Rating Central best rating system for table tennis

Rating Central Ranking - Latest Result only for June 2017

ITTF has changed the Table Tennis World Ranking System. The fan around the world has various opinions. Some supports, other find the new system has some flaws. Here, I want to present one of the most scientific and well-researched ranking systems for table tennis “Rating Central”. Skip3119 on MyTableTennis.net said: “It appears that Dr. Marcus…

Is the ITTF World Table Tennis Ranking Accurate?

xu xin is the #1 March 2020 ranking

Here is the list of top males and top females table tennis players in the world using the ERT table tennis ranking for this month. It’s is updated with the latest match results in the official ITTF competitions. However, you should notice that there are 2 Table Tennis Ranking Systems: ITTF Ranking System, and ERT…

Table Tennis vs Ping Pong – What you should know

table tennis vs ping pong - are they the same

What is the difference between table tennis versus ping pong? Are they the same or different? Trust me! It’s not the same! There are indeed many different rules between these two names. Many new players asked me this same question. Let me compare the difference between ping pong and table tennis right now. Are ping pong…

15 Unwritten Table Tennis Rules That You Should Know

Unofficial Table Tennis Rules and Regulations

In table tennis, there are official rules and non-official unwritten rules. You can easily find the official rules and regulations in the ITTF’s Handbook. Here you can download and learn the latest table tennis rules from ITTF (International Table Tennis Federations). But how about unwritten rules? These unwritten laws are widely accepted because it ensures the fair play,…