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Some advantages by using STIGA Cybershape Carbon

Some possible advantages of Stiga Cybershape

Is Stiga Cybershape carbon a good blade? Let’s review some advantages of this new blade with coach EmRatThich. I have personally unboxed and reviewed this blade. Cybershape is a very good blade however, there are still some drawbacks. STIGA Cybershape Carbon Stiga has made a game-changer in table tennis. They just released the new blade … Read more

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Choreiking – the smartest table tennis racket in the world

choreiking review - the most intelligent table tennis racket

Choreiking – the smartest table tennis racket in the world A table tennis racket with the IoT (speed sensors) embedded. A very good tool to learn and improve table tennis skills. Very high-quality ZLC blade Unboxing Choreiking Wow. Look at the box. Very well designed and of top-notch quality. The blade is a very high-quality … Read more

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Exogun Review – excellent therapy device to reduce muscle soreness

Exogun Review - Therapy Device

Many table tennis players asked me the same question: “Dear coach EmRatThich, do you know a tool to recover the muscle faster after intense training, or an intense match?” Here you are. I’ve found an answer for you: Exogun products: excellent therapy device to reduce muscle soreness Muscle pain and injury – Why do we … Read more

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New colors for table tennis rubbers

Which Colour Choose Table Tennis

New colors for table tennis rubbers are available: Blue, Green, Pink, and Purple. You also have red and black. Recently, there are some changes in table tennis equipment rules. Some players love this change, but others seem doesn’t like it. What rubber colors are allowed in table tennis before 2021? As you know, since the … Read more

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Amicus Butterfly robot versus Power Pong robot comparision

the most intelligent robot that you can buy in table tennis

Amicus Butterfly robot is the most well-known table tennis robot. Another good model to consider is the PowerPong Omega. So today, let’s review these 2 brands of robots. I want also to present the newly released robot from China, which is considered the best robot at this moment. Do you need a table tennis robot? … Read more

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Worth Buying The Most Expensive Table Tennis Racket?

Most Expensive table tennis paddle

Some players asked me what is the most expensive equipment right now. And is it worth buying the expensive racket for table tennis? The expensive racket can cost more than a thousand dollars. You will find that the most expensive racket is good but sometimes can ruin your game. So be careful! Expensive doesn’t always … Read more

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Check Rubber Authorization Online

Check Table Tennis Rubber Permission Or Ban

“Is my rubber allowed in the official table tennis competition?” or “This long pips rubber is banned or not?” These are the common questions that many players asked. So I decided to make an online tool that helps you to check the rubber authorization. Motivation At the low level, many players still use banned rubbers … Read more

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Should I Seal My Ping Pong Racket?

sealing table tennis blade

Some players asked me “Should I varnish my table tennis blade?”. I would answer definitely, “Yes, you should”. Blade Lacquering or blade sealing is very important for me. Why? Because the blade is so precious for your table tennis life. It’s considered as a soul of your playing style. You can replace and change several … Read more

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Good Discounts and Sales in Table Tennis

Black Friday Sales - Table Tennis Discount

A player asked me: “Where to find the deals for table tennis for the Black Friday?” So what is “Black Friday for table tennis” and if there are any sites which will have massive discounts on table tennis equipment (bats, rubbers and tables). What is Black Friday Black Friday is an international sales and discount … Read more