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Ping pong serve rules for singles

Ping Pong serves rules for single matches

Here are the important table tennis serve rules for Singles. Service rules for singles are different than the service rules for Doubles.Important serve rules for singlesThe service rules and regulations for the single match in table tennis are simple. Firstly, you need to read the 05 basic serve rules.Here are the most important serve rules … Read more

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Handbook for table tennis umpire and referee

Umpire showed who will serve the next point

A player asked me to provide the handbook for table tennis umpire and referee. So here is the recap of the rules and regulations that any table tennis umpire should know (compiled by EmRatThich).The source: ITTF handbook for match referee and officials.How to become an official table tennis umpireA player asked me to provide the … Read more

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Winning 11-0 someone in table tennis bad or good?

Winning someone 11-0 is poorly perceived in table tennis

Winning 11-0 someone in table tennis bad or good? Some players just say “no mercy”. What should you do?Is winning 11-0 legal in table tennis?A player asked, when I am winning 10-0, should I give a point to the opponent? And do pro players do the same?And I answered, yes, it’s called a mercy point. … Read more

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World table tennis ranking in 2022

Truls lost to Fan Zhendong in the final of WTTC 2021 Men's single final

Disclaimer: This is not a true ladder, which means the higher-ranked player is not really stronger than the lower-ranked player. You should consider this as the ladder for the most active player in the WTT competitions.The purpose of world table tennis ranking?Hello. What do you think about the current ITTF world ranking?Number 1- Fan ZhendongNumber … Read more

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Let’s throw the racket

let's throw the racket

Some players tend to throw the racket when they are angry.This is the parody song to remind you that:Please respect your opponentControl your temperHere is the example of Truls Moregard.Parody song of table tennisLet's throw the racketWatch this video on YouTubeWatch video above ☝.This is PingSunday.Let’s make some ruckusLet’s throw the racketlet’s send it flyingwhen … Read more

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Is Table Tennis a dangerous sport?

table tennis safe sport

Is Table Tennis a dangerous sport?Is table tennis a safe sport or a dangerous sport?Don’t worry. Playing table tennis is very safe. The injury does happen in table tennis, however, they are often light injuries and not-serious pain. Besides having many health benefits, table tennis is very safe for any age. It’s a Lifetime Sport.There … Read more

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Do we have fun playing table tennis ?

Ma Long - laugh hahaha

Is playing table tennis fun? A very good question!Playing and learning table tennis is difficult. There are so many things to learn about this amazing sport: timing, spin on the ball, the correct technique, footwork, tactics, etc.So is playing table tennis fun?Playing table tennis has a lot of funHello! Welcome back to PingSunday. I hope you … Read more

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How many table tennis players in the world

Number of table tennis players in the world

How many people play table tennis in the world? Table tennis is a very popular sport, based on the number of players, it is second only to football. Table tennis provides many health advantages, that’s why it’s very popular.Number of table tennis playersHere are the stats:Just after football in terms of the national association, ITTF … Read more

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What is the World Table Tennis Day? (WTTD)

World Table Tennis Day

Today is International Table Tennis Day. Since 2015, the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace (IDSP) and World Table Tennis Day (WTTD) have been held on April 6 annually. On this day, we honor the sport of table tennis and all it stands for universality and social inclusion.World Table Tennis DayWorld Table Tennis Day (WTTD) is celebrated annually … Read more

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Umpire mistake – ball touches net assembly

umpire is wrong

Hello, Today let’s see an example of the mistake of a table tennis umpire.The ball touches the net assemblyThe incident happened at Singapore Smash Qualifying Round 2, between Leonie HARTBRICH (HUN) and Olufunke OSHONAIKE (NIG).Watch this video: Who won the point?Was the umpire’s decision correct or did he make a mistake?My opinion is that the point … Read more

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How to Play Pickleball

2021 US Open of Pickleball

As a table tennis coach, I prefer playing table tennis. I think that table tennis is harder since the learning curve is deeper. But if you want a more relaxed and outdoor sport, then here you are, Pickleball.Basic Instructions for PickleballOn a 20′ x 44′ court, pickleball is a badminton-sized game. You can only score … Read more

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Table Tennis vs Pickleball: Which one is better?

Pickleball or table tennis - which one is better?

As a table tennis coach, I’m also interested in Pickleball. Playing pickleball is a relatively new sport, but it’s already gaining traction across the globe, especially in the US. Table tennis players are naturally drawn to this game for a variety of reasons.The rise of Pickleball in the USEven Tennis (USTA) is worried about Pickleball.Since … Read more

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Table Tennis – Everything about this sport

best point in table tennis between Ma Long and Jun Mizutani

Do you really understand table tennis? Do you know that there are many changes since the foundation of this sport? As a table tennis coach in France, I want to know everything about table tennis.But unfortunately, this topic is not very well covered by the official organization of this sport. I decide to write an … Read more

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No-toss serve is super tricky

serve without tossing the ball

In table tennis, you should throw the ball up. It’s the rule. The height of good table tennis serve should be higher than 16 cm.What happens when you serve without tossing the ball?In this Houston WTTC 2021, Adam Bobrow has fun with Zhou Qihao. He is testing the famous “no-toss” serve of Zhou Qihao.In order … Read more

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Top 5 countries in table tennis

China Team is too good at table tennis

In what country is table tennis the most popular? The national players from these countries are also the best players in the world.So, which countries love table tennis the most? It’s nice to see Germany, Japan, and Korea posing strong challenges to China’s dominance. Their table tennis skills are legendary. Today, we will see in … Read more