2018 Team World Cup – China Team

China Team for Team World Cup 2018

What is Table Tennis Team World Cup 2018? Team World Cup is the second most prestigious team tournament after the World Table Tennis Championships (WTTC). It will be hosted by Table Tennis England and will take place at the Copper Box Arena on London’s Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. What are the dates and venue for the…

Zhang Jike Retirement?

Zhang Jike retirement: ending his career

It’s not the first time that Zhang Jike wants to announce his retirement. After the Rio Olympics Table Tennis 2016, he has said to his fan base: “I am already prepared to retire,” said Zhang Jike in August 2016. Fun fact: Zhang Jike has explained that “the spin” is the most important factor for him…

Chinese Table Tennis: Liu Guoliang Comments in Trial WTTC 2017

Chinese Table Tennis: Liu Guoliang comments

During the Last Stage of Chinese Table Tennis Trials 2017, Liu Guoliang (Head Coach of Chinese Table Tennis National Team) is disappointed about the performances of the Chinese players (Xu Xin, Fan Zhendong, Fang Bo, Xu Chenhao, Liu Dingshuo, Zhou Yu, Wang Chuqin, Yu Ziyang). He gives comments for the matches of each player. He said, “You only have…