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The best ways athletes mentally prepare for table tennis competition

Miwa Harimoto listening to music and dancing

The best ways athletes mentally prepare for table tennis competition. Some players are very strong during the practice, but very weak during the real match. Why? Preparing mentally is an important part of how well an athlete does. You can turn negative energy into focus and confidence by using techniques like visualizing, listening to music … Read more

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How to coach in table tennis

Know how to analysis the performance

Every table tennis players know that having a professional coach is a must. Their role is very important. If you want to become a good table tennis coach, here are my tips. How to coach in table tennis There are some things that make a great professional coach. A good coach is optimistic, enthusiastic, supportive, … Read more

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Why you should have a table tennis coach

the best reasons why you need a professional coach

What are the benefits of having a professional coach in table tennis? I’m a table tennis coach in France. So I understand very well the benefits of having a table tennis coach. Every professional player has a coach, so why not you? Benefits of having a coach Having a table tennis coach can help you … Read more

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Best Table Tennis Quotes [Inspiring]

best table tennis quotes

Best table tennis quotes and sayings. Keep motivated and inspiring by reading these amazing quotes about table tennis. Best Table Tennis Quotes   “Only passions. great passions can elevate the soul to great things.” —Zhang Jike  “Champions keep playing until they get it right.” —Billie Jean King  “I love the winning, I can take the losing, but … Read more

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When To Start Table Tennis? Minimum Age For Table Tennis

when to start table tennis

Minimum Age For Table Tennis, When To Start Table Tennis? When it comes to table tennis, one of the most important considerations is a player’s age. “How old do you have to be to play table tennis ?”, you wonder. The best age to begin table tennis Table tennis doesn’t have a set minimum age … Read more

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Dirty serve in table tennis (study case)

dirty serve in table tennis

In the previous article, I’ve explained a showcase that Pistel has served when the opponent was not ready. He served when Fan Zhendong was not ready. Serve when the opponent was not ready Some players don’t agree with me. I understand your opinion. But I’ve seen another case that Pistel has behaved unprofessionally, unsportsmanlike. It’s … Read more

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How Chinese coach does Multi-Ball Training ?

Chinese multi ball training practice

Today we will learn how Chinese coaches do the multi-ball drills for their top players. Multi-ball training is one of the main reasons that the Chinese National Team is so strong. I found that there is 2 typical multi-ball training pattern that Chinese coaches often use for their players. Multiball 1: 4th ball counter attack … Read more

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How To Warm Up in Table Tennis Correctly

How to Warm Up Correctly in Table Tennis

Warm-up is very important in table tennis. Unfortunately, even at major events such as the World Championships or Europe, it is clear that some top athletes are not familiar or are not well informed about warm-up and stretching. The majority of injuries occur during a training process or a competition. This is particularly interesting as … Read more

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Common Table Tennis Injuries & How To Prevent

Top 5 Injuries in Table Tennis and How to Prevent

What are the most common injuries and pains in table tennis? Players often suffer from upper extremities pain such as wrist, elbow, ankle and shoulder joints. Diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of common table tennis injuries are very important for your safety. Physicians and doctors can provide informed advice and treatment recommendations, but you should read … Read more

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Best Table Tennis Lessons Online – Free & Paid

Timo Boll - Tischtennis Coaching Portal

What are the best and free table tennis coaching videos on the Internet? There are many good table tennis lessons on YouTube, and on other online platforms. The most famous one could be PingSkills and Table Tennis University. If you want to learn table tennis with the Chinese coaching lessons, the best place is “EmRatThich … Read more