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Chinese Rubber vs Japanese European Rubbers

Chinese Rubber vs Tensor Rubber

Today, I want to explain the difference between Chinese rubber (DHS Hurricane 3 for example) and the ESN Tensor Rubber or High Tension Rubber (for example Tenergy 05). I also explain the advantage of Chinese rubber and why pro players prefer playing Chinese rubber on their forehands. Difference between Chinese table tennis rubber and European … Read more

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Cheap but Useful Table Tennis Training Tools

Table Tennis Ball holder to train alone without the table

Many players asked me where to buy the training tools (ball holder and the string) after reading my article “How to train table tennis alone at home”. This trainer, robot, ball holder will help you improve quickly the timing, the acceleration at home (without any partner, coach). You only need a table, these cheap tools, … Read more

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Difference Between Red and Black Rubbers

why chinese players choose black rubber on their forehand

Difference Between Red and Black Table Tennis Rubbers? Why do we need to use “black” and “red” rubbers in table tennis? Is There a Difference Between these two colors? Why black rubbers on the forehand side? A player asked me: I found something consistent among the Chinese top players. They play the black rubber on … Read more

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How To Protect Your Table Tennis Blade

protect table tennis blade

I will explain to you what is the moisture content of wood and how to protect and conserve your racket. Your table tennis equipment is not cheap, and you should protect it. Normally, players just use plastic wrap, but it is not enough. Table tennis blade is the Bats without the rubbers. The blade is the … Read more

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Free Table Tennis Shoes Giveaway

table tennis shoes giveaway

What are the best table tennis shoes? Many of us (table tennis players) have focused a lot on equipment (rubbers and blades). But you should also take care of your feet by purchasing good table tennis shoes. Welcome to “PingSunday.com“, the official blog of coach EmRatThich. I explain to you the best table tennis shoes … Read more