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China Table Tennis Team Selection for Tokyo

This is a discussion session of the Chinese coaching staff for the Tokyo Olympics selection. You will understand why Chinese coaches have chosen Ma Long and Fan Zhendong, but not Xu Xin, Zhou Qihao, Lin Gaoyuan in men’s single event.

Vote selection

The Chinese Table Tennis Association officially announced the Tokyo Olympic lineup.
On May 16 2021, the Chinese Table Tennis Association officially announced the Tokyo Olympics entry list: In terms of

Men single

Men’s line, Grand Slam winner and men’s team captain Ma Long, and now the world’s number one Fan Zhendong will play in the men’s team. In the single game, Ma Long, Fan Zhendong, and Xu Xin will join forces to defend the honor of the men’s team. In the women’s line, the world’s number one Chen Meng and young player Sun Yingsha led the women’s singles. Liu Shiwen, who returned from injury, played in the women’s team with two teammates.

Men Team

When explaining the men’s team’s Olympic registration, Qin Zhijian, the head coach of the men’s team, said: “The coaching staff of the men’s team had a group meeting to discuss and research, and the opinions were highly unanimous, and 6 votes were passed. Malone is the men’s singles and team champion at the Rio Olympics and won 2015 consecutively. The singles gold medal in the three world championships of, 2017, and 2019. He is the only ‘Grand Slam’ winner in the lineup. His competitive state has been maintained at a super-class level for a long time. He is the irreplaceable spiritual leader of the men’s team. Fan Zhendong won 2018, The three-time World Cup singles champion in 2019 and 2020, the world ranked first in the past year, and he signed up for singles and team competitions. Xu Xin is a member of team champion of the Rio Olympics in 2016.

Ma Long, Zhang Jike, and Fan Zhendong teamed up to win the doubles gold medal in the World Championships. They are currently the men’s team with the best doubles ability. In this Olympic team competition, the first ball is doubled, which is extremely important for the victory of the final team competition. Sign up for the Team Competition. Now they are in good athletic condition, physical condition, and injuries are under control. They are currently the best lineup for the men’s team to participate in the Tokyo Olympics.”

Chinese Men Team for Tokyo Olympics
Chinese Men Team for Tokyo Olympics

Women team

The women’s team coach Li Xun said, “Chen Mengjin, a singles athlete In two years, he won 9 international championships, three domestic championships, won both the World Cup and national championships, and now ranks first in the world. As the backbone of the new generation of national table tennis, Sun Yingsha has maintained an excellent record against China’s major Olympic opponents. She has won three world championships (World Championships, World Cup teams, World Cup singles) and is currently ranked second in the Olympic qualifications.

She is also selected for the Olympic lineup by virtue of her outstanding performance in the recent world competitions. Liu Shiwen in 2019 She suffered an injury after a year, and with the care of leaders at all levels, through her firm belief and hard work, her state gradually recovered. But as far as the current situation is concerned, after communicating with her, her main focus is on mixed doubles.”

Chinese Women Team for Tokyo Olympics
Chinese Women Team for Tokyo Olympics

P-card Substitution

In the selection of P cards, the head coaches of the men’s and women’s teams weighed the singles and doubles strengths and the characteristics of play, comprehensively considered the strategic plan to accumulate reserves for the 2024 Paris Olympics, and finally selected Wang Chuqin and Wang Manyu.

Mixed doubles

Mixed doubles were listed as an official table tennis event for the first time in the Tokyo Olympics, and is also the first gold in table tennis. Its importance is self-evident. The combination of Xu Xin/Liu Shiwen, currently ranked first in the Olympic mixed doubles, represents the Chinese team in the Olympics without any suspense. The pair won the 2019 ITTF finals and qualified for the Tokyo Olympics mixed doubles. Coach Ma Lin, who is in charge of the mixed doubles event, said that Xu Xin had won the “triple crown” of the men’s doubles in the World Championships, and Liu Shiwen won the women’s doubles championships twice in the World Championships. The two men and women have the highest technical level in the national table tennis men’s doubles and women’s doubles.

Choosing the combination of Xu Xin/Liu Shiwen fully embodies “the best among the best, the strong among the best”. Since the pairing, the two have won the World Championships, Asian Championships, and the four open championships. They played against Japan’s main opponents Mizutani Hayabusa/Ito. Cheng Meng also maintained a record of 3 wins.

Official Chinese Team for Tokyo Olympics 2021
Official Chinese Team for Tokyo Olympics 2021

The selection of the list of participants for the Olympic Games was carried out in an orderly manner in accordance with the requirements of the General Administration of Sports for the selection of the Tokyo Olympic Games and in accordance with the “Methods for the Selection in the Tokyo Olympic Games” formulated by the Chinese Table Tennis Association. One of the highlights of the leading group meeting for the selection of the Olympics was the addition of a link where members of the Chinese Table Tennis Association’s staff took the lead in expressing their opinions on the Olympic list as an expert group.

Staff members

The staff members include Lu Yuansheng, Yin Xiao, Li Xiaodong, Wang Nan, Zhang Yining, Li Xiaoxia, and the head coach of the national table tennis men’s and women’s team. Among them, there are not only the highly respected national table tennis coaches of the past, but also many Olympic champions and Grand Slam athletes. Both the Olympic team leader and the personal experience of participating in the competition are very rich. In this session, the staff members took the lead to speak before the national table tennis coaching staff put forward the Olympic list, put forward the best Olympic list in their minds, and stated their reasons.

Subsequently, the national table tennis men’s and women’s team head coaches and the mixed doubles team leader will submit the Olympics entry list on behalf of the coaching staff. After a collective discussion and voting, the final list of entries was unanimously approved. Since its establishment in 2019, the General Staff has played an important role and made great contributions in formulating Olympic strategies, researching and evaluating athletes, and supervising and guiding the coaching staff. Through the participation of members of the staff of the Olympic selection work conference, the voice of experts in the industry has been further deepened.

Chinese coach official announcement
Chinese coach official announcement

In addition, compared with the previous Olympic list, the China Table Tennis Association has invited the People’s Daily, Xinhua News Agency, and China Central Radio and Television to participate in the process of determining the list. The Olympic selection meeting accepted the full and comprehensive supervision of the media.

Liu Guoliang, chairman of the Chinese Table Tennis Association, said that as the Tokyo Olympics is approaching, the selection of Olympic competitions has attracted more attention from all walks of life. “The purpose of our selection is to select the most trustworthy athletes to participate in the Tokyo Olympics and complete the glorious mission of raising the national flag and playing the national anthem’ in Japan. It is to bring a national team that can compete well and has a good style. The Tokyo Olympics arena, win glory for the country.” Liu Guoliang said.


The official lineup of the Chinese table tennis team for the Tokyo Olympics

Here is the official lineup:

China Team at Tokyo Olympics 2021

China Team at Tokyo Olympics 2021

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