Master Chinese Table Tennis Technique

Chinese Philosophies about Table Tennis

1. “Power From the Ground”

“Power From The Ground” is one of the 4 fundamentals of Chinese philosophies about table tennis. If a player can apply this concept, he can improve the power, the speed of his shots.

It’s due to the limit of power of the forearm, you can’t hit very hard. By “taking” the power from your legs, (the ground), transfer it through the whole body, you can now hit as hard as possible.

Basics Techniques

1. Backhand Push Table Tennis Definition

The backhand push is a fundamental table tennis stroke. It’s normally a defensive stroke to control the ball with underspin (or backspin). Sometimes, the push is used as an offensive stroke when you push very long, and fast.

What is a forehand push in table tennis?

The forehand push is similar to the backhand push. The definition is a quick action, over the table, to push the ball short with backspin. Due to the lock of the wrist in the forehand stroke, the forehand push doesn’t have enough spin. In general, you should use the forehand push for the long ball. You need to forehand topspin every long ball.

How to play a backhand push

The key point to do a backhand push is: contact the ball very soon, and quick acceleration. Based on Chinese coaching, many amateur players just hit the ball too late (after the 2.5 timing position), so their ball is pushed up too high, and can be attacked easily.

  • The best timing to backhand push is: contact the ball very soon, just after the first bounce on the table (position 2).
  • Acceleration will increase the backspin to your push. It’s harder to attack your ball.
  • Some player just uses the forehand to push. It’s very bad habit. To push effectively, you must use also the wrist. Much quicker acceleration, and higher spin.
  • Other tips: Acceleration right before you contact the ball. Lower your body to minimize the distance between the body and the ball. Use the body to guide the ball through the pushing.

2. What is a smash in Table Tennis?

A smash is an offensive technique in table tennis, that you should hit the ball as fast as possible to finish the point. Normally you should use the forehand smash to win the high ball (from a lobbed return). To perform a smash, you should lift up your racket at the shoulder height, and then hit it down, to make the ball go with high velocity and little spin.

How do you play a smash in Table Tennis?

The principle of the smashing technique is using the whole body as a mass. Chinese player prefers to jump up and hit the ball down. This way, you can smash the ball harder and faster.

  • Hit when the ball at its highest position
  • Fix the wrist, use only your forearm to smash the ball.
  • Always hit downward, more secure.
  • Prefer using the forehand smash instead of the backhand smash.

Advanced Techniques


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