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The top 10 most basic rule in table tennis

top 10 official rules in table tennis

Let us help you resolve those garage or workplace conflicts by using the Official Table Tennis Rules. Coach EmRatThich resumes the most basic rules in table tennis with the official ITTF regulations. This list is not comprehensive, but these are frequent areas of disagreement among players. These official table tennis regulations can help you keep … Read more

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The history of table tennis: Some key points to know

The history of table tennis

Some players think that table tennis has its origin in China. No, it’s not correct. So I need to explain to you the origin of our sport – table tennis. Note that, table tennis and ping pong are not the same sport nowadays. Table tennis started in England, but not in China Table tennis began … Read more

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Xu Chenhao illegal serve (study case)

Xu Chenhao illegal serve study case

Today, let’s analyze the serve of Xu Chenhao. Closed training of China Team before Tokyo Olympics Just after the Chinese Trial (Second Leg), the China National Team has arrived in Weihai today (Monday 31 May 2021). A new phase of closed training is about to begin.​​​​ Closed training is very important. This is the final … Read more

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Special Rules of Table Tennis in Olympics Tokyo 2021

Special Rules for Table Tennis in Olympics

Table Tennis Olympics is the most prestigious tournament (Games of the XXXII Olympiad, Tokyo 2021). Therefore, there are some specific rules that you should know. Unlike the normal tournament, there are some different rules than the basic rules in table tennis. Qualification Rules There are limit of participants allowed in Olympic Games table tennis. Here … Read more

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Is Maharu Yoshimura serve legal?

Timo Boll has a hard time to read Yoshimura's serve

In the previous article “Why Yoshimura Serve is so effective?”, there are many opposing opinions. Some said Yoshimura serve is legal. Other players don’t agree. Today we talk about the “Upside-down service” of Yoshimura. Is it really effective? And is this service really illegal? If you don’t know the serving rule, I recommend you read … Read more

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Table Tennis Scoring: Why 0 is called “Love”?

Why is the score 0-0 called Love All in table tennis

In football, the score of 0 is called “Nil”. For example, when England beats France 2-0, it’s called “Two-nil”, but not “Two-Love”. But in table tennis, or in other racquet games (like tennis), the score is called “Love”. Why? What is the table tennis scoring system? Table tennis rules state that a player can win … Read more

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Why do table tennis players say “Cho”?

The meaning of Cho in table tennis

Why do top professional table tennis players make “cho” (or “cho-lei”) sounds after scoring points? What is the meaning of “Cho”? Shouting “Cho” or “Cho-lei” is becoming the culture in table tennis. It is something like, if you don’t Cho, you are not a real table tennis player. Why do table tennis players shout “Cho”? … Read more

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Fang Bo Controversy – Learn to Control Your Temper

Fang Bo is banned for 2 games

In table tennis, you should learn to control your temper. No matter what, who is right, who is wrong. Keep the right “etiquette” or you will be punished. Fang Bo controversy During the Chinese Super League, there was a dispute between Fang Bo and Zhao Zhaoyan. Fang Bo can’t control his temper, and he has violently kicked … Read more

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Mercy point in table tennis, Yes or No?

Mercy point in table tennis

Mercy point in table tennis, Yes or No? Why should you avoid winning 11-0? In your opinion, what will you do? When you are winning 10-0. Do you give up a point? If yes, this point is called mercy point. You can win 11-0 Yes, you can win 11-0 in table tennis. It’s a new … Read more

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5 Basic Service Rules in Table Tennis

Official table tennis rules for legal service

There are the basic serving rules that every table tennis player should know! The official rules and regulations of ITTF help you to avoid doing the illegal serve in table tennis. I also explain some study cases of “fault serve”. The hand signals (gesture) of the umpire are also discussed. Read more about the official … Read more

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Understanding Basic Rules in Table Tennis

Basic Rules of Table Tennis

Reading the official ITTF rulebook is rather uninteresting. These are the most common questions and explications about confusing situations in table tennis. If you don’t have time, just check 3 minutes quick main rules in table tennis. So today, let’s review quickly some basic rules of table tennis that every player should understand! Have you … Read more

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How To Protect Your Ranking If You Are Injured

Protect Your Ranking In Case of Injury In Table Tennis

ITTF has changed the new ranking system, which excludes the old ranking points and considers only the recent results. Although the new ranking has many flaws, world table tennis ranking is very important to a player. The official ranking system could decide the position, the seeding, and the national selection of a player. Did you … Read more