How to Beat Choppers – Tips from Xu Xin

Tactics to win Defensive players in table tennis

Welcome back! Today, we learn the Simple but Effective table tennis tactics to play against the defenders, the choppers in table tennis. As you know, table tennis tactics are crucial in this sport. So the coach must provide the best tactics to their player to win. You can also read all of my articles related … Read more

How to play against long pimples

Tactics to win long pimples easily

Many players are angry about long pips! Yes, I know! We are angry because we are very bad at countering them. It is incredibly frustrating to play against a long pimple player. You want to blame your opponent! “I hate pimples! They should be ban! No Skills!“ But don’t worry! Playing against long pips is not … Read more

Table Tennis Tactics: Beating a good junior player

Counter Quick Drive Playing Style

Some players have difficulty playing against younger players. The junior players are quicker. They counter and drive every ball. They have the counter or driver playing style. Today, I explain you the tactics to play against the good counter playing style (young kids, or woman style). And how to play against kids in table tennis? … Read more

Liu Guoliang: Genius of Table Tennis Tactics

Liu Guoliang: Genius of Table Tennis Tactics

Liu Guoliang is the best table tennis coach in the world. He is ultimately responsible for the performances of all of the top Chinese players. He is very good in Psychology, Tactics and Player Development. It particularly focuses on mental training and preparation. The is the “secret of China Team”. In this Rio 2016 Olympics, … Read more

Third Ball Attack in Table Tennis

Third ball attack in table tennis

Third Ball Attack in Table Tennis Welcome to the channel of coach EmRatThich. Today I will explain to you the key points of how to do a 3rd ball attack in table tennis. The 3rd ball attack is your first attack or a shot to open a series of attacks later. Who attacks first, in general, will have … Read more

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