Table Tennis News: Get Private Coaching from Timo Boll

Timo Boll Webcoach service

Private coaching lesson of the legend “Timo Boll”? Yes, from Timo Boll! It’s an amazing news for many table tennis fans around the world! Timo Boll Webcoach 波尔 教练 Timo Boll and his team have opened a service “Webcoach”. He explained: My goal is to make my complete table tennis know-how available to everyone. My team…

Ma Long’s childhood and personal life

Ma Long's childhood

Every table tennis player has a Memorable and Unforgettable Childhood. Ma Long is the same. Today, I present the trip of Ma Long comeback to his hometown. He quit his hometown at the age of 11. The documentary is made by New York Times Travel Magazine, translated by MaLong Family Club. Ma Long’s childhood Ma…

Miu Hirano is banned in China

Miu Hirano is banned in China

Thursday 05 October 2017 JTTA (Japanese Table Tennis Association) has announced breaking news. Miu Hirano (平野 美宇) is recently banned from playing in China. “Japanese players will be barred from competing in the Chinese Table Tennis Super League (CTTSL), possibly until the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.” It is confirmed on TheJapanTimes. Miu Hirano has improved too…

How Ma Long practices his powerful forehand ?

Ma Long training forehand

This is the training session of Ma Long in Werner Schlager Academy (WSA). You can learn the footwork and the forehand techniques of Ma Long. Ma Long practices the forehand to forehand topspin drills with Xu Xin. Why Ma Long’s forehand is so powerful? Ma Long’s forehand technique is considered the best forehand in the…

Chinese National Team accused doping?

Chinese National Team uses doping?

Breaking News: Mass China doping Chinese table tennis players have the best achievement and advanced techniques in table tennis. Chinese doctor Xue Yinxian (former doctor for the Chinese Olympic team) has revealed 2 days ago to German Media: “If you refus to dope, you have to leave” Xue adds that she was against doping. That’s why…