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Chinese National Team accused doping?

Breaking News: Mass China doping

Chinese table tennis players have the best achievement and advanced techniques in table tennis. Chinese doctor Xue Yinxian (former doctor for the Chinese Olympic team) has revealed 2 days ago to German Media:

“If you refus to dope, you have to leave”

Xue adds that she was against doping. That’s why she lost her job as the chief physician to the national teams. She was asked to treat a top athlete with doping substances ahead of the Olympic Games.

Chinese Doctor Xue Yinxian confirmed "Chinese mass doping"
Chinese Doctor Xue Yinxian confirmed “Chinese mass doping”

“If anyone refused to dope, they were thrown out of the team. The children’s teams were the first to be given the drugs. The youngest was only 11 years old. I couldn’t do anything about it. One trainer came to me and said: “Dr. Xue, the boys’ breasts keep getting bigger.”

Source: [theguardian] and [irish news]

More than 10,000 Chinese athletes use banned substances. The World Anti-Doping Agency’s intelligence unit will investigate this mass Chinese doping.

Is Doping allowed in table tennis?

In table tennis, based on the official ITTF rule, doping is not allowed. However, in the past, there is some history about “Doping”.

  • Doping and false positive Liu Guoliang
  • Doping history about Dimitrij Ovtcharov
  • Doping is allowed in China (in the past)

After a test in a Dutch laboratory suggested an “elevated value of epitestosterone”, Liu was under doping investigated. The International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) cleared Liu’s name after a three-month-long investigation showed “no evidence for the exogenous origin of epitestosterone” in Liu’s samples.


Liu Guoliang - The History of a Legend

Watch this video.


However, some sport nutrition proteins are allowed to be consumed in table tennis. It can help you build the muscle, and enhance the body’s strength. For example, a high-level player can use BCAA Sports Nutrition, Protein Isolate, or Whey Protein Power.

Protein Supplement is allowed in table tennis - Help to recover and build muscle quickly
Protein Supplement is allowed in table tennis – Help to recover and build muscle quickly

The main advantage of these products is to help muscle recovery after an intense table tennis training.

The Chinese government only wants “Gold”

Doctor Xue told German daily:

“As long as you were not caught, you were a good athlete. The government only wanted to produce gold medals irrespective of the means”

She is the former Chinese Olympic team’s chief doctor at the 1984, 1988 and 1992 Olympic Games. Xue’s claim of systematic doping contradicted previous statements by the Chinese government, which had denied any involvement in individual cases of Chinese athletes taking performance-enhancing drugs.

Suspections of Chinese athletes of using banned substances at multiple Olympic Games
Suspections of Chinese athletes of using banned substances at multiple Olympic Games

They wanted to silence me

“Anyone against doping damaged the country and anyone who endangered the country now sits in prison,” she told.

“Once, eight people came to my home. They wanted me not to speak about the use of doping substances. They urged me to give up. “

Table Tennis Team has to use doping

Dr. Xue said Chinese authorities had:

“insisted that all sports teams had to use doping substances: football, volleyball, basketball, table tennis, badminton, track and field, swimming, diving, gymnastics, weightlifting.”

table tennis Chinese doping
table tennis Chinese doping
doping in table tennis China
doping in table tennis China


Your opinions?

Do you think that Chinese Table Tennis National Team has used doping? Ma Long, Fan Zhendong, Zhang Jike, Xu Xin have to use doping to increase their performance? Only Liu Guoliang and Kong Linghui know the true answer.

Personally, I know that table tennis is the technical sport. The need of using doping in China Team is much less important than in other sports.

Chinese National Team uses doping?
Chinese National Team uses doping?

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