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Chinese Table Tennis: Liu Guoliang Comments in Trial WTTC 2017

During the Last Stage of Chinese Table Tennis Trials 2017Liu Guoliang (Head Coach of Chinese Table Tennis National Team) is disappointed about the performances of the Chinese players (Xu Xin, Fan Zhendong, Fang Bo, Xu Chenhao, Liu Dingshuo, Zhou Yu, Wang Chuqin, Yu Ziyang). He gives comments for the matches of each player. He said, “You only have 2 chances in your table tennis career.” You can watch the previous stage of Chinese Trials in this playlist.

Chinese Table Tennis: “No more than 2 chances”

You should understand the culture in Asian country before criticizing the comment of the tutorLiu Guoliang. In the Asian country, the coach, the teacher is considered the tutor with a high respect. The coach is considered as the second father. So coach Liu Guoliang has the right to comment very strictly the performance of the players.

In the western country, the coach is considered as a person who does the job, and as a friend with the player. 

In China, the coach is your big brother, are your father and he has the right to hit you if you are doing something wrong. So you should respect your table tennis coach. In this video, the head coach emphasizes on 2 main aspects. First, he has such a strong hold on every player’s mind. In your table tennis career, you don’t have many chances. As I also say to my players that, remember in the match, you also have only 2 chances.
He said “You are young, but look at you. Where is your confidence? Your fighting spirit? Ambition? Persistence? I see that only Fan Zhendong has this quality at the moment. Liang Jinkun has some but still far behind.
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The history of the World Team Championships

Liu Guoliang explains the history and why you have only 2 chances in your career. Back to 2008, 2009, Ma Long was better than Zhang. But he lost 0:2 to Timo Boll in 2010 World Team Championships. In that final Zhang Jike won and Ma Long lost. In 2011 World Championships Ma Long lost to Wang Hao in semi-finals. So there is no more chance for Ma Long in 2012.

No Single in Olympics London after losing those 2 matches. But from 2012 to 2016, Ma Long did not lose to any foreigners in big or small tournaments. That was the best moment to grab his chance until 2016 and became the Grand Slam Champion. Ma Long is the fifth Grand Slam just after Zhang Jike.
Let’s talk about Zhang Jike from the trials in 2010. He grabbed the chance to beat Wang Liqin. At that time Xu Xin, Zhang Jike, and Ma Long beat the big three Wang Hao, Wang Liqin and Ma Lin in the trials. Then they fought for the 2 tickets to World Team Championships. Zhang Jike grabbed the chance and continued to win the 2010 World Championships and finally London 2012 Olympic Games to become the Grand Slam Champion. Both Ma Long and Zhang Jike take the same route, only 2 chances.
You need to fight for your chance. The same goes to you all, no exception. This is the RULE!
Liu Guoliang gives comments in Chinese Trials 2017 for WTTC Table Tennis

Watch this video.

Disappointments for Fan Zhendong and Xu Xin

For Fan Zhendong and Xu Xin, the head coach is disappointed. The performance of Fan Zhendong and Xu Xin is normal. They did not show the motivation of competition. The standard is not high enough. They didn’t try to win at all.

Some positive points: “Some players played rather good. Such as Xu Chenhao, Liu Dingshuo, and Zhou Yu. They showed excellent fighting spirit and the will to win which helps a lot in the match with the stronger players.”
Any match between Ma Long and Zhang Jike is the highest level and everyone wants to see them play. The rest of the 10 players need to beat them and grab the spare two tickets for the 2017 World Championships. Just like the way they grabbed their tickets back in 2010. It is the only way to survive. You can’t expect to wait for them to retire and take their place.
So personally, the comment of Liu Guoliang is not disrespectful. This is the way he pushed the limit for the players before the last stage. The good coach is the coach knows how to transfer to fighting spirit to the players. I think Liu Guoliang knows well doing that. I also want to comment that, the competition is very tough. The only way to survive is fighting. 
So please respect the work of the coach and the top players. They are all human. They dedicate their life for table tennis. It’s not easy to become top players. And it’s much stressful to maintain the top level.

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