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Alexis Lebrun – the new World youth leader

Alexis Lebrun - n1 youth

This year’s World Youth No.1 is Alexis Lebrun, who hails from France. His little brother (Felix Lebrun) is also a very good player – one of the best penholders in Europe. Tomokazu Harimoto and Alexis Lebrun, who is better? Tomokazu Harimoto has been dethroned by Lebrun as the world’s finest young athlete, kicking off a … Read more

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LeBrun brothers – new hope for Europe

Many Gold medal for Alexis and Felix

The LEBRUN brothers were born in Sudie, in Montpellier in the year of grace 2003 (Alexis) then 2006 (Félix). Family tradition obliges, their mother to give birth, not classically on an obstetrical table, but lying on a Butterfly table. Their father Stéphane cutting each time, with dexterity, and without firing a shot, the umbilical cord … Read more

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MIZUTANI Jun is officially retired

Gold medallist Jun Mizutani has called time on his magical career

When it was announced that her Olympic Mixed Doubles partner Jun Mizutani will be retiring, Mima Ito had some kind words to share. Mima Ito is so sad Table Tennis legend Jun Mizutani has announced his retirement. Jun Mizutani, one of Japan’s greatest table tennis players, has announced his retirement from international competition. On February … Read more

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Xu Xin’s childhood, wife and family

Xu Xin proposes to long time girlfriend Yao Yan in Shanghai

I have talked about the equipment and the playing style of Xu Xin. Because Xu Xin is my favorite player, now let’s learn about his childhood, family, and national career. Xu Xin is the best penholder of the Chinese national table tennis team. Xu Xin’s childhood In 1990, Xu Xin was born into a cadre … Read more

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Chinese national table tennis team (Full list)

China Team is too good at table tennis

About Chinese National Team China national table tennis team is founded in 1952. China Team is considered the best team in the world. With 4 Male Grand Slams (Liu Guoliang, Kong Linghui, Zhang Jike, and Ma Long), and 5 Female Grand Slams (Deng Yaping, Wang Nan, Zhang Yining, Li Xiaoxia, and Ding Ning), Chinese are … Read more

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Vladimir Samsonov equipment and profile

After 25 years at the top of the world - he is retired

Professional table tennis player Vladimir Samsonov originates from Belarus. Because of his excellent offensive and defensive techniques, he is referred to as the “Tai Chi Master” in China. Six successive Olympic appearances from 1996 to 2016 witnessed Samsonov finish in the top four in 2000 and 2016. Vladimir Samsonov is retired Samsonov has announced his … Read more

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Who are Joola sponsored table tennis players

Team JOOLA - sponsored players

List of professional table tennis players and coaches who are sponsored by Joola. Joola is one of the best table tennis brands, founded in Germany. About Joola Karl Frey, the former proprietor of Fr. Th. Jooss, a department store chain in Landau, Germany, launched JOOLA. To begin with, a table tennis table was made in … Read more

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Timo Boll equipment and playingstyle

Timo Boll is sponsored by Butterfly

Timo Boll is a professional table tennis player from Germany who currently plays for Borussia Düsseldorf in the German Bundesliga. With three world No. 1 rankings between 2003 and 2011, as well as one in March 2018, he is one of the greatest German table tennis players ever. Timo Boll biography Country: Germany DOB: 03/08/1981 … Read more

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Will Fan Zhendong surpass Ma Long?

will Fan Zhendong surpass Ma Long?

Will Fan Zhendong surpass Ma Long? Based on the head-to-head stats, Ma Long is stronger than Fan Zhendong. But recently, Fan Zhendong started to defeat Ma Long more. The main question is: will Fan Zhendong surpass Ma Long in the near future? Who is better? Comparing Ma Long vs Fan Zhendong is like comparing Messi … Read more

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Ma Long vs Fan Zhendong: Who is better?

Ma Long vs Fan Zhendong who is better

Compare Ma Long vs. Fan Zhendong to see which matchup has the best contests from different years. We’ll give you a quick overview of the epic showdown that began in 2012 between these two of our sport’s top athletes. Some of the top competitions from the many tournaments of these incredible players are shown in … Read more

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Daily routine of professional table tennis player

improve the leg's strength

Here is the table tennis workout plan of Chen Meng (a professional table tennis player from China). She is also the Olympics champion. What really matters when it comes to getting in those practice sessions is forming positive habits and establishing a routine. The daily routine of Chen Meng The quarantine diary of Chen Meng. … Read more

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Is Timo Boll serve legal? analyzed with TTR

TTR ball tracking used by ITTF

Is Timo Boll’s service legal or not legal? Let’s analyze the serve of Timo Boll with the ball-tracking technology in table tennis. It’s used in table tennis as the TTR review system. Ball tracking technology The ITTF adopted the video table tennis refereeing (TTR) proposal at its meeting on November 27, 2021, in Houston, Texas, giving players … Read more

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Table tennis exhibition show between Ma Long and Xu Xin

Ma Long Xu Xin exhibition 2021

This is the exhibition show between Ma Long and Xu Xin during the Hong Kong visit trip. Hong Kong visit table tennis show In the press conference on Dec 3, Ma Long said table tennis Team China and Team Hong Kong have a good friendship. At Tokyo Olympics Games, Team Hong Kong rooted for them … Read more

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Ma Long makes an international comeback 2022

Ma Long comes back January 2022

Ma Long, a legend in China, did not play in the World Cup in Houston. Now, the Tokyo Olympic gold champion is making a comeback on the international stage. Ma Long will return in January 2022 The 33-year-old is one of the elite athletes competing in the WTT Champions Macao 2021 Stars of China, which … Read more

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Vladimir Samsonov has announced his retirement

Vladimir Samsonov retire

Vladimir Samsonov has announced his retirement. The 45-year-old Vladimir Samsonov of Belarus announced his retirement from competitive table tennis on July 2021. He is the only player to win the Champions League tournament three times in a row. A twenty-year veteran of the European elite, he is an enormous champion. A legend of table tennis … Read more

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Truls Möregardh personal life and training

Truls Möregardh personal life and training

What is Truls Moregardh’s personal life? And how did he train to become a world-class player? Truls Möregardh’s life revolves around competition. He’s quite good at adapting to new situations and people. During training, he stays laser-focused and unflappable. His playing style and his equipment are modern styles. Table tennis is Truls Möregrdh’s life In … Read more

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Truls Möregårdh a phenomenal 19 years old Sweden player

Truls Moregard at WTTC 2021

Truls Möregårdh is a phenomenal 19 years old Sweden player. Truls Moregard at Houston World Table Tennis Championships 2021 Truls Moregard is only 19 years old. Now, he becomes the superstar in table tennis. You will remember this name. He is the young generation from Europe who can compete with the top Chinese players. It … Read more

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Why Zhang Jike did not participate in the Tokyo Olympics

Zhang Jike during an exhibition match 2021

When it comes to Zhang Jike, I believe everyone is familiar with this name. The most outstanding of the global table tennis, Grand Slam players, completed the Grand Slam in just 445 days, creating an almost unheard record. So, why didn’t Zhang Jike compete in the Olympics in Tokyo? Is Zhang Jike truly expelled from … Read more