About China National Table Tennis Men Team

Understand How Chinese players prepare for important tournaments by this documentary

The Chinese National Table Tennis Men Team, for many ordinary table tennis players people, is a dominant team. The dream team in the table tennis world. For the Chinese head coach, Liu Guoliang, it’s the ‘Iron Army’. It’s a team that needs to be urged on, go through the mills and rejuvenate by young athletes. … Read more

Why Will Ma Long Join T2 Diamond?

Ma Long will join T2 Diamond

Recently, Ma Long, Fan Zhendong, Xu Xin and Ding Ning have announced that they will participate in the T2 Diamond Tournament which will be held in Malaysia from 18 to 21 July 2019. But why top Chinese players are interested in T2 Diamond tournament. The previous season, there are no top Chinese players. I will … Read more

Best European Table Tennis Player

Top European table tennis ranking

Who is the best European table tennis in 2019? Here is the current ranking of the top Male in Female players in Europe. Timo Boll is still the best player in Europe. FALCK Mattias has climbed to the 2nd position after the World Table Tennis Championship 2019 in Budapest. OVTCHAROV Dimitrij and FRANZISKA Patrick both … Read more

Ma Long Injury Is Serious

Ma Long serious knee problem

Ma Long’s knee is injured since 3 years ago. But until now, his injury is not recovered. Will he be able to come back to the highest level of table tennis competition? Ma Long Injury Is Serious. He could be possibly withdrawn from high-level competitions.   For more than 5 months, Ma Long didn’t participate … Read more

Liam Pitchford equipments and playing style

Liam Pitchford Blade and Rubber

Liam Pitchford told his mother “I want to do this full-time; I don’t want to go to school anymore”. He practiced 4 nights/week and now he is one of the best European table tennis players. He is a thin guy, with average physical strength. But what makes Liam be the top player? He is 2016 World Championships … Read more

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