Some advantages by using STIGA Cybershape Carbon

Some possible advantages of Stiga Cybershape

Is Stiga Cybershape carbon a good blade? Let’s review some advantages of this new blade with coach EmRatThich. I have personally unboxed and reviewed this blade. Cybershape is a very good blade however, there are still some drawbacks. STIGA Cybershape Carbon Stiga has made a game-changer in table tennis. They just released the new blade…

Using A.I in table tennis match highlight

Using A.I. in table tennis

If you are: + a table tennis coach + a player who filmed yourself + a YouTuber who upload table tennis match highlight This video is for you. A.I in table tennis Artificial Intelligence is now trending in every domain. Machine learning is applied from self-driving cars, playing games, image processing, sports analysis, etc. Now,…