 64), easy to create spin. However, I don’t like this rubber. The sponge can be easily broken just after 2 weeks. It’s not durable at all!

If you like something fast for your backhand, this rubber is for you.

TIBHAR Evolution MX-P
TIBHAR Evolution MX-P (check price /Read review/ Buy from a shop)

5. Nittaku Fastarc G-1

I really like the Nittaku Fastarc G-1 (Read reviews / Check price 1 / Price 2). The topsheet is so grippy, and the sponge is something in between the Ten05 and the Rakza 7. More durable than Ten 05. A good candidate for the alternative of Ten 05.

Fastarc G-1 is made for the new poly ball. But the topsheet is less grippy and less consistent for short ball. Many good Chinese players are using this rubber on his backhand side.

Nittaku Fastarc - one of the most consistent rubber for BH
Nittaku Fastarc – one of the most consistent backhand rubber (Read reviews / Check price 1 / Price 2)

If you want to find a durable, and all-round rubbers, you can find Nittaku Fastarc G-1.

6. DHS Hurricane 3 (38 Chinese hardness degree)

With the new ball, some top Chinese rubbers have changed from Tenergy rubbers to Chinese rubbers on the backhand side. The problem of Tenergy rubber with the new ball is lacking power. The ball is heavier, so you need to play with a harder sponge.

The NEO version is the factory pre-tuned version. If you want to use the booster, I recommend you to buy the old version (non-NEO). Use 2.15mm instead of 2.20 mm will increase the consistency and the feeling (booster will absorb evenly) (Read reviews / Check price / Best price).

For the backhand side, you should choose the DHS Hurricane 3 about 37-38 DHS hardness scale.

DHS National Hurricane 3 Limited Edition (Official by DHS)
DHS National Hurricane 3 Limited Edition (Official by DHS) (Read reviews / Check price / Best price)

Be careful before buying the real DHS Hurricane 3 (National version)! And here is the review of the National version DHS H3.

7. JOOLA Rhyzm-P

This rubber has a medium throw angle and is spinny. Some national players that I know in France use this rubber on the backhand side. Joola Rhyzm-P is perfect for plastic balls. The main advantage is it gives a great amount of spin in loops and serves. Blocking is very easy too. The “P version” (Read reviews / Check price / Best price) means that this rubber is built for the new poly ball. So you are safe! It suits the new trend in table tennis.

Joola Rhyzm-P One of the spinniest rubber for backhand topspin
Joola Rhyzm-P One of the spinniest rubber for backhand topspin (Read reviews / Check price / Best price)

It’s easier to impact spin than with other rubbers like Tenergy 80, Yasaka Mark V or DHS hurricane 3. The speed is good but average.

8. Yasaka Rakza 7

Very good rubber for backhand. It shares the similar properties of the recent ESN New generation rubbers: medium-hard sponge, grippy topsheet, easy to spin, and great speed. Rakza 7 (Read reviews / Check price 1 / Price 2) gives you a direct feeling, with a medium throw angle. Lower throw angle than the Tenergy 05.

YASAKA Rakza 7,Black,Max AZ
YASAKA Rakza 7, Black, Max AZ (Read reviews / Check price 1 / Price 2)

Blocking is very easy. I recommend it to any intermediate to advanced players.

9. XIOM Vega Europe

One of the best alternatives for Tenergy rubbers. The best choice for intermediate control loopers who can’t afford the high price Tenergy rubbers. Spong spin, and great control. XIOM Vega Europe (Read reviews / Check price/ Best price) has a medium – soft sponge so it gives a good feeling. Recommend to use it on OFF- to OFF blade. This rubber is dynamic and easy to counter-attack.

XIOM Vega Europe Black AZ
XIOM Vega Europe Black AZ (Read reviews / Check price/ Best price)

10. DONIC Bluefire M2

The Bluefire series (Read reviews / Check price / Price 2) is the tensor rubber that gives a wide range of gears. The topsheet is also grippy. Clear feeling for the short game. Service spin is good. This rubber is for the new player who wants to improve the backhand techniques. Because it gives you “dwell-time”. Not as fast as the previous rubber above.

DONIC Bluefire M2, 2,3 mm
DONIC Bluefire M2, 2,3 mm (Read reviews / Check price / Price 2)

Best backhand rubbers for control

The best rubber for controls is normal soft to medium soft sponges. Some amateur player also prefers playing with the thinner sponge to get control. For higher-level players, control does not mean “soft” and “easy to spin”. Control for top players is “consistency” and the “ability to get max spin”. They are a little bit different.

Here is the list of control backhand rubber (on the side of soft and thin topsheet rubber):

  • Andro Rasanter R37
  • Donic Baracuda
  • Andro Backside 2.0
  • Palio Aeolus
  • JOOLA Rhyzm-P
  • DHS Gold Arc 5
  • Gewo Hype XT Pro
  • Andro Rasant Powersponge
  • Victas VS > 402 Double Extra
  • Gewo Hype XT Pro
  • Palio CJ8000 Light and Fast
  • Donic Bluefire JP 03

Based on the feedback (read comments below), Gewo and Donic have some good backhand rubbers, preferred by many junior players. If you want something durable, you can play with Palio or Victas. These 2 brands are famous for the durability of their rubbers.

Donic Baracuda (Check price 1 / price 2), one of the best all-around rubber, cheap, spinny, stable rubber and last long times. Recommend for good players who want to learn backhand strokes.

Barracuda is used by developing players (Junior players)
Barracuda is used by developing players (Junior players) (Check price 1 / price 2)

Spinniest backhand rubbers

Based on the highest spin rating of several players, here is the list of the spinniest rubber:

  • Andro Rasant Grip
  • Butterfly Tenergy 05
  • DHS Hurricane 3 National (Blue Sponge)
  • Tibhar Grip-S
  • Andro Rasanter R47
  • JOOLA Rhyzm-P
  • Yasaka Rakza 7
  • Xiom Omega V Asia

If you don’t want to buy Tenergy 05, you can try  Yasaka Rakza 7, very spinny rubber (Read reviews / Check price 1 / Price 2)

YASAKA Rakza 7,Black,Max AZ
YASAKA Rakza 7, Black, Max – High-performance backhand rubber (Read reviews / Check price 1 / Price 2)

Fastest backhand rubbers

The fastest rubbers are general hard rubbers with a very low throw. But it lacks spin. So to use very fast rubber on the backhand, you should use a flexible blade which can generate spin for your backhand shots. Here are the rubbers with the highest speed ratings:

  • Andro Rasant Turbo
  • Yasaka Rakza 9
  • Butterfly Bryce High Speed
  • Tibhar Evolution MX-P
  • Stiga Calibra LT Plus
  • Gewo Flexxon
  • Andro Roxon 500 Pro
  • DHS Gold Arc 8
  • Donic Coppa X1 Turbo Platin
  • Stiga Mantra H
  • Xiom Sigma 1 Pro
  • Stiga Calibra Tour H
  • JOOLA Maxxx 500
  • Tibhar Aurus Prime
  • Andro Rasanter R47
  • Gewo Hype XT Pro
  • Donic Bluefire M1 Turbo

If you want a fast rubber with a good spin, I recommend you Stiga Mantra H. If you want a fast rubber, no less spin, and the ball has the tendance to float (due to harder and thick pimples) it’s is Stiga Calibra LT Plus.

Evolution MX-P (check price /Read review/ Best price) is a fast rubber which goes well with OFF to OFF+ blade. MX-P is easy to spin, but the durability is very bad. After 2-4 weeks, the sponge has some broken part. Rasanter R47 is also a good backhand rubber.

TIBHAR Evolution MX-P
TIBHAR Evolution MX-P: Fast and Powerful backhand rubber (check price /Read review/ Best price)

Stiga Evolution MX-P, one of the fastest backhand rubber, best selling rubber in 2017.

Best rubbers for backhand flick and topspin

The backhand flick is a quick gesture but can generate a lot of spins. Best rubbers for backhand flick generally must have a grippy topsheet, and a medium-low throw angle. Choosing the too high throw angle, you can’t apply the force, the speed of your flick. Choosing the too hard rubber, you can’t generate enough spin for such a short stroke.

Tenergy rubbers have a medium to high throw angle, but they have a built-in tension, that’s why you can generate a very fast and spinny flick. You can choose Tenergy rubbers, or Cornilleau rubbers, Tibhar, or Stiga (new version of ESN) rubbers. They are all good for the backhand flick (tested and approved by many top European pro players).

You can go wrong with Ten05 (Read reviews / Check price 1 / Cheak price 2), one of the best backhand rubber to flick, and aggressive attack on the table. The main weakness of Tenergy 05 is: expensive, eat spin easily, so you need to be pro-active in your shot (best for the advanced player).

Butterfly Tenergy 05
Butterfly Tenergy 05 – The overall best backhand rubber for advanced players (Read reviews / Check price 1 / Cheap price)


So here is the list of best backhand rubber for the flick, and close the table attack (adapted to the new trends).

  • Butterfly Tenergy 05
  • Gewo Hype XT Pro
  • Cornilleau Target Pro GT-H47
  • Butterfly Tenergy 64
  • Stiga Mantra M
  • Donic Bluefire M3
  • Palio CJ8000 Biotech 42-44°
  • Donic Baracuda
  • Butterfly Sriver G3
  • Andro Rasanter R50
  • Tibhar Grip-S Europe
  • Gewo Hype EL Pro
  • Friendship/729 729-3 Transcend
  • Gewo Hype XT Pro
  • Tibhar Aurus Select

Thank you, and see you in the next post for the best table tennis rubbers for forehand.

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  1. can please make videos on how to control our mind during very nervous situation. hope you understand

  2. I think GEWO Hype pro XT50 is a very good bh rubber and very long lasting as well.It lacks a bit of helping your power so you need to work hard ,need to play actively.
    The new GEWO Nexxus XT 48 is even faster ,and has added a bit of boumcyness making it a bit more forgiving in short game.Unfortunatelly this rubber is very delicate to damage ,slightest contact to the table will cut the rubber so you need to change a lot more often compared to Hype Pro.

  3. My daughter loves the GEWO Nexxus XT 48 and offers a bit more speed and spin compared to Tibhar Mx-s and Cornilleau Target pro and hype pro xt50 ,these three offer less bouncyness which is a real challenge in short game (high rate of balls ending in net as the force input is so delicate you really have to be very precise in reading and adjusting to incoming spin )

  4. Hello Coach,

    if i will use falco booster, what backhand rubber will you recommend?

    Joola Rhyzm – 48 degree
    Joola Rhyzm P – 45 degree

    i am currently using Butterfly Primorac (not carbon) and FH DHS Hurricane 3 Provincial Blue Sponge 39 degree (boosted)

  5. Thank you for this awesome article. I am much smarter now. I am slightly disappointed that my Rasanter r42, max sponge 2.3mm black did not make the top ten list for backhand. I use Rasanter r47 on forehand side.

  6. Hi Coach, These are the best i have used
    t05 very good needs a lot of play hours and perfection otherwise lots of miss but very expensive and doesnt last long, u cant exert lot of strength as sponge is too soft as balls will go out of table
    Yasaka Rakza 7 very good for bh speed spin and low throw angle so u can exert lot of strength in shot and it will fall on table, best for blocking. close to net excellent
    Yasaka shining dragon great control rubber on off+ blade for blocking and counter hitting but u need to exert a lot while looping or counter spin as speed is less but monstrous spin.Excellent for players who want to place the ball in exact spots
    729 Battle 1 this was the one i liked a lot and learnt to play with its very similar to Yasaka shining dragon with more speed spin and very good close to net. Costs 14 dollars only.
    My current BH rubber is 729 faster feighun max on 729 bomb excellent spin,speed and control close to net and very durable and i can exert lot of speed and spin in placing the ball. My backup is one with yasaka shining dragon.

  7. Calling Baracuda for “new players” is LMAO. It is a pro level backhand rubber and always was. Tremendous amount of spin and power-up potential easy. Also the grip of surface is still the highest in one range with T05.

  8. Hi Coach. I’m using Big Dipper 38D Red as my backhand rubber. It says tensor rubber. What do u think of that?

  9. hi coach
    i use a Butterfly Marco Freitas blade and Tenergy 80 for FH and BH. What alternatives would you recommend for me for FH and BH. Im a FH dominant player and use BH to open up with topspin but then more conter and block style. I was thinking to switch to Teenergy 05 for FH and maybe Rakza 7 for BH. Any advice what would fit to my blade?
    thanks Christian

  10. Hello coach, do you know a similar rubber as hurricane 3 national blue sponge?
    Actually I play with 729 super fx blue sponge on forehand but I don’t know how hardness is the sponge…

  11. Hi Coach,

    I just love your posts and videos.

    I think defining the best backhand rubber is challenging considering that it is extremely personal. I actually tested a lot of the rubbers you mention.

    I still prefer on my backhand Friendship 729 Focus.



  12. hi Hans,
    Thank you for your feedback. 729 Focus is a great backhand, a lot of control and spin.
    In your opinion, is it not too slow for the new ball?
    Many players said that 729 is too slow now.
    Best regards

  13. So I’m a little confused. Should I select a rubber from the initial “Top 10 Backhand Rubbers 2-18” list, or should I select one from the “Best Rubbers for Back Flick & Topspin”? Seems like if I want to select a rubber for the “new trend” then I should select one from the latter?

    • @Coach EmRatThich, Should I use the Hurricane 3 Regular (softest is 38deg) or the Hurricane 3 Neo (softest is 39deg)?

    • @Coach EmRatThich, just to clarify, per your other article you advised not to use booster for health reasons. Is Hurricane 3 (non-NEO) still a good BH rubber if I don’t boost it? Or should I use the softest available sponge 38deg? Or should I consider Hurricane 3-50, which has a softer sponge and comes in 35,37deg?

  14. What about DHS Tin Arc series? This was supposed to be DHS answer to Tenergy. Is this a good backhand rubber?

  15. Hello,
    I have the zhang jike ALC blade with both sides the rakza 7 rubber.the forehand fills ok but I do not have a good filling at the Backhand side.what do you recommend for me to try ?
    Thank you,

  16. Can you do an updated version of this article for 2019 and/or perhaps review some of the best Chinese rubbers for BH, e.g. DHS TinArc, GoldArc, H3-50?

    The reason why I ask, is because the Euro/Jap bouncy rubbers are all very expensive and I don’t want to spend $40+ USD per sheet. I would rather spend < $25 USD per sheet on my BH.

  17. Currently I’m using Dawei 2008 40deg for my BH.
    My blade is Yinhe Galaxy W6.

    What do you think of this rubber?
    Should I switch to something else?

  18. I have the same question as TauMax, can Hurricane 3 be used without boosting? Also I can’t find 38° at aliexpress…

  19. I have been using rakza x on bh for some times now and i find it to be quite good, too, for all type of strokes.
    Currently have it on 1,8mm, waiting to improve my consistency to go up to 2mm, though.

  20. Hi Coach!

    Thanks a lot for your detailed explanations. They are invaluable.
    Could you, please, briefly compare Butterfly Tenergy 05, Tenergy 05 Hard, and Tenergy 25? And is it worth to use FX-versions of this rubbers?

  21. Hi coach, does gold arc 8 suit on primorac carbon (forehand) with chinese style (stroke)? Which best, 47.5 or 50 degree sponge hardness?

  22. Hi coach, thanks for your advice, videos, articles, I learn according to them and I’m doing great. I musim the anus, I dared and bought the DHS Hurricane 3 Neo and I am surprised from the after tuned to play like T 05. My coach confessed that they were more dangerous. Time will show. Thanks

  23. Hello coach!

    A great article indeed! Remember me? You sent me a Xiom Stradivarious blade almost 2 years ago and I have been using the blade ever since.

    I have been using xiom vega pro max on both sides of my blade. But the rubbers are dead now, so I bought a couple of rakza 7 and rakza x both max versions.

    Could you please guide me as to which of these 2 rakza rubbers should I use on forehand and the backhand side of my blade? Should I use rakza 7 on forehand and rakza x on backhand or vice versa or something else?

    Thank you very much!

    • Wow. The time has passed too fast. I think Rakza X on FH, and Rakza 7 on BH. Which one is harder, and faster in your feel?

    • The time has indeed passed too fast! It is great to talk to you again!
      I haven’t yet pasted the rubbers on the blade. I will setup my racket in the month of august. So, I don’t know which is harder and faster but yasaka’s official website says that Rakza x is harder. It also says that rakza x for max grip and rakza 7 for max spin.
      I have 4 rubbers with me right now. 2 rakza 7 (red and black) and 2 rakza x (red and black), all the 4 rubbers in the max version. So, I wanted to know which rubbers should I use on the blade, Both sides rakza x or rakza x on FH and rakza 7 on BH as you suggested.

    • I advise on backhand rakza 7, and on forehand rakza x. I have a backhand rakza x soft, and a forehand rakza x. The blade is yinhe n8s soft.

  24. Hello coach. I am new. I have ordered three rackets based on your evaluation of the best blades. I have a blade primorac combined with the sriver rubber on FH and BH (each 2mm), I have a yasaka ma lin soft carbon combined with rising dragon on FH and razka 7 on BH and I have a nittaku acoustic with a neo hurricane turbo 3 blue on FH and fastarc-G on BH. I would like to ask you for advice which one to use first as I improve my game, which one second and which one as my last racket. Thank you very much. Fabio

    • Hello Fabio. I think that Acoustic with H3 Blue + Fastarc is really good. When you feel stronger, use this setup to perform the heavy spin attack.

    • Hello coach, thank you very much…so , I use first the other paddles and then then Acoustic. Thanks a lot.

  25. Hi Coach, I saw all yours videos and my table tennis game is better,thanks a lot. I play with Avalox Blue Thunder 550 and rubber Joola Maxxx 450 -FH max thickness,BH 2,0. What do you thing about this equipment?Today I buy on my FH side Joola Maxxx 500 -2,0, I play FH topspin….Thanks a lot Tomas

    • Avalox BT 550 is flexible blade and some rubbers kick, like trampoline, I think that joola maxxx 450,500 is not so bouncy.I bought Joola maxxx 500 on FH side because I need more spin.Before I play with Yadaka Rakza 7 – 2,0 on FH, BH.

  26. Greetings emratthich….your top 10 write ups are very helpfull, how about updating them to reflect new equipment in the market.

  27. Hello coach, Thanks for all recommendations you give. I would like to ask: on a Stiga Infinity VPS V or a Stiga Clipper CR: which rubbers fit better? Stiga Mantra M (on BH and FH) or Stiga Mantra H (on BH and FH) or a DHS Hurricane 3 on FH and Fastarc G-1 on BH? Thank you very much. Best regards

  28. Good morning coach EmRat Thich, first of all I have seen a lot of his videos in recent months and for the first time I am using Chinese rubbers. I always had a great technique but I trained little and with ESN rubbers, I failed a lot. This season I am training twice a week and I and all the players on my team are impressed with my great new game with Chinese rubbers. This season I started my training with DHS PG7 ST (ALL WOOD LAYERS) and Haifu Whale II unboosted training version 39 °. After two weeks I boosted the rubbers with Falco LB and i changed my blade for Sanwei F3 PRO ALC. Except that due to this fast blade I must close more my shots, my game is better than ever and my technique improves every day.
    However, I only bought Haifu whale for my initial stage of adaptation to Chinese rubbers. and both my backhand and my forehand are now incredible. Now I want to change to new rubbers to play all season, I bought a DHS H3 non-neo 39 ° red and black rubber, a Palio Ak 47 42 ° ESN Scale and a sheet imitating the national version of H3 called Three Sword Leap Pro National version 40 °.
    My doubts are:
    1. Is better to play with my blade all wood which I have great control or with my blade ALC which my strokes are more dangerous? Is a good idea to use both blades, usually all wood blade and the ALC blade against long pimples because my shots are faster? Or should I start again for my all-wood blade with the new rubbers and maybe change to my ALC blade later in case I felt my slow shots?
    2- I bought Haifu for my adaptation to Chinese rubbers but I bought a list of rubbers that I previously said to play this season. Should I continue with the rubber Haifu until it dies since it is a training version and its durability I imagine it will be shorter or change to any of the rubbers that i bought with the intention of playing this season?
    3- Which of the rubbers I should start once I change my current haifu rubbers?
    4- I bought Palio AK47 yellow 42-44 ° ESN Scale for my backhand however I am currently playing with the HAIFU 39 ° tuned and I feel great my game although maybe I would like one more bounce point when I use my blade all wood, not much. An important point, for the first time with Haifu 39 ° I can receive all the services of my rivals, when I played with ESN rubbers some serves caused me trouble and currently few or none. I have read that hard Chinese rubbers are more insensitive to the incoming spin, but palio ak47 has a German sponge and is more bounced. Should I use palio rubber for my backhand or my H3 rubber?
    Sorry for my English, i try to write correctly.
    Thank you very much, coach. I love your videos, I hope you can help me soon.

    • 1. Is better to play with my blade all wood which I have great control or with my blade ALC which my strokes are more dangerous? Is a good idea to use both blades, usually all wood blade and the ALC blade against long pimples because my shots are faster? Or should I start again for my all-wood blade with the new rubbers and maybe change to my ALC blade later in case I felt my slow shots?

      One question, in the real match, you win more by the speed or by the consistency?
      If you win with consistency, use all wood.
      If you attack, attack, and attack, but the opponent can block all of your attack, then use ALC.

    • Since I play with Chinese rubbers and DHS ALL WOOD blade, I win more with consistency. When two weeks ago I changed my rubbers to my ALC blade, the rivals have a lot of trouble blocking my shots. I totally agree with you.
      I want to improve my technique another month and I bought Palio AK 47 (non-tacky more bounce) for my setback to compensate for the lack of power of ALL WOOD woods compared to ALC Blades.
      Could it be a good option to continue using ALL WOOD blade and get some more speed?

      SETUP: DHS PG7 (ALL WOOD) + FH H3 break-in booster + Palio AK47 BH
      My BH is now great with Haifu Whale. i will testing PALIO tensor, if it not work. I will use a H3 in my BH.
      If the rivals block me, soon i will use the ALC Blade.
      Nice answer. you did thinking me about it.

      Thanks for answer quickly Coach EmRatThich

  29. Good morning Coach,
    I picked up again playing table tennis at intermediate level after a very long break. Should I use my old Donic Dicon all wood blade? How about Stiga Genesis II on FH with Vega Europe on the BH? Any alternatives for the modern game?
    Your posts are very appreciated and help me improve my game.

  30. Good morning Coach,
    I’m picking up again training and playing table tennis at the intermediate level after a very long break. To play the modern game should I use my old Donic Dicon blade all wood blade? What are your thoughts on putting Stiga Genesis II on FH and Vega Europe on BH? Any recommendations?
    Thank you and looking forward to your very good posts. It helps me improve my game faster.

  31. Excellent post coach.

    Do you know if tuning with baby oil is good for Hurricane 3 and hurricane 3 neo for backhand? Is using the H3 38 (non neo) with baby oil okay for backhand? Im ussing H3Neo 40/2.15 with babyoil for my forehand, and you’ve stated that BH = FH – 2, or 38.

  32. Fan Zhendong is using Butterfly Dignic as his backhand rubber.
    Saw his blade when he submit for inspection during the Asia Table Tennis Championships in Yogyakarta last year (2019).

  33. Joola Rhyzer pro 50 is awesome for backhand.coming from Gewo
    Nexxus pro hard53 this is really the thing to have If you have a super aggressive bh close to the table game.
    It’s not running lot of steam further away from the table
    and there is more spin available.

  34. Saya punya pisau t8s.. FH sy dignics 05.. Sementara BH sy xiom musa 3.. sy mau ganti BH saya pada karet baru.. Saran dan informasi buat BH saya untuk pisau t8s.. Thanks.. Sy pemaian offensif

  35. Hello coach. I’m an advanced player with excellent backhand topspin and block. I’m using Fang Bo carbon blade mated with Hurricane Neo 3 41° hardness on the forehand side and a soft unbranded rubber on the backhand side. My forehand shots are lethal though not as consistent as my backhand game. I want to know if hurricane neo 3 with 38° hardness will be appropriate for backhand


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