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China Table Tennis College Summer 2020

Welcome back to PingSunday, the best place to learn table tennis. It’s time to apply to get the table tennis scholarship in China. Firstly, I will present the training camp last year at China Table Tennis College. And then, I will explain how to apply to get the scholarship this year (Official announcement).

Technical correction by Chinese coach
Technical correction by a Chinese coach

China Table Tennis College (CTTC) is the first professional institution of table tennis in the world which jointly established by Shanghai Municipal Government and Chinese Table Tennis Association and is located in Shanghai with teaching, training, scientific research, and foreign exchange for table tennis players.

Enrollment of 2020 Summer School of CTTC

Every year, we organize the Summer Training Camp for foreign table tennis players. Last year, many players get the scholarship to train in Shanghai by reading on PingSunday, and by following coach EmRatThich.

Table Tennis Technical and Tactical Analysis Lecture at CTTC 2019
Table Tennis Technical and Tactical Analysis Lecture at CTTC 2019

You will not only learn the table tennis with the best Chinese coaches, but also this is the best occasion for you to learn the Chinese language, calligraphy, discover Chinese food, cultures, and many more.

Discover Chinese food during the training camp activities
Discover Chinese food during the training camp activities



China Table Tennis College Summer 2020

Watch this video.


This year, 2020 Summer School begins from 18th June to 15th July in Shanghai, China. Students will have table tennis training, Chinese language courses, traditional Chinese culture experience and extra-curricular practice like sightseeing tours.

Group photo of summer training camp last year
Group photo of summer training camp last year


Duration: 28 days. 18th June—15th July 2020, Shanghai, China

Application Deadline: 5th April 2020

The deadline is 5th April 2020. A result email on your application will be sent to you within 2 weeks upon receiving your application. Your place would be canceled if no copy of the visa page reply and no online application.

Tuition Fee

The College will provide participants table tennis training, living accommodations, meals, related learning materials for free. 

Stretching before training in China
Stretching before training in China

International travel and online application costs(RMB 500) of participants should be paid by yourselves.


Housing Arrangement:

Participants will stay in double-rooms at overseas students’ apartments on campus. Rooms are newly furnished and have a private bathroom and laundry facilities. Classrooms and table tennis training hall for the program are located on campus so you will be able to walk from your residence to the training hall easily.

Calligraphy cours
Calligraphy course

How to Apply:

There are 2 stages:

First stage: Submit the following materials by email (stella20402040@163.com):

  • Application form (download here 2020 Application Form.pdf)
  • Your passport copy (only personal information page)
  • Certificate or document that proves your student status(in Chinese or English language)

Please submit before the deadline (05 April 2020).

Second Stage: After the first step and selection, we will email you the online application procedure, you need to finish the online application step and get an invitation by DHL for the visa.

Visiting ITTF Museum
Visiting ITTF Museum

Application Qualifications:

To be qualified, you need:

  • *Above medium technical level of table tennis, the experience of taking part in large matches or events. Not for beginners.
  • *20 members, aged between 16-25
  • *Non-Chinese citizenship
  • *Physically and mentally healthy
Visiting the ITTF Museum - discover the world champion in table tennis
Visiting the ITTF Museum – discover the world champion in table tennis


Schedule 2020

2020年上海暑期学校(乒乓球项目)              2020 Shanghai Summer School (SUS)
日程表                                    Schedule —-Table Tennis Program
日期 Date 星期  Day 上午 Morning               8:30--11:30 下午 Afternoon                   14:30--17:30
18/06/2020 四 THU 1、 学生报到 2、办理入住 3、物品领取 4、生活安排
1. Registration 2. Check-in 3 Collect materials from staff 4.Logistics arrangement
19/06/2020 五 FRI 迎新短会
Administrative Orientation
Logistics assistance
20/06/2020 六 SAT 自由活动(Free day)
21/06/2020 日 SUN 自由活动(Free day)
22/06/2020 一 MON 训练(Training)
23/06/2020 二 TUE “学说中国话”       Learning Chinese               (9:00-11:00)     训练(Training)
24/06/2020 三 WED “学说中国话”       Learning Chinese               (9:00-11:00)     训练(Training)
25/06/2020 四 THU 训练(Training)
26/06/2020 五 FRI     开幕典礼+参观武术博物馆                 Opening Ceremony       +Visiting Chinese Martial Art Museum     训练(Training)
27/06/2020 六 SAT 参观考察1:上海市区一日考察                                         Field Trip:one-day visit to downtown Shanghai
28/06/2020 日 SUN 乒乓球比赛体验与观赏:现场观看第29届东亚希望杯乒乓球锦标赛  Watching and Experiencing Table Tennis Match at the scene:   The 29th East Asian Hopes Table Tennis Championships
29/06/2020 一 MON 训练(Training)
30/06/2020 二 TUE 讲座:乒乓球历史与文化
Lecture: Table Tennis  History and Culture
01/07/2020 三 WED    中国文化体验课: 书法课
Chinese Culture Introduction: Calligraphy
02/07/2020 四 THU 讲座:乒乓球技战术分析
Lecture: Table Tennis Technical and Tactical Analysis(9:00-11:00)
03/07/2020 五 FRI 中国文化体验课:剪纸
Chinese Culture Introduction: Paper-cut(9:00-11:00)
04/07/2020 六 SAT 参观考察2:上海郊区游-西塘                                         Field Trip:Visit to Shanghai Suburb-Xitang
05/07/2020 日 SUN 自由活动(Free day)
06/07/2020 一 MON     训练(Training) 中华美食课
Chinese Cuisine
07/07/2020 二 TUE     训练(Training) 参观考察3:参观国际乒联和中国乒乓球博物馆
Field Trip:ITTF Museum & CTT Museum
08/07/2020 三 WED     训练(Training) 参观考察4:上海长宁区民俗文化中心                                         Field Trip:Shanghai Changning District Folk Culture
09/07/2020 四 THU 项目反馈交流会
Feedback(debriefing)  (9:00-10:00)
10/07/2020 五 FRI 训练(Training)
11/07/2020 六 SAT 自由活动 Free day + 晚上看杂技表演 Chinese Acrobatics Show 18:00-21:00
12/07/2020 日 SUN 自由活动(Free day)
13/07/2020 一 MON     训练(Training) 汇演彩排 Performance Rehearsal
14/07/2020 二 TUE 1.毕业典礼  2.欢送午宴   1. Closing ceremony  2. Luncheon
15/07/2020 三 WED 启程返回 Departure
Note: All courses are subject to change.
Students should abide by the laws both in China and China Table Tennis College.


Here are some testimonials for this training camp. Keean has shared his opinion:

Tfw you appear on the thumbnail with coach ??‍♂️? tried to summarize my experience  if you’re keen to read below.
Seriously though, it has been one of the best parts of my table tennis journey so far has been there twice this year and last. If you’re not sure how legit this is, just go with an open mind. A lot of my friends and even coaches were skeptical about a “Free” training program in China, most never heard of such a thing.
But believe me, it was an eye-opening experience, from the intensive training with international friends of the same passion and sparring with the high-level players there, to watching rising stars like Miwa Harimoto and Matsushima Sora competition was definitely unforgettable.
I wouldn’t recommend this camp for those looking for 100% training sessions, as it is a well-rounded cultural exchange as well. They organized a few day tours into the city as well as some other interesting attractions. The change of pace once in a while to rest and recover while seeing a metropolitan city to explore its cuisine, sights was definitely more than welcome. Some days in a week would also include lessons for introduction to Mandarin, or the Technical Aspects of Table Tennis (real in-depth math oof).
All in all it was a great trip ? Trust me when I say that deep down you wouldn’t want to leave on the last day, having to part and say goodbye with newfound friends ? Shoutout to all my international buds from both 2018 & 2019 Summer Camp, and Ms Xu & volunteers, thanks for the mmrs ? ps: Feel free to ask if you’ve any questions and I’ll try to answer if possible !! 🙂

Tony Ma shared his opinion:

Lucky to have been able to experience this summer camp! Everyone go apply for this upcoming year!
jackson chen is also happy to share:
I’ve been there this summer with aytto I meet really amazing coaches and I hope I can go back next year to see them again

Markuss Ozols

I was there in 2017. Very good experience and culture shock.
MouseL96 on YouTube has commented:
Thanks for sharing this coach! Because of PingSunday I got to know about this camp this year 2019. And I am very grateful that I got the chance to participate at this amazing camp! It has been a very good experience for me. If anyone has the chance to go there, I definitely recommend you to go!

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  1. Hi, I need more information about a Camp.. I have 2 girls 13u and I would like more specified training. Both girls represented P.R. in Latinoamerican games..

  2. Hi, this sounds amazing, but i am not eligible as i turn 26 before the camp. Do you know if there are any training camps for people above 25?

  3. Hi coach. I like your videos very much. They helped me a lot with improving my technique. But now i have a problem, its time to change my rubbers, because they are almost 1 and a half year old. Can you help me choose new rubbers? My blade is a andro hiloom witch hinoki outer ply( i bought it because of the good feeling and nice catapult). My playing style is topspin oriented and i play from mid distance behind the table. I am also a forehand dominant player., my backhind is unconsistent. I also like to lobb the ball and play sidespin topsins.I train 2 times a week for 5 hours.
    Can you please help me? Excuse me for my English its not very good. Btw i am very ambitioned and want to improve fast.


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