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Chinese national table tennis team (Full list)

About Chinese National Team

China national table tennis team is founded in 1952. China Team is considered the best team in the world. With 4 Male Grand Slams (Liu Guoliang, Kong Linghui, Zhang Jike, and Ma Long), and 5 Female Grand Slams (Deng Yaping, Wang Nan, Zhang Yining, Li Xiaoxia, and Ding Ning), Chinese are too strong compared to other countries.

4 grand slams in table tennis, Ma Long is the 5th
4 grand slams in table tennis, Ma Long is the 5th

The Chinese national table tennis team was established in 1952 and serves as the country’s official representative in international competitions.

The Chinese name of CNT: 中国国家乒乓球队

The dream team in table tennis

Chinese National Team is one of the strongest teams in table tennis. China is the strongest nation in table tennis.

In table tennis, the Chinese National Table Tennis Team is regarded as the “dream team” and the most successful in table tennis history. There have been two firsts for the PRC table tennis team: first, a male world champion in the form of Rong Guotuan, and then a female world champion in the form of Qiu Zhonghui at the 26th World Table Tennis Championship.

Ping Pong Diplomacy, China’s most famous Sino-US diplomatic event, is also a significant participant in the Chinese National Table Tennis Team’s activities.

Recently, at Houston WTTC 2021, China and USA have again celebrated the 50th year of ping pong diplomacy.

USA - China table tennis diplomacy
USA – China table tennis diplomacy

Team history

From start to glory (1953-1965)

The early Chinese men’s team, with Fu Qifang, Jiang Yongning, and other overseas Chinese who returned to the mainland from Hong Kong as the core, made their debut in the international arena in 1953, participated in the 20th World Table Tennis Championships, and won the tenth place in the men’s team.

Eurasian confrontation (1971-1981)

After 1966, the ” Cultural Revolution ” broke out in China. Affected by this turmoil, the Chinese men’s table tennis team missed two World Table Tennis Championships and did not return to the World Table Tennis Championships until 1971. At this time, the world of the table tennis world has changed a lot compared with six years ago. European teams’ curve ball technology is becoming more and more mature, which has brought a huge impact on China’s traditional straight fast-attack style. Teams such as Sweden and Hungary have gradually become powerful challengers to the Chinese men’s team.

Sino-Sweden confrontation (1983-2000)

With the complete decline of the Japanese team in the 1980s, the Chinese men’s team became the representative of the Asian team. The Swedish men’s team also replaced the aging Hungarian team, and the Chinese men’s team kicked off a 20-year competition for hegemony. After Xu Shaofa took charge of the Chinese men’s team coach, the Chinese team’s candy bar fast-attack technology has reached its peak. Guo Yuehua and Jiang Jialiang, two generations of famous players known for their candy bar fast break skills, have won the men’s singles championship for four consecutive years. The Chinese men’s team also defeated the Swedish team in the men’s team finals of the 37th, 38th, and 39th World Table Tennis Championships in a row.

Table Tennis domination (2000-Now)

The “huge ball era” began in 2000. A downturn in Sweden and a strong reserve force have allowed the Chinese men’s team to officially dominate the world table tennis arena. From 2000 to 2010, the Chinese men’s team only lost the 47th World Table Tennis Championships men’s singles champion in 2003 and the Athens Olympic Games men’s singles champion in 2004 but never lost the team competition.

Ma Lin, Wang Hao, and Wang Liqin became the core of the Chinese men’s squad in the first decade of the twenty-first century. For 70 months, Ma Lin and Wang Liqin alternated as world number one in men’s singles. Fans dubbed this era “The Ma and Wang’s Era.”

The trio: Ma Lin, Wang Hao, Wang Liqin is too strong for the world.

Zhang Jike era (2010-2013)

Ma Lin, Wang Hao, and Wang Liqin won the men’s team championship in 2008, and then swept the top three in the singles tournament, setting an Olympic record. Wang Liqin’s state has deteriorated since then. After 2010, newcomers like Ma Long, Zhang Jike, and Xu Xin began to emerge. Between 2011 and 2012, Zhang Jike won three men’s singles titles in 16 months, a record.

Ma Long era (2015-Now)

Ma Long is the best player in the world from 2015 to today. He is the double grand slam player.

Fan Zhendong era (2021-Now)

Fan Zhendong recently, won all of the major titles in table tennis. He will be the next leader of the Chinese National Team when Ma Long retires.

Team’s achievement

Since the Olympics medals are the hardest medal to earn in table tennis. Let’s count the Olympics medal earned by the Chinese National Team.

yearsathleteCompetitionOlympics medal
1988Chen Longcan , Wei Qingguangmen's doublesgold medal
1988Chen JingWomen's Singlesgold medal
1988Chen Jing , Jiao Zhiminwomen's doublessilver medal
1988Li HuifenWomen's Singlessilver medal
1988Jiao ZhiminWomen's Singlesbronze medal
1992Deng Yaping , Qiao Hongwomen's doublesgold medal
1992Tao Wang , Lin Lumen's doublesgold medal
1992Deng YapingWomen's Singlesgold medal
1992Chen Zihe , Gao Junwomen's doublessilver medal
1992Qiao HongWomen's Singlessilver medal
1992Ma Wengemen's singlesbronze medal
1996Deng Yaping , Qiao Hongwomen's doublesgold medal
1996Kong Linghui , Liu Guoliangmen's doublesgold medal
1996Deng YapingWomen's Singlesgold medal
1996Liu Guoliangmen's singlesgold medal
1996Liu Wei , Qiao Yunpingwomen's doublessilver medal
1996Lu Lin , Wang Taomen's doublessilver medal
1996Qiao HongWomen's Singlesbronze medal
1996Wang Taomen's singlessilver medal
2000Li Ju , Wang Nanwomen's doublesgold medal
2000Wang Liqin , Yan Senmen's doublesgold medal
2000Wang NanWomen's Singlesgold medal
2000Kong Linghuimen's singlesgold medal
2000Sun Jin , Yang Yingwomen's doublessilver medal
2000Kong Linghui , Liu Guoliangmen's doublessilver medal
2000Li JuWomen's Singlessilver medal
2000Liu Guoliangmen's singlesbronze medal
2004Wang Nan , Zhang Yiningwomen's doublesgold medal
2004Chen Xin , Ma Linmen's doublesgold medal
2004Zhang YiningWomen's Singlesgold medal
2004Wang Haomen's singlessilver medal
2004Niu Jianfeng , Guo Yuewomen's doublesbronze medal
2004Wang Liqinmen's singlesbronze medal
2004Guo Yue , Wang Nan , Zhang Yiningwomen's teamgold medal
2004Ma Lin , Wang Hao , Wang Liqinmen's teamgold medal
2004Zhang YiningWomen's Singlesgold medal
2004Marlenemen's singlesgold medal
2004Wang NanWomen's Singlessilver medal
2004Wang Haomen's singlessilver medal
2004Wang Liqinmen's singlesbronze medal
2004Guo YueWomen's Singlesbronze medal
2012Li XiaoxiaWomen's Singlesgold medal
2012Zhang Jikemen's singlesgold medal
2012Ding Ning , Li Xiaoxia , Guo Yuewomen's teamgold medal
2012Ma Long , Wang Hao , Zhang Jikemen's teamgold medal
2012Wang Haomen's singlessilver medal
2012politeWomen's Singlessilver medal
2016politeWomen's Singlesgold medal
2016Malonemen's singlesgold medal
2016Ding Ning , Li Xiaoxia , Liu Shiwenwomen's teamgold medal
2016Ma Long , Zhang Jike , Xu Xinmen's teamgold medal
2016Zhang Jikemen's singlessilver medal
2016Li XiaoxiaWomen's Singlessilver medal
2020Chen MengWomen's Singlesgold medal
2020Malonemen's singlesgold medal
2020Chen Meng , Wang Manyu , Sun Yingshawomen's teamgold medal
2020Fan Zhendong , Ma Long , Xu Xinmen's teamgold medal
2020Sun YingshaWomen's Singlessilver medal
2020Fan Zhendongmen's singlessilver medal
2020Xu Xin , Liu Shiwenmixed doublessilver medal

Chinese men’s team

China team - men's team
China team – men’s team

Here is the list of the current member of the CNT (Men’s team – Chinese National Team).

NameProvincial teamHandGrip
Ma Long (captain)BeijingRightShakehand
Fan ZhendongPLARightShakehand
Xu XinShanghaiLeftPenhold
Zhang JikeShandongRightShakehand
Liang JingkunHebeiRightShakehand
Shang KunShanghaiLeftShakehand
Lin GaoyuanGuangdongLeftShakehand
Hou YingchaoBeijingRightShakehand
Xu HaidongLiaoningRightPenhold
Yu HeyiHenanRightShakehand
Yang ShuoLiaoningRightShakehand
Xu YingbinHeilongjiangRightShakehand
Xing HangweiJiangsuRightShakehand
Zhu ChengJiangsuLeftShakehand
Song XuPLALeftShakehand
Fang YinchiLiaoningRightShakehand
Zhou KaiPLARightShakehand
Zhao ZhaoyanPLALeftShakehand
Wang ChuqinBeijingLeftShakehand
Cao WeiBeijingLeftShakehand
Yuan LicenLiaoningLeftShakehand
Yu ZhengyangJiangsuRightShakehand
Li DuoJiangsuRightShakehand
Yu ZiyangHeilongjiangLeftShakehand
Lü XiangZhejiangLeftShakehand
Lai JiaxinSichuanRightShakehand
Ren HaoHenanRightShakehand
Liu DingshuoShandongRightShakehand
Zhou QihaoGuangdongRightShakehand
Xue FeiHubeiRightPenhold
Fan ShengpengHebeiRightPenhold
Zheng PeifengFujianRightPenhold
Wu HaoShandongLeftShakehand
Liu JikangLiaoningRightShakehand
Zhu LinfengSichuanLeftShakehand
Liu YiHebeiLeftShakehand
Cui QingleiHebeiRightShakehand
Kong LingxuanShandongLeftShakehand
Ma TeTianjinRightShakehand
Chen XinFujianRightShakehand
Zhang YudongJiangsuRightShakehand
Zhao ZihaoShanghaiRightPenhold
Cheng JingqiHebeiLeftShakehand
Yan ShengSichuanRightPenhold
Li YijieGuangdongRightShakehand
Peng FeilongShanghaiRightShakehand
Wang KaiZhejiangRightShakehand
Guo WenShandongRightShakehand
Xu ChenhaoPLARightShakehand
Wei ShihaoShandongLeftShakehand
Hao ShuaiTianjinLeftShakehand
Ji JialeBeijingRightShakehand
Quan KaiyuanLiaoningRightShakehand
Geng ZihaoHenanLeftPenhold
Niu GuankaiLiaoningRightShakehand
Sun WenTianjinRightShakehand


1. Ma Long

"MA LONG" (马龙) = "The Dragon"
“MA LONG” (马龙) = “The Dragon”

Ma Long is the leader, the best player of all time.

Ma Long’s forehand technique is very special. His forehand is one of the most powerful strokes (with Wang Liqin’s forehand). Ma Long generates a lot of power by rotating his waist.

2. Fan Zhendong

Fan Zhendong (樊振東) = “MASTER CHUBBY”

Fan Zhendong is the next leader of the China Team. He is the main force of China in the next Paris Olympics 2024.

3. Xu Xin


Xu Xin is the best penholder in the world. He is the #3 of the Chinese National Team, just after Ma Long and Fan Zhendong.

4. Lin Gaoyuan

Lin Gaoyuan - the darkhorse of China Team
Lin Gaoyuan – the darkhorse of China Team

to be updated

5. Wang Chuqin

Wang Chuqin
Wang Chuqin

6. Liang Jingkun

Liang Jingkun
Liang Jingkun

7. Zhou Qihao

Zhou Qihao
Zhou Qihao

Zhou Qihao recently won the Chinese Trial for the Olympics. He defeated Fan Zhendong in the final game.

5. Zhang Jike (retired)

The first genration Zhang Jike Ma Long Xu Xin
The first generation, Zhang Jike Ma Long Xu Xin

Zhang Jike was one of the best players in the world.

At his prime, no one can beat him. Currently, Zhang Jike is retired.

Chinese women’s team

china team (women team)
china team (women team)

In the 51st World Table Tennis Championships in 2011, the Chinese women’s team swept away the haze of a year ago and once again won all the individual championships. The newcomers who have experienced fiasco also performed well. Ding Ning won the World Table Tennis Championships and the World Cup Women’s Singles Championship in a row within a year. In the World Table Tennis Championships team competition at the beginning of 2012, the Chinese women’s team succeeded in revenge, defeating the Singapore team in the final.

Team history of the Chinese Women Team

Exploring period (1953-1965)

The Chinese women’s team participated in the World Table Tennis Championships for the first time in 1953 and won third place in the second-level team. After missing the 21st and 22nd World Table Tennis Championships, the Chinese women’s team won sixth place in the 23rd World Table Tennis Championships.

Dominate the table tennis world (1971-1989)

From the 33rd to the 40th World Table Tennis Championships, the Chinese women’s team has never let the women’s team champion fall by the wayside, achieving eight consecutive women’s team championships and setting a record for the most consecutive championships. From 1971 to 1989, all the women’s singles champions of the World Table Tennis Championships were won by Chinese players.

Deng Yaping era (1991-1997)

Since the World Table Tennis Championships, the Chinese women’s team has entered the “Deng Yaping era”. Since joining the national team, Deng Yaping has won two Olympic singles and doubles titles for the Chinese women’s team, three World Table Tennis Championships singles and doubles titles, as well as a World Cup women’s singles title and a women’s doubles title.

Deng Yaping
Deng Yaping

In 1996, Deng Yaping became the first athlete to win the women’s singles championship in the three major table tennis competitions, and her 18 world championship titles in her career made her known as the “Queen of Table Tennis”.

Wang Nan era (1997-2003)

In 1997, Deng Yaping retired after the 44th World Table Tennis Championships, and Wang Nan took over the leadership of the Chinese women’s team.

Wang Nan
Wang Nan

Since the 45th World Table Tennis Championships, Wang Nan has basically won the women’s singles championship in all important international competitions, becoming another “Queen of Table Tennis” after Deng Yaping.

Zhang Yining era (2004-2009)

Since then, Zhang Yining has entered the peak period of his career. In 2005, she won the Women’s World Cup and World Table Tennis Championships in women’s singles, officially establishing her core position in the women’s team. Although Zhang Yining was overshadowed by newcomers such as Guo Yue and Li Xiaoxia from 2006 to 2007, he still successfully qualified for the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008 and won two championships in the women’s team and women’s singles.

Zhang Yining
Zhang Yining

In 2009, Zhang Yining once again won the World Table Tennis Championships women’s singles champion, and won the 19th world championship title in her career, surpassing Deng Yaping with 18, and second only to Wang Nan with 24, ranking second in history.

The era of women’s speed and power (2009-2016)

At the London Olympics in the same year, the Chinese women’s team once again won two championships. Li Xiaoxia also won the women’s singles championship, becoming the fourth Olympic women’s table tennis “double champion”.

Fan Zhendong and Chen Meng World Number 1
Fan Zhendong and Chen Meng World Number 1

In 2013, Li Xiaoxia defeated Liu Shiwen in the women’s singles final of the 52nd World Table Tennis Championships, becoming the next player in the women’s singles final of Deng Yaping, Wang Nan, and Zhang Yining. After that, the fourth female athlete to achieve the “Grand Slam” of table tennis.

In 2016, Ding Ning defeated Li Xiaoxia in the women’s singles final of the 2016 Summer Olympics competition, becoming the fifth female athlete to achieve the “Grand Slam” of table tennis.

The next generation of powerful style (2016-Now)

The next generation of the Chinese women team is Chen Meng, Sun Yingsha, and Wang Manyu.

Sun Yingsha
Sun Yingsha

Liu Shiwen is playing double with Xu Xin, one of the best mixed double teams in table tennis.

Chinese women’s team members

Here is the list of current members of the Chinese Women Team.

NameProvincial teamHandGrip
Liu ShiwenGuangdongRightShakehand
Chen MengShandongRightShakehand
Wu YangShanxiRightShakehand
Wang ManyuHeilongjiangRightShakehand
Wen JiaLiaoningLeftShakehand
Chen XingtongLiaoningRightShakehand
Gu YutingShandongLeftShakehand
Che XiaoxiHeilongjiangRightShakehand
Shi XunyaoJiangsuLeftShakehand
Sun ChenBeijingRightPenhold
Li JiayiLiaoningRightShakehand
Sheng DandanBeijingRightShakehand
Yu YangLiaoningRightShakehand
Liu WeishanTianjinRightShakehand
Sun YizhenShandongRightShakehand
Yuan YuanSichuanRightShakehand
Chi GeShandongRightShakehand
Yang JingxuShandongRightShakehand
Liu ShiwenGuangdongRightShakehand
He ZhuojiaHebeiRightShakehand
Sun YingshaHebeiRightShakehand
Qian TianyiJiangsuLeftShakehand
Sun MingyangNingxiaRightShakehand
Guo YuhanBeijingRightShakehand
Mu JingyuTianjinRightPenhold
Fan SiqiShandongRightShakehand
Mu ZiPLARightShakehand
Hu LimeiPLARightShakehand
Feng YalanHubeiRightShakehand
Li XiaodanShanxiRightShakehand
Liu FeiJiangsuRightShakehand
Liu GaoyangShandongLeftShakehand
Chen KeJiangsuLeftShakehand
Zhang RuiHubeiRightShakehand
Wang YidiYunnanRightShakehand
Zhu ChaohuiJiangsuLeftShakehand
Liu XiShandongRightShakehand
Guo YanSichuanRightShakehand
Gu RuochenShandongRightShakehand
Guo YichenZhejiangLeftShakehand
Zhang QiangJiangsuRightPenhold
Jiang YueShanghaiLeftShakehand
Lan XiLiaoningLeftShakehand
Yuan XuejiaoHenanRightShakehand
Liu MingYunnanRightShakehand
Zhao YanJiangsuRightShakehand
Zheng ShichangShanxiRightShakehand
Huang FanzhenPLARightShakehand
Wang TianyiShandongRightShakehand

01 Ding Ning

ding ning retired
Ding Ning retired

Ding Ning is retired. She is currently a student of Sport Management Master.

02 Liu Shiwen

Liu Shiwen Xu Xin Mixed Double get Silver medal
Liu Shiwen Xu Xin Mixed Double get Silver medal

03 Chen Meng

Liu Shiwen is lost. So the final is between Chen Meng and Shasha
Liu Shiwen is lost. So the final is between Chen Meng and Shasha

04 Sun Yingsha

2021 ITTF World Table Tennis Championships
2021 ITTF World Table Tennis Championships

05 Wang Manyu

China's Wang Manyu will play with American Kanak Jha
China’s Wang Manyu will play with American Kanak Jha

Chinese National Coaching Staff

Chinese coaches are considered the best coaches in the world. Their knowledge of techniques and tactics is wonderful.

Coach EmRatThich focuses a lot on Chinese coaching methods on this blog (pingsunday).

Team managerHuang Biao
Head coachLiu Guoliang
Men's team head coachQin Zhijian
Women's team head coachKong Linghui
Men's second team coachLiu Zhiqiang
Women's second team coachYan Sen

1. Liu Guoliang

Liu Guoliang - The best coach in the World. The head of China Team.
Liu Guoliang – The best coach in the World. The head of the China Team.


 2. Kong Linghui

Kong Linghui - The Prince of Table Tennis
Kong Linghui – The Prince of Table Tennis


3. Ma Lin

Ma Lin Master of Ghost Serve
Ma Lin Master of Ghost Serve

4. Wang Hao

Wang Hao - Best Reverse Penhold backhand
Wang Hao – Best Reverse Penhold backhand

5. Wu Jingping

6. Xiao Zhian

7. Liu Guozhen

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