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China’s main competitors at the World Championships 2019

Main rival for China Men Team

The 2019 World Table Tennis Championships will take place at the end of April this year in Hungary. Currently, the Chinese Table Tennis National Team is in a 1-month closed-training in Shenzhen. Like the previous closed-training sessions, they all posted photos of the most dangerous opponents in their stadiums. So who is the most important … Read more

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Who is the most successful player of all time?

Zhang Jike Persistence - one of the best player in the world

Who is the most valuable player (MVP) in table tennis of all time? Who is the most successful player in table tennis? Zhang Jike, Ma Long, Jan-Ove Waldner, Timo Boll, Xu Xin, Harimoto Tomokazu, or someone else? Greatest players versus MVP player? The greatest player and the MVP player are not the same. The greatest player is … Read more

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Liu Guoliang is back for Tokyo 2020

Liu Guoliang at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games dedicated to the Gold medal for China - Photo Rémy Gros/ITTF

This is Breaking news for many table tennis fans around the world. Yes! “Liu Guoliang is back!” He is no doubt the “head” of China Team! Without him, China can’t achieve such a huge success as today. Liu Guoliang is the genius coach (very strong at tactics, and players personality activation). In June 2017, Liu Guoliang … Read more

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Timo BOLL is European Champion for the 7th times

Awards Ceremonies. Liebherr 2018 ITTFEuropean Table Tennis Championships. 23 September. Alicante, Spain

Yes! Timo Boll, the most elegant style, in table tennis. At 37 years old, he won again the European Championships 2018. And this is his 7th title! Amazing! Timo Boll won again Last time Timo Boll won the Singles LIEBHERR European Championships in 2012. Timo Boll admitted (on ETTU’s news): “I am still nervous, I … Read more

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Who is the Best Table Tennis Player?

4 grand slams in table tennis, Ma Long is the 5th

Who are the greatest table tennis players? A very good question. And maybe the World Number 1 table tennis player on the current ITTF World Ranking is the best player? Today, let’s answer who is the most successful table tennis of all time. Grand slam players The best players in table tennis should win the Grand … Read more

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Who is Ma Long’s wife?

who is Ma Long's girlfriend?

Ma Long, captain Long, is considered one of the best table tennis players in history. Recently, we are so excited about the news of Zhang Jike’s girlfriend. Some players asked me “Who is Ma Long’s girlfriend ?”. Well, Ma Long is married. Ma Long has also a little kid.   Ma Long announced on his Weibo, … Read more

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Table Tennis News: Get Private Coaching from Timo Boll

Timo Boll Webcoach service

Private coaching lesson of the legend “Timo Boll”? Yes, from Timo Boll! It’s an amazing news for many table tennis fans around the world! Timo Boll Webcoach 波尔 教练 Timo Boll and his team have opened a service “Webcoach”. He explained: My goal is to make my complete table tennis know-how available to everyone. My team … Read more