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Childhood photo of professional players

Yesterday, the 1st of June is International Children’s Day. I make this video to celebrate this day, with a lot of love for many children on this planet. I love my kids. And I wish all the best for every child around the world.

the 1st JUNE is the Children days for many countries

Mid-Autumn Festival in Vietnam

Mid-Autumn Festival in Vietnam
Mid-Autumn Festival in Vietnam

in China

children day in china
children day in china

in Japan

children day in japan
children day in japan

in Korea

children day in south korea
children day in South Korea
Children's day (Día del Niño) in Ecuador
Children’s day (Día del Niño) in Ecuador
Children's Day celebration in Kendhoo, Maldives
Children’s Day celebration in Kendhoo, Maldives

The photo of the top table tennis players when they are the kids

To celebrate this day, let’s play a small game with me.
I will show you a photo of the table tennis player when they are a kid. You need to guess who is the player.

Guess who are they?

Watch video above ☝.


At the end of the video, please comment below your score. Be honest! OK? Let’s go!

Ai Fukuhara

Ariel Hsing

Chen Meng


Chen Qi

chen xingtong


dimitrij ovtcharov

ding ning


Fan Zhendong


Hugo Calderano


Jan Ove Walder

Kasumi Ishikawa




Koki Niwa

kong linghui

Suh Hyo-won

liam pitchford

Li Xiaoxia

lin gaoyuan

harimoto tomokazu

liu guoliang

ma long

mima ito

miu hirano

lin yun-ju

fang bo

Jean-Philippe Gatien

sun yingsha

timo boll

wang chuqin

wang hao

Wang Liqin

xu xin

Zhu Yuling

zhang jike








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